Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We Are the City “Violent”

Country: Canada
Sub GenreArt Rock, Progressive Rock
LabelHidden Pony Records
Release dateJune 4, 2013
1. Bottom of the Lake 04:17
2. Legs Give Out 03:28
3. King David 03:29
4. Passing of the Peace 00:38
5. Friends Hurt 03:39
6. I Am, Are You? 03:05
7. 20 Ft. Up 02:58
8. Everything Changes 04:11
9. Baptism 05:02
10. Punch My Face 06:01

Cayne McKenzie — Vocals and Keys
David Menzel — Guitar
Andrew Huculiak — Drums
Hannah Epperson - violin on King David and Baptism
Tom Dobrzanski - vocal harmonies on Legs Give Out

The music of We Are The City really straddles the line between Art-Rock and Prog in a good way. Their compositional skills clearly betray many of the early goals of progressive rock music, while their sonic inspiration betrays aspects of 10CC, ELO and Roxy Music. So in the end I think Violent is something that prog fans will enjoy a lot. It’s clearly music that goes into places you wouldn’t expect. Check-em out and you’ll hear what I mean.
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