Monday, April 30, 2012

Kettlespider "Avadante"

Country: Australia
Sub Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal/Rock
Release date: April 30, 2012
1. Introduction (0.37)
2. Discovery (4.38)
3. Avadante (4.52)
4. Comatose (5.55)
5. Revelations (6.32)
6. New Eyes (1.36)
7. Reflections (8.46)

- Colin Andrews / bass guitar
- Scott Ashburn / guitars
- Haris Boyd-Gerny / guitars
- Geoffrey Fyfe / keyboards
- Simon Wood / drums and percussion

While a wholly instrumental album, we learn from the short opening track, ‘Introduction’, that Avadante charts the journey of a man confined to a comatose state. Of course, this is not new thematic material for a metal or progressive band to explore. What is unique, however, is that rather than weaving a dark tale of loss and despair, Kettlespider have created an album that is not only quite uplifting, but is also emotionally sophisticated and devoid of the melodrama that often undermines the impact of lighter progressive rock and metal. 
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Friday, April 27, 2012

iamthemorning "~"

Country: Russia
Sub Genre Symphonic, Chamber, Neo-Classical
Release date: April 27, 2012
1. ~ (Intermission I) (2:48)
2. Inside (4:15)
3. Burn (4:39)
4. Circles (3:18)
5. ~ (Intermission II) (0:51)
6. Weather Changing (3:04)
7. ~ (Intermission III) (0:48)
8. Scotland (3:52)
9. Touching II (4:03)
10. ~ (Intermission IV) (0:47)
11. Monsters (3:58)
12. Serenade (2:27)
13. ~ (Intermission V) (0:55)
14. Would This Be (4:20)
15. ~ (Intermission VI) (1:46)
16. I.B.Too (11:41)

- Marjana Syomkina / vocals
- Gleb Kolyadin / piano
- Diakov/ violin
- Filipp Buin / viola
- Alina Shilova/ cello
- Maxim Rudenko/ bass
- Mikhail Istratov / drums
- Evgeniy Abzalov / guitars

Russian based outfit iamthemorning describe themselves as ... a neo-classical vocal indie band... that ...combine non-typical but easily perceived vocal parts of progressive rock with a distinctly classical musical approach. All band members have a higher education in classical music and are still studying this craft as of 2012.
 The songs are well written, and it has a great mellow quality that is lacking in a lot of new music these days. I love the very effective use of piano as the main instrument: very little (if any) synthesizer to be found. The female vocals are very well done, and not distracting at all from the music. My favorite track is probably the more upbeat "burn", but all of the "intermissions" are right behind.Overall a great listen. -  Apollo2112 (progarchives.com)
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Ping "The Hurricane Spoof"

Country: Norway
Subgenre: Prog-pop, Eclectic
Record Label: Brown Lagoon Records
Release date: April 27, 2012
1. Ave Pingus
2. Surfing Microwav
3. Surfing Microwaves
4. Chocolate Tower
5. Sunblock
6. Lame and Lumber
7. Lily
8. The Pervert and the Virgin
9. Not Another Nutcase
10. The Hurricane Spoof

Description/Reviews:     Inspiration from unequal artists like Zappa, Melvins, Fred Frith, Ween, dEUS, Tom Waits and Wilco can be hear through the album, combining elements from 60s roots to modern metal and electronica.

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Ave Pingus
Surfing Microwaves

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bryan Scary "Daffy's Elixir"

Country: USA
Sub Genre: Prog-pop
LabelPaper Garden Records
Release date: Аpril 24, 2012

1. The Wicked Frontier 03:45
2. Ziegfield Station 03:53
3. Cable Through Your Heart 05:07
4. The Silver Lake Mining Company 04:30
5. Diamonds! 05:41
6. Ballroom Kid 04:01
7. You Might Be Caught In Tarantella 03:45
8. The Tale Of Opal Dawn 03:12
9. Faintess Moody: Outlaw 04:40
10. Another Ace In The Hole 01:51
11. Red Baron (Of Arizona) 07:36
12. Owe Mister O 04:12
13. Day-Glo Waterfalls 04:29
14. Quicksilver Daisy Day 05:14
15. Data Mountain 07:58

Bryan Scary, Graham Norwood, Paul Amorese, David Ostrem, Mike Acreman, Bryan Smith, Rick Snell, Giulio Carmassi, Ward White, Ali Blake, Victoria Liedtke

Bryan Scary tells fantastic tales. His art-pop songs may paint him as a schizophrenic musical oddball, but the eccentricities are hardly frivolous. They stem from a carefully tailored vision, an ambitious and well-honed mutation of the rock and roll storytelling tradition. 
The completed "Daffy's Elixir" is an epic double album featuring cons, quacks, cow-gal robots, spurned lovers, villains and bandits, all set in the Old West. Euro-centric art-pop meets Spaghetti-Westernisms and old-timey yarn spinning, a unique stew congealed by Scary’s most ambitious musical arrangements yet. 

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

These Curious Thoughts "Building Mountains From The Ground"

Country: USA/UK
Sub GenrePsychedelic, Alternative, Prog-pop
LabelViaduct Records
Release date: April 1, 2012
  1. I’ve Got God on the Phone
  2. Uncivilized Society
  3. Dark Star
  4. Building Mountains from the Ground
  5. Nothing Is Supernatural
  6. The Illusionist
  7. Arctic Heart Attack
  8. A World of Dirty Water
  9. Days After
  10. I’m a Simple Man
  11. I’m Not Insane
  12. Charles Darwin
  13. Animals
  14. Get Along
  15. When God Was a Boy
Sean Dunlop - Vocals, All instruments
Jamie Radford - Bass

It combines progressive rock and psychedelia (the most prominent elements) with occasional hints of things as far reaching as punk rock. However you slice it, though, this is stronger than the previous one and  a real winner.
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