Thursday, June 27, 2013

CIVICO 23 "Siero Progressivo"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreRetro Prog,
LabelLocanda del Vento (Lizard Records)
Release date: June, 2013
1. Umida Cenere                     6:06
2. Il Menestrello                      1:47
3. Il Cavaliere Illuso                 6:41
4. Urano                                 5:03
5. Paura Infinita                       6:38
6. I Sette Angeli                      7:28
7. Aureo                                 1:17
8. Delirio Ad Occhi Chiusi       8:35
9. L'Ultimo Grido Di Galeria  13:15
10. Rimane Il Mare                 2:38

Massimo “Joe” Galatone - vocals
Daniel Parisi - lead guitar
Federico Cianfarra - rhythm guitar
Simone Mastrodonato - organ, piano, keyboards
Lorenzo Gaudino - bass
Francesco Cossio - drums
Marco Bellotti - narration, mandolin, tambourine and wind (2), backing vocals (3-4), djambè (10)

A young Roman band clearly inspired by the Italian prog of the 70s (Il Biglietto per l'Inferno, Museo Rosenbach, and contemporary Il Bacio della Medusa) grafting great pathos and new energy.
The songs of the band become stories in music, epic sagas about minstrels, dragons, knights, pirates, interstellar travel, apocalyptic visions, dizziness flight and ghosts.
An intense and fascinating progressive hard-prog, with exciting riffs and solos, immersive atmospheres of seventies due to the vintage sound of keyboards 

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