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In Sonar "L'Enfant et le Ménure"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreAvant Prog, Art Rock
LabelLizard Records
Release date: June 30, 2013
CD 1 - L'Enfant
1. The Simpsons sing Gounod [2:43]
2. L'Estasi di Santo Nessuno [5:30]
3. La Stanza a Sonagli [6:24]
4. Thief of Toys [5:49]
5. L'Inventasogni [5:33]
6. Menura Latham [6:18]
7. Gallia #1 [3:22]
8. Venus in Furs [6:38]
9. Dieci Bambini Cacao [12:53]
10. Hamelinvoice [4:20]

CD 2 - Ashima
1. Liberami - tabernacolo erotico [2:57]
2. Song to the Siren [6:56]
3. Canción del Jinete [3:26]
4. La Torre più alta [6:36]
5. Plaisir d'Amour [4:44]
6. Warszawa [6:42]
7. Gallia #2 [3:16]
8. Medina [5:13]

Claudio Milano
Marco Tuppo
Elliott Sharp, Trey Gunn & Pat Mastellotto, Walter Calloni, Paolo Tofani, Ivan Cattaneo, Nik Turner, Dieter Moebius, Thomas Bloch, Ralph Carney, Dana Colley, Graham Clark, Richard A Ingram, Albert Kuvezin, Othon Mataragas & Ernesto Tomasini, Nate Wooley, Burkhard Stangl, Mattias Gustafsson, Werner Durand & Victor Meertens, Erica Scherl, Michael Thieke, Viviane Houle, Jonathan Mayer, Stephen Flinn, Angelo Manzotti, Roberto Laneri, Vincenzo Zitello, Elio Martusciello, Thomas Grillo, Pekkanini, Víctor Estrada Mañas, Eric Ross, Takeuchi Masami, Gordon Charlton, Francesco Chapperini, Luca Pissavini, Fabrizio Carriero, Andrea Murada, Andrea Illuminati, Max Pierini, Lorenzo Sempio, Andrea Tumicelli, Nicola De Bortoli, Francesco Zago, Michele Bertoni, Alex Stangoni, Michele Nicoli, Stefano Ferrian, Alfonso Santimone, Luca Boldrin, Andrea Quattrini, Beppe Cacciola, Simone Zanchini, Paola Tagliaferro & Max Marchini, Raoul Moretti, Pierangelo Pandiscia & Gino Ape

A project by Claudio Milano and Marco Tuppo featuring 62 musicians from 5 continents
Several tracks online


The David Rhodes Band "The David Rhodes Band"

Country: UK
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
LabelGlassville Records
FormatCD, vinyl, digital (2013), CD (2014)
Release date: June 30, 2013 (Pledgers only), October 3, 2014 (Germany), November 3, 2014 (UK, USA)
01. If I Could Empty My Head
02. Grinding Wheel
03. Ship Of Fools
04. You Are The North Wind
05. Monkey On My Back
06. Waggle Dance
07. Time
08. Three Is Everything
09. My Blue Balloon
10. Be Mine

David Rhodes (Peter Gabriel, Talk Talk) - Guitars, vocals
Ged Lynch (Gabriel, Goldfrapp, Black Grape) - Drums, percussion
Charlie Jones (Goldfrapp, Page and Plant) - Bass

Active Heed "Visions from Realities"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Release dateJune 30, 2013
  1. Flying Like a Fly 2:53
  2. Awake?! 1:53
  3. Now What? 1:34
  4. Me, Five Seconds Before 2:42
  5. With Joy 2:26
  6. Melting of Realities 3:21
  7. Forest and Joy 3:32
  8. The Weakness of Our Spinning 2:42
  9. Without Joy 1:43
10. Every Ten Seconds Before 5:49
11. F F F Flashing Fast Forward 3:28
12. If I Will Never Be 4:33
13. Me, One Second Before Johan Robeck 4:06
14. Usual Plays in Heaven / Be Kind and Talk to Me 4:47
15. Our Vast Emptiness 4:40

Lorenzo "Il Magnifico" Poli: Bass, Guitars, Keyboards and Special Effects
PelleK: Vocals
Giovanni Giorgi: Drums
Mark Colton: Additional Vocals
Marit Borresen: Additional Vocals

 Active Heed was born from an idea of Umberto Pagnini, who composed the music and wrote the lyrics.
 ...it is hard to pigeonhole Umberto's influences but Active Heed state the usual suspects, 'Yes', 'Marillion', 'Genesis', 'Arena' etc. and you can hear bits of these bands throughout the album. There is, however, a uniqueness to Umberto's sound, I would call it traditional prog leaning towards folk prog.
Read the full review at Progradar's facebook

Entire album online

Web page

Nichelodeon "Bath Salts"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreAvant Prog
LabelLizard Records
Release date: June 30, 2013
CD 1 - Capitolo I. D'Amore e di Vuoto
1.1. Prologo (3:13)
1.2. Un Posto sicuro (8:53)
1.3. Ricordo d'Infanzia (6:23)
1.4. Surabaya Johnny (5:24)
1.5. Bolle (2:11)
1.6. Rapporto sulla Fine di una Storia (4:52)
1.7. (This Side of) The Looking Glass (6:24)
1.8. Desiderio nascosto (3:48)
1.9. 7 AZIONI - Musica per la Carne (6:30)
1.10. Giulia - nata in 7 Mesi, morta al primo Appuntamento (7:12)

CD 2 - Capitolo II. Di Guerre e Rinascite
2.1. Terra (4:48)
2.2. Alla Statua dei Martiri di Gorla (9:23)
2.3. Fuoco Amico - mai N.A.T.O. (2:20)
2.4. Trittico 50 mg (7:05)
2.5. Johnny dei Pirati (5:01)
2.6. Secca in Festa - Lode ad Antonio Primaldo (2:58)
2.7. L'Urlo ritrovato (12:45)
2.8. Un Posto sicuro #2 (2:32)
2.9. Finale - Ninna Nanna (3:03)
2.10. Portami un Fiore (1:39)

Claudio Milano
Raoul Moretti
Pierangelo PANdiscia
Vincenzo Zitello
Michel Delville (The Wrong Object), Walter Calloni (Premiata Forneria Marconi), Paolo Tofani (Area International POPular Group), Valerio Cosi, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Larsen), Alfonso Santimone (Robert Wyatt), Stefano Delle Monache, Elio Martusciello, Paolo Carelli (Pholas Dactylus), Lorenzo Sempio, Max Pierini, Andrea Breviglieri, Andrea Murada, Massimo Falascone, Sebastiano de Gennaro (Baustelle), Giorgio Tiboni, Laura Catrani, Valentina Illuminati, Ivano La Rosa, Luca Pissavini, Alessandro Parilli (Davide Van De Sfroos), Francesco Chiapperini, Andrea Quattrini, Fabrizio Carriero, Anna Caniglia, Marco Confalonieri, Simone Pirovano, Simone Beretta

A concept audio book about cannibalism in interpersonal relationships. 5 Decades of Italian (but not only) avant garde music under the same sky (32 musicians). A contemporary minstrel enchanted by Brecht/Artaud/Beckett/Ágota Kristóf. A grounded bridge between sound, literature, visual arts and theatre. Including three Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill/Fiorenzo Carpi's cover and Peter Hammill's one.
12 tracks online


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Arlon "On the Edge"

Country: Poland
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Label: Pronet Records
Release date: June 29, 2013
01. On The Edge - 6:56
02. Dream - 5:01
03. Everything For Her - 6:01
04. Lies - 6:44
05. The Key - 6:50
06. It's Your Day - 7:06
07. Equalis - 5:44
08. Can I - 5:43
09. Was It Worth It - 7:22

Pawel Zwirn – drums
Maciej Napieraj – bass
Wieslaw Rutka – guitar
Jacek Szott – keyboards saksophone
Pawel Szykula – vocal

Hollow Mirrors "Hollow Mirrors II"

Country: USA
Sub GenrePsychedelic
Release dateJune 29, 2013
1. Sliding Under And Slipping Away (5:07)
2. Left Undone (4:54)
3. Zephyr (3:41)
4. Already Dead (4:13)
5. In The Garden (8:30)
6. City Lights (6:08)
7. Falling Of The Hour (9:15)

Sam Foster - Drums
Tim Scammell - Bass, Vocals, MicroKorg Synthesizer
Bryce Shelton - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Moog Synthesizer
Andrew Berg - Electric Guitar, Organ, Vocals, Assorted Synthesizers
Paula Frazer - vocals on In the Garden
Kate Sweeney - vocals on In the Garden and Falling of the Hour
Matthew McKernan - vocals on In the Garden
Colter Jacobsen - vocals on In the Garden

This 4 piece band brings a really fresh mix of sounds, ranging from krautrock to delay n' roll psychedelia.
The album opens with an instrumental track filled with thick bass lines, flowing lead guitar melodies and chilly spacey rock jams, which then delay-crossfades into their second tune, with more classic-rock oriented harmonies, post-punk influenced bass & drums lines and some vocals which add a bit more of variety.
Read the full review at stonerobixxx.net



Kneel "Interstice"

Country: Portugal
Sub GenreProgressive Metal, Math Rock
Release dateJune 29, 2013
  1. Murmurs 04:10
  2. Amend 03:37
  3. Occlusion 04:15
  4. Lessening 03:54
  5. Absence 02:05
  6. Cloak 05:42
  7. Debris 03:38
  8. Thrall 03:26
  9. Sovereignty 04:56
Pedro Mau - all instruments, back vocals on Thrall, Sovereignty
Filipe Correia - vocals
Pedro Lopes and David Jerónimo - back vocals on Sovereignty

Containing elements of thrash metal, technical death metal, math metal and metalcore, Kneel's genre-defying compositions can be characterized by the use of dynamic guitar riffs, dissonant chords, aggressive paces, harsh and heavy vocals, loud and challenging song structures with no formulas, no lame choruses or catchy tunes.


Carl Roa "Lord Of The Strings"

Country: USA
Sub Genre: Instrumental, Fusion
Label: Big Shoe Music
Release date: June, 2013
  1. Lord Of The Strings 
  2. Dueling Demons 
  3. Redemption 
  4. Walking On The Moon 
  5. Captain Couregeous 
  6. Red Bear Romp 
  7. Daughters
  8. Aroz Con Ricky
  9. Cantaloupe Island
  10. Passage To Eden
Carl Roa (Magic Elf) - guitar, bass and keys
Dave Miranda - drums, percussion and keys
Ricky Martinez
Ethan Meixsell
Jerry Kovarsky
Robert Jack
Harold Skeete
Roy Altemus
Michael Angelo Batio
Andy Wood
Travis Larson
Tony Rombola (Godsmack)
Jeff Babko

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Max Pie "Eight Pieces - One World"

Country: Belgium
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Release dateJune 28, 2013
1. Cage of Sins
2. I'm Sealed
3. Earth's Rules
4. I'm In Love
5. Vendetta
6. The Side of a Dime
7. Addictions
8. Don't Tell Me Lies

Tony Carlino - Vocals
Damien Di Fresco - Guitars
Olivier Lemiere - Bass
Sylvain Godenne - Drums
Simone Mularoni (DGM and Empyrios) - Guitars on tracks 3 and 8

Eight Pieces - One World is a captivating heavy metal release, an album bulging at the seams with muscular and almost carnivorous tracks soaked in fiery melodic invention and potently expressive passion.
Formed in 2005, Max Pie started off with a classic hard rock/ metal which was said to frequent the same well as of Deep Purple, and Whitesnake. Obviously over the years something riled up their hunger, invention, and attitude as proven by the new album, its tracks attacking and chewing on the senses with a destructive rabidity whilst infusing irresistible and captivating melodic metal bred flames. It is a scintillating mix which catches you by surprise and then force feeds some of the most contagious and riotously inspiring songs heard this year through to the heart.
Read the full review at ringmasterreviewintroduces.wordpress.com

Earth's Rules

Web page

Various Artists "Strange Fish Five"

Sub Genre: Multigenre
Label: Fruits de Mer Records
Release date: June, 2013 (CD)
1. Elevation (USA) - The Introduction 4:55)
2. Jay Tausig - Shortwave (10:37)
3. The Golden Cake Company  - Floating With..excerpt (4:59)
4. The Cream People - Will Of The Cusp (15:15)
5. Mademoiselle Marquee - Salvia (6:05)
6. Mademoiselle Marquee - Suflowersingle (3:33)
7. Oceanfire - Elevations (5:47)
8. Purple Rock Trip - Cathedral (10:55)
bonus tracks:
9. Beau - Rainbow Jam Theme (2:37)
10. Amazing Sounds Of D.B. Turi - Der Flammenwerfer (8:19)

A strange fish bonus CD, exclusive to buyers of strange fish one – four.
The CD is packed with tracks and artists that that didn’t quite fit or work within the themes or time-limits of the vinyl releases, or were so wild and different I wanted to share them with you, come what may.
Elevation was recorded in the Nevada desert in 1999 on the night of the millennium by Michael Padilla from The Soft Bombs; Beau recorded back in the 70s for John Peel’s Dandelion label, but I bet you didn’t know he recorded this instrumental piece for a video project in the mid-80s.
Jay Tausig is a Fruits de Mer regular, a multi-instrumentalist from the USA who put the whole thing together solo…and as for D.B Turi, he's essentially the psychedelic lost boy, written out of the history books of rock and roll, hung out with and influenced the greats of the rock/psych/Woodstock generation scene of the late 60s, 70s; he influenced the great guitar players on both sides of the Atlantic both in swinging London and in California within the inner circles of the scene; it was believed he never recorded until, quite recently tapes were discovered...(it says on the photocopied press release that has just arrived at FdM Towers, but whoever believed a press release?).


Label's web page

Various Artists "Strange Fish Four"

Sub Genre: Electronica, Ambient
Label: Fruits de Mer Records
Release date: June, 2013 (vinyl)

side 1 (23:26)
1. Cat Frequency - Dreaming Of A Wooden Fish (3:15)
2. Organic Is Orgasmic - Chinese Horoscope (3:43)
3. Organic is Orgasmic - Lifeless Void (3:32)
4. Zenith:Unto The Stars - Juno Quartet (2:26)
5. Zenith:Onto The Stars - Con Bala (4:52)
6.The Vox Humana - Shortwave Radio And The Ionosphere (5:43)
     side 2 (21:02)
7. James McKeown - Avebury (3:00)
8. James McKeown - Euclid Dreaming (4:21)
9. James McKeown - Ursa Minor (2:56)
10. James McKeown - Sublime Knight Elect (4:46)
11. Temple Music - Dreaming of Flying East (3:30)
12. The Bordellos - Spirals (2:32)

The fourth in a series of four Strange Fish vinyls by Fruits de Mer Records. An LP compilation of acoustic guitar+electronics/synth/'modern ambient' tracks.
Most of these artists also appear on strange fish one/two/three, but there are a few names that are new to this series of albums, if not FdM:

The Vox Humana is the alter-ego of Soft Hearted Scientists’ Dylan Line, when he is recording solo, which he obviously is here. Hopefully, you’ll remember the Soft Hearted Scientists from their double LP on Fruits de Mer – completely sold out, naturally (the album, that is, not SHS)
James McKeown is on sabbatical from Hi-Fiction Science with his recordings for strange fish, but he’s already building quite a reputation in his own right.
The Bordellos put in an appearance on the Fruits de Mer 2010 Annual 7” with their take on I’m A Man; on their website, they say they’re “underrated and underpaid” – add to that “totally unpredictable” as you have NEVER heard the Bordellos sound like this before!
By the way, Organic Is Orgasmic is a project led by Kamille Sharpadinov, from The Grand Astoria.
excerpts from James McKeown, Temple Music and more

Label's web page

Various Artists "Strange Fish Three"

Sub GenreSpace Rock, Electronica
LabelFruits de Mer Records
Release date: June, 2013 (vinyl)

LP 1 side1 (21:54)
1. Palace of Swords - Live At The Aberdeen Witch Trials 1597 (2:16)
2. Zenith:Unto The Stars - Gemini (3:42)
3. Earthling Society - The Vampire’s Kiss (13:21)
    a.Theme From A Vampire's Kiss (2:57)
    b.The Dream (2:57)
    c. Kiss Of The Vampire - Morning Glory (7:27)
4. Palace of Swords - Vicus Lemurum (2:26)
     side 2 (22:23)
5. Dead Pylons - Theme From The Dead Pylons (2:36)
6. Dead Pylons - Osiris (4:10)
7. Dead Pylons - Dream Cargoes (4:42)
8. The Golden Cake Company - Thrum Mystique (7:15)
9. Palace of Swords - The Temple Of Golden Rays (2:42)

LP 2 side 3 (21:48)
1. The Golden Cake Company - Arthurian (7:18)
2. Vert:x - A Floating Mass Of Metal And Heavy Electricity (2:57)
3. Vert:x - Bad Calibration (6:51)
4. Vert:x - Killer Beez (4:39)
      side 4 (20:38)
5. Black Tempest - Energy Of Stars (13:47)
6. Frobisher Neck - Underwater Starblob (6:53)

The third in a series of four Strange Fish vinyls by Fruits de Mer Records. A double LP compilation of kosmische/motorik/sequencer/electronic/Neu!/Tangerine Dream /Klaus Schultze-influenced tracks .
Strange fish three is a bit of a ‘Head Music’ reunion for most of the people featured here – is that a good thing? Well, Fruits de Mer’s club members voted it their favourite FdM release of 2012, which is not a bad start.
As for the FdM newbies. The Golden Cake Company are a group of improvising musicians making electronic, ambient music, primarily using analogue synthesizers; based in the Welsh Marches region of the UK, the core membership is Simon Lewis (also Phoenix Cube), Stephen Palmer (Mooch) and Geoff Puplett – they cite Tangerine Dream as an influence.
These are Dead Pylons’ first recordings, but they comprise members of Hi-Fiction Science, who Fruits de Mer regulars already know and love.

Earthling Society and more
Vert:x, Black Tempest and more

Label's web page
Label's Facebook

Various Artists "Strange Fish One"

Sub GenreAmbient, Electronica
LabelFruits de Mer Records
Release date: June, 2013 (vinyl)
     side1 (24:45)
1. Craig Padilla - Full Moon World (10:23)
2. Craig Padilla - Secret Language (14:22)
     side2 (23:55)
3. Sendelica - Strange Fish (23:55)

The first in a series of four Strange Fish vinyls by Fruits de Mer Records. An LP of one-artist-per-side floating ambient/synth/sequencer/guitar sounds.
Craig Padilla lives in the USA. With over two decades of recording behind him, he combines analogue and digital synthesizers to create soundscapes influenced by Klaus Schulze, Wendy Carlos, Kraftwerk, Steve Roache and more. Bizarrely, this is Craig’s first release on vinyl
Full Moon World was recorded back in 2005, it has never had an ‘official’ release, although it was once used as a soundtrack to trippy, mediation video! The main sequence is a combination of the ARP 2600 and ARP Axxe with the ARP Sequencer; the percussion is from an old Univox Rhythm Machine (incidentally, Jean-Michel Jarre used the Univox device on his Oxygene album).
Secret Language was recorded in 2010, using a bank of mainly analogue synthesisers.

Sendelica - based in West Wales - is an instrumental psyche-space-rock band whose work blends early psychedelic outings, occasional heavy riffing, and electronic ambient musings.
The core band in UK is: Pete Bingham on guitars & electronics and Glenda Pescado on bass.
Recording of Strange Fish was started in Boston, while the band were touring, in night time ‘ambient chill out’ sessions at Vizzie’s home studio. Overdubs and mixing was in 2009  at Sendelica’s afterhours studio in Wales. The track didn’t get named until Pete had sent it in as a ‘possible’ for this series of albums, and it seemed to sum up for me one aspect of what I envisaged ‘strange fish’ standing for – long, meandering tracks that are perfect for a side of vinyl.                                                                                              

excerpts from a side of music by Craig Padilla

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Various Artists "Strange Fish Two"

Sub GenreKrautrock, Progressive Rock
LabelFruits de Mer Records
Release date: June, 2013 (vinyl)
LP 1 side1 (22:33)
1. Moonweevil - Condentia (1:50)
2. Vespero - Red Machine (8:24)
3. Organic Is Orgasmic - At Dawn Of Men (12:42)
     side2 (22:40)
4. Sendelica - 80% Neon Bridge Of Sighs (10:41)
5. Temple Music - From The Serene Republic (6:34)
6. The Grand Astoria  - Space Orchid vs Massive Drumkit (5:25)
LP 2 side3 (22:38)
7. Cat Frequency - The Fragmentation of St. Veronica's Veil (7:23)
8. Julie's Haircut - Tarazed (6:00)
9. Julie’s Haircut - Asioli  (recorded with Valerio Cosi & Tiziano Bianchi) (10:15)
10. Weevil Dropping  (pressing plant permitting – this will become a locked groove to end the side)
            side4 (24:26)
11. Mechanik – Kwangmyongsong/Radian/You Yourself Are The Teacher And The Guru
 (apologies for the abrupt ending – this again will hopefully end as a locked groove)

The second in a series of four Strange Fish vinyls by Fruits de Mer Records. A double LP compilation of krautrock/progressive rock-influenced/guitar-led tracks .
Moonweevil occasionally escapes from the Cranium Pie secret bunker in Wiltshire to deliver a track or two to Fruits de Mer.
Vespero, Organic Is Orgasmic and The Grand Astoria all come from Russia, and specialize in powerful, modern progressive, krautrock and even post-rock (although the ghosts of Hawkwind seem to have sneaked into this particular Grand Astoria session).
Julie’s Haircut are Italian and new to Fruits de Mer, they mix prog, post-rock and even jazz, while Mechanik are Spanish and quote krautrock. kosmische and experimental rock among their influences; both bands are FdM virgins – although they’ve been around a bit.
Vespero and Temple Music delivered a side of music each for FdM’s 2013 Annual 7”, finally
Cat Frequency describes himself as, “me and a pile of instruments and boxes with wires coming out of them all squeezed into an upstairs room” – which is nice.

excerpts by Vespero, Sendelica and more
excerpts from Mechanik, Julie's Haircut and more

Label's web page
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Sankt Otten "Messias Maschine"

Country: Germany
Sub GenreElectronica, Krautrock, Post Rock
LabelDenovali Records
Release date: June 28, 2013
01. Du hast mich süchtig gemacht [feat. Jaki Liebezeit ] (5:57)
02. Die Messias Maschine (7:19)
03. Mach bitte, dass es leiser wird [feat. Miles Brown] (5:16)
04. Im Himmel angekommen [feat. Ulrich Schnauss] (6:52)
05. Das grosse Weinen ist vorbei [feat. Jaki Liebezeit] (4:14)
06. Da kann selbst Gott nur staunen [feat. Coley Duane Dennis] (6:01)
07. Das Geräusch des Wartens [feat. Jaki Liebezeit ] (6:56)
08. Wenn ein Masterplan keiner ist [feat. Harald Grosskopf ] (6:19)
09. Nach Dir die Sinnesflut [feat. A. E. Paterra] (5:09)
10. Endlich ein schlechter Mensch [feat. Christoph Clöser] (12:00)

Stephan Otten : Drums, Keys, Programming
Oliver Klemm : Guitar, Keys
Jaki Liebezeit (Can) : Drums] (1,5,7)
Miles Brown (The Night Terrors/Heirs) : Theremin (3)
Ulrich Schnauss : Synthesizers (4)
Coley Duane Dennis (Maserati) : Guitar (6)
Harald Grosskopf (Ashra/Klaus Schulze) : Drums (8)
A. E. Paterra (Majeure/Zombi) : Drums (9)
Christoph Clöser (Bohren & der Club of Gore) : Saxophone (10)

Sankt Otten are mostly emphasising their electronic side by locating themselves somewhere between the warm analogous sounds of electronic music’s pioneer days and the Berlin school. Their synthesizer gear is more than impressive, and their outfits somehow recall the austerity of Kraftwerk, but that doesn’t mean that they are not open for other influences, especially the Eighties are often a welcome guest in their music.
Read the full review at disagreement.net


Web page

Thursday, June 27, 2013

CIVICO 23 "Siero Progressivo"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreRetro Prog,
LabelLocanda del Vento (Lizard Records)
Release date: June, 2013
1. Umida Cenere                     6:06
2. Il Menestrello                      1:47
3. Il Cavaliere Illuso                 6:41
4. Urano                                 5:03
5. Paura Infinita                       6:38
6. I Sette Angeli                      7:28
7. Aureo                                 1:17
8. Delirio Ad Occhi Chiusi       8:35
9. L'Ultimo Grido Di Galeria  13:15
10. Rimane Il Mare                 2:38

Massimo “Joe” Galatone - vocals
Daniel Parisi - lead guitar
Federico Cianfarra - rhythm guitar
Simone Mastrodonato - organ, piano, keyboards
Lorenzo Gaudino - bass
Francesco Cossio - drums
Marco Bellotti - narration, mandolin, tambourine and wind (2), backing vocals (3-4), djambè (10)

A young Roman band clearly inspired by the Italian prog of the 70s (Il Biglietto per l'Inferno, Museo Rosenbach, and contemporary Il Bacio della Medusa) grafting great pathos and new energy.
The songs of the band become stories in music, epic sagas about minstrels, dragons, knights, pirates, interstellar travel, apocalyptic visions, dizziness flight and ghosts.
An intense and fascinating progressive hard-prog, with exciting riffs and solos, immersive atmospheres of seventies due to the vintage sound of keyboards 

Entire album online

Web page

Dodson And Fogg "Sounds of Day and Night"

Country: UK
Sub GenreProg Folk
LabelWisdom Twins Records
Release date: June 27, 2013
1.Sounds of Day and Night (Part 1) 02:32
2.Hear it in the Morning Still 03:54
3.It's All Right 02:24
4.Lost in Words 02:35
5.Lying in the Sun 02:04
6.Life is All Around Me 03:07
7.Lonely Little Bird 02:01
8.Night Train 03:45
9.Free in the Night 05:32
10.Feel it in the Air Around Yourself 03:27
11.How Can You Be True? 02:56
12.Morning Love 02:29
13.Clocking Off 03:40
14.Sounds of Day and Night (Part 2) 05:42
Chris Wade - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Flute, Percussion
Colin Jones - Trumpet

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trix "Deluxe"

Country: Japan
Sub GenreJazz-Rock, Fusion
LabelKing Records
Release dateJune 26, 2013
01. Sangokushi - 04:58
02. Indomethacin - 04:29
03. Haru Ranman - 05:05
04. The Speed Queen - 05:02
05. Motivic - 06:11
06. Tears In The Universe - 04:35
07. Horizon -05:14
08. North - 07:09
09. Synchronizer - 05:22
10. Anytime, Anywhere - 05:02

Noriaki Kumagai - Drums
Mitsuru Sutoh - Bass
Yuya Komoguchi - Guitar
AYAKI - Keyboards

Felipe Arcazas/Vintage Cucumber "Felipe Arcazas/Vintage Cucumber"

Country: Brazil/Germany
Sub Genre instrumental Psychedelic, Electronica, Ambient, Experimental
Release dateJune 26, 2013
1.Felipe Arcazas - Carl Sagan 04:29
2.Felipe Arcazas - Lincos 07:26
3.Felipe Arcazas - Arecibo 05:51
4.Vintage Cucumber - Hinter der grünen Tür 04:30
5.Vintage Cucumber - Wellig 08:41
6.Vintage Cucumber - Dreh hoch & Tauch ab 11:03
7.Felipe Arcazas & Vintage Cucumber - Asa Vajda 03:28

Felipe Arcazas - all instruments
Johannes Schulz - all instruments

The opening track "Carl Sagan" starts us on the journey, surfing through space and giving you the taste of things to come. I'd call it a sort of a lift off that takes you into outer space.
And here we are... Out in the space with a brilliant and liquid-flowing track "Lincos" (an abbreviation of the Latin phrase lingua cosmica). I find this to be the best track of Felipe on this album! Very mesmerizing and gentle. I like how vintage keyboards blend in here, adding this noir/jazzy feel to it. And the last solely Felipe's track on this album, "Arecibo", is like a soft and slow merge of his style and Vintage Cucumber's. It gently gets you ready for the next half of the album.
And we are on Vintage Cucumber side with "Hinter der grünen Tür". Vintage Cucumber, as always gets us with a more down-to-earth kind of sound, celebrating the landscapes and the flora. So I'd say, here we landed on another exo-planet and this is our familiarization with it. 
Read the full review by at cavernsofdust.blogspot.fi

Bandcamp (name your price)

Felipe Arcazas' Facebook
​Vintage Cucumber's Facebook
ProgArchives (Vintage Cucumber)

The Legendary Pink Dots "The Gethsemane Option"

Country: UK/Netherlands
Sub GenrePsychedelic, Experimental
LabelMetropolis Records
Release date: June 25, 2013
01. A Star is Born
02. The Garden of Ealing
03. Esher Everywhere
04. Pendulum
05. Grey Scale
06. A Stretch in Time
07. One More Dimension

Edward Ka-Spel - vocals, keyboards
Phil Knight - keyboards, electronics
Erik Drost - guitars

An hour long exploration in textural ambience and rock experimentalism. Featuring Ka-Spel’s distinctive vocals and lyrical imagery blended with hypnotic guitar and synth washes and spellbinding bass pulses, The Gethsamane Option is a musical laudanum induced fever dream. An enthralling, captivating release.

A Star is Born

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Palms "Palms"

Country: USA
Sub GenrePost Metal
Release dateJune 25, 2013
1 Future Warrior 7:56
2 Patagonia 6:40
3 Mission Sunset 10:00
4 Shortwave Radio 6:56
5 Tropics 5:44
6 Antarctic Handshake 9:41

Jeff Caxide (bass/keyboards)
Aaron Harris (drums)
Clifford Meyer (guitar/keyboards)
Chino Moreno (vocals)

Palms is a newly formed Los Angeles based quartet featuring  with Deftones’ vocalist Chino Moreno. The Los Angeles heavy, stargazing rock outfit Palms was forged out of an explosive collision too, as Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno joined forces with three former members of
critically-lauded post-metal group Isis (Aaron Harris, Clifford Meyer and Jeff Caxide), venturing into bold sonic territory that careens from kinetic churning guitars to quiet, atmospheric moments mining rich emotional environments.Palms’ self-titled debut is wrought with dark anthems and intense textures, shoring cinematic, introspective interludes with tidal waves of distortion. Moreno’s dynamism balanced the tectonic shifts in Palms instrumentation, as he howls over Meyer’s searing guitar that ignites a conflagration when mixed with of propulsive rhythms by Caxide and Harris on the climax of “Shortwave Radio.”Then there’s the slow-burning “Antarctic Handshake,” which pairs crystalline guitar chords echoing into space as Moreno’s voice, both distant and resounding, pensively ruminates over subtle, sweeping synths: “It’s time to let go.” It’s a statement, a question, or, perhaps, an invitation; these cryptic lyrics acting as an empty vessel for the listeners to ascribe meaning, or maybe a mirror reflecting back secrets dredged from deep within.
The emotional affect of Palms’ album is distinct: it moves and is moving; a perpetually forward-lunging exploration of moments both epic and intimate as all-enveloping loudness bleeds into piercing near-silence. It’s an evocative aesthetic that could score the soundtrack to dystopian films, or scorched-earth world of post-Apocalyptic novels, that resilient spring that follows a Nuclear Winter. These are songs with a sense of urgency, the inertia of breaking apart, and the energy of building it all again.


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Lesbian "Forestelevision"

Country: USA
Sub GenreBlack Metal, Doom, Sludge, Psychedelic
LabelTranslation Loss
Release dateJune 25, 2013
1. Forestelevision (44:11)

Daniel Joseph La Rochelle - Guitars
Dorando Peter Hodous - Bass, Vocals
Arran Emory McInnis - Guitars, Keyboards
Benjamin Paul Thomas-Kennedy - Drums, Percussion

Forty-five minute doom/sludge/stoner/psych epics don’t come around all that often and so Seattle dwellers Lesbian have gone to great lengths (oh snap) to make their third crack at the full length that little bit more interesting and worth your time.
Read the full review at cvltnation.com



Bruce Arnold "Lavadura"

Country: USA
Sub GenreJazz-Rock, Fusion
Release dateJune 25, 2013
1. Lavadura (5:00)
2. Stand it Up (3:47)
3. Understanding (6:53)
4. Crown (8:53)
5. Runway (5:22)
6. Area 25 (5:29)
7. Five Points (14:39)
8. Hexo Plex (4:50)

Bruce Arnold - Guitars
Jerry DeVore - Bass
Kirk Driscoll - Drums

“Lavadura” is a darkly exciting excursion into modern instrumental rock. The title track rips off with Arnold creating a frenetic electrical cascade against which the melody lurks on bass. Other standouts are the lyrical “Understanding” and the driving dissonances of “Hexo-Plex.”  Through it all, the beauty and versatility of the Music Man Double Neck guitar that he played for the session, shines through. 

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Ontofield "Sleeping With Fractals"

Country: UK
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
LabelAdient Records
Release date June 24, 2013
1. Moon handed - remix (5'00)        
2. Sleeping with fractals (17'59)      
3. Holographic rain (7'05)                
4. The key (15'47)
5. My machine (11'37)
6. Underlying symptoms (5'22)

John Graham - all instruments, vocals and programming

Ontofield uses different styles in different songs and could be described simply as rock with a progressive edge, but really draws influences from an eclectic range. 

Moon Handed

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Rafart "The Handbook of the Acid Rider"

Country: Chile
Sub Genre: Instrumental Progressive Rock
LabelMylodon Records
Release dateJune 24, 2013
  1. Axis Mundi -5:20
  2. Drum N' Space - 4:13
  3. Blauen - 4:10
  4. Pepperoni Atmosphere - 4:14
  5. Chironex Fleckeri - 3:54
  6. Mozzarella - 2:04
  7. Space Rat - 4:31
  8. Masacre - 3:31
  9. Escombrock - 3:17
10. Sake & Mote - 3:52
11. Alpha (Bonus Track) - 4:28

Francisco Rafart - Chapman Stick & Keyboards
Fernando Daza - Guitar
Pablo Martínez - Drums
Rodrigo Morel - Bass
Pat Nuño

An impressive work of progressive rock instrumental and avant-garde, led brilliantly by the harmonies of the stick, which results in absolutely fresh and visionary proposal.

5 tracks online


Fabrice Bony "Inner Lands"

Country: France
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Release date: June 24, 2013
1. Weird (4:07)
2. Isle of Shadows (6:45)
3. Premonition (1:26)
4. From Heart to Sky (8:00)
5. Native Land (14:29)
6. Obsession (Suite) (3:22)
7. Passenger of Life (8:03)
8. Sensual Waves (4:15)
9. Parade (5:04)
10. L.O.V.E. Hello Vie (5:33)

Fabrice Bony - drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, keyboards, loop and computer
Samantha Claire Zaccarie : vocals on  “Weird”, “Isle of shadows” and “L.O.V.E. Hello Vie”
Roland Brultey & Agnes Brice : backing vocals on “L.O.V.E. Hello Vie”
Patrice Patricot : backing and solo vocals on “L.O.V.E. Hello Vie”

The Tangent “Le Sacre Du Travail”

Country: Multinational
Sub GenreSymphonic
Release dateJune 24, 2013
01. 1st movement: Coming Up On The Hour (Overture) (05:55)
02. 2nd movement: Morning Journey & The Arrival (22:54)
03. 3rd movement: Afternoon Malaise (19:20)
04. 4th movement: A Voyage Through Rush Hour (03:07)
05. 5th movement: Evening TV (12:06)
06. Muffled Ephiphany (04:05)
07. Hat (Live at Mexborough School 1979) (01:16)
08. Evening TV (Radio Edit) (04:28)

Andy Tillison – Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards
Theo Travis – Saxes, Flutes & Clarinets
David Longdon – Vocals
Jakko Jakkszyk – Vocals & Guitars
Gavin Harrison – Drums
Jonas Reingold – Bass
Rikard Sjoblom - Narration
Guy Manning - Acoustic Guitar

"It is the most ambitious album we've attempted yet" says Tillison, "our first ever full on concept album which is also our deepest foray into the world of classical/orchestral music that we've hinted at before in songs like "Titanic Calls Carpathia", "The Full Gamut" and "In Earnest" It's great to know we'll be staying with the company that's done us so much good over the years, we need their belief as much as ever."
The single piece is comprised of 3 main movements with a short Overture/Prologue type piece and clocks in (in its current working state) at just less than an hour. The piece has been projected for a good number of years and originally was to have been a direct re-interpretation of Igor Stravinsky's The Rite Of Spring. The piece is lyrically based around a modern ritual in the same way as was The Rite Of Spring. This time, rather than the pastoral Russian landscape that Stravinsky references in his piece, Le Sacre Du Travail focusses on the daily run to work and back that so many billions of people in wealthier countries make in order to maintain a life standard. From the unseen moment where dawn breaks on a wet wintry Tuesday morning on a lonely country road, through the chaos of modern urban traffic, pointless meetings, clocking in, locker rooms, appraisals, boredom, pressure as far as Evening TV and a nightcap before it all starts again, this piece has something to say for most people involved in that ritual. As usual, real, contemporary, no holds barred, gritty writing.
Evening TV (Radio Edit)
Steve Wright In The Afternoon (Afternoon Malaise edit)

Web page

Queensryche "Queensryche"

Country: USA
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
LabelCentury Media
Release dateJune 24/25, 2013
1. X2
2. Where Dreams Go To Die
3. Spore
4. In This Light
5. Redemption
6. Vindication
7. Midnight Lullaby
8. A World Without
9. Don’t Look Back
10. Fallout
11. Open Road

Todd LaTorre - Lead Vocals
Michael Wilton - Guitar
Eddie Jackson - Bass
Scott Rockenfield - Drums
Parker Lundgren - Guitar

Queensryche has split up in 2012 and there are two band releasing albums in 2013 under the same name. This version of Queensryche features three original members Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Parker Lundgren.
Entire album online
Where Dreams Go To Die

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Orphaned Land "All Is One"

Country: Israel
Sub GenreProgressive Oriental Metal
Label Century Media
Release date: June 24, 2013
1 All Is One
2 The Simple Man
3 Brother
4 Let The Truce Be Known
5 Through Fire And Water
6 Fail
7 Freedom
8 Shama'im
9 Ya Benaye
10 Our Own Messiah
11 Children

Kobi Farhi - vocals and growls
Yossi Sassi - guitars, backing vocals & Middle Eastern strings
Chen Balbus - guitars
Uri Zelcha - bass
Matan Shmuely - drums

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Soundgeist "More Than Just a Word"

Country: Greece
Sub GenreProgressive Rock/Metal, Psychedelic
Release date: June 23, 2013
1. Time (4:56)
2. Religion (6:05)
3. Control (4:46)
4. Born (4:31)
5. Mother (6:31)
6. Innocence (6:46)
7. Death (9:36)
8. Soundgeist (4:45)
9. Choices (4:37)
10. Monsters (1:47)
11. Shelter (6:33)
12. Serenity (7:07)

Dimitris Skourtis - vocals
Manolis Zografakis - guitar
Stelios Kanitsakis - synths
Yannis Vardalachakis - bass
Panayotis Mavrakis - drums

Each song title is only a word long, but there is "more than just a word" in the deeper meaning of each song. The idea is to let the listener interpret the songs through their own experiences while using their imagination to "go wild and as far as it gets".
Entire album online

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Liquid Casing "A Separate|Divide"

Country: USA
Sub GenreExperimental, Post Rock, Post Metal
Release dateJune 25, 2013
1.A Path of Footprints Forged in the Midnight Sun 04:00
2.Alambrista 07:35
3.Fingerprint Armada 03:42
4.The Line which Divides 06:38
5.For a Memory Erased 10:01
6.Non-Linear Solution 06:08
7.Checkpoints and Borders 04:03
8.An End to a Means 08:45
9.Riot Path 07:11

Alvaro Rodriguez - Guitars/Lead Vocals
Okikiolu Olufokunbi - Sax/Keys
Jim Stettner - Bass/Vocals
John Pitale - Drums/Percussion

"A Separate|Divide", explores the politics of division and seeks to expose our lack of unity and its consequences. Composed of 9 tracks that sonically weave in and out of each other, a broad picture is painted of Man's exploitative use of arbitrary divides. While the concepts and lyrics strive to confront the intellect, the music goes straight for the gut. 
Also read the review by Brian Lion at underthegunreview.net


Web page

Rinse, Repeat "Tunaverse"

Country: USA
Sub GenrePsychedelic
Release date: June 23, 2013
  1. Dolph-in-dub (7:09)
  2. Jerky Dessert (7:37)
  3. Japanese Bear Dad (5:05)
  4. Snow Day (6:39)
  5. Tunaverse (4:55)
  6. Disconnected (4:34)
  7. Fractalian Cement Truck (8:19)
  8. Persia (5:26)
Justin Strollo
Paul Agemian
Teddy Gorczynski
Kenny Ditmars
Jayme Rivel
Dave Detata

The band tried something a little different this time and made the tracks flow together in the style of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" who are obviously a big influence on them.

Entire album online (free wav download)


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mark Miller "Disassembly Required"

Country: USA
Sub GenreAcoustic, Progressive Rock
LabelWheresville Records
Release dateJune 22, 2013
1.Now or Never 05:44
2.Cerulean 04:20
3.Beyond Time 05:11
4.The High Desert 06:32
5.She 03:16
6.Kisa Gotami 07:07
7.Disassembly Required 07:25
8.Mythria 07:48
9.Jerusalem 06:34
10.Welcome to the Machine 04:24

Mark Miller - all vocal & instruments
Linda-Marie Miller - cellos on 4 & 7
Danny Mcmahon- percussion on track 7
Bill Stoneback - percusiion on track 7


Web page

BSI "Clevarity"

Country: USA
Sub GenrePsychedelic, Space Rock
Release dateJune 22, 2013
1. Steps (For Rey) 04:57
2. Innocence 04:07
3. Crawling Back Through the Door 04:59
4. Pocket In My Mirror 08:07
5. The Hate of Christ 05:05
6. Zerbda 05:17
7. It's Breath, So Close On My Neck 07:30
8. The Questions Children Ask Us 04:15
9. Confessions Of an Alkaloid Paste 06:01
10. By Your Side 06:58
11. Pocket In My Mirror (Live) 07:25
12. Aire 08:52
13. Institute 03:13
14. Thin Smoke and Spring Air 04:27
15. Our 1 Million Year Journey 10:47
16. Ally 05:16
17. Weeping Golden Tears 05:25
18. Metabolic 05:07
19. The Cave 04:18

Ryan Melanson - guitars, bass, synths, tubular bells, e-bow, electronica
Jay Lewis - vocals, keyboards, synths, percussion, guitars

Joining the dots (Legendary Pink Dots, obviously) between '60s psychedelia and '70s spacey Krautrock, all put through a retro-modern filter, Floridians Ryan Melanson and Jay Lewis recorded these organic and naturally evolving slices of dislocated oddness in a period spanning 1999 to 2010...  
Although the album is nearly seventy seven minutes long, such is the variety and intricacy of the sounds on offer that it never loses focus. Being as long as it is, it also has the advantage of being akin to a large bag of tasty sweets that the listener can dip into at any point and be pleasantly surprised.
Read the full review by Roger Trenwith at dprp.net