Saturday, June 29, 2013

Carl Roa "Lord Of The Strings"

Country: USA
Sub Genre: Instrumental, Fusion
Label: Big Shoe Music
Release date: June, 2013
  1. Lord Of The Strings 
  2. Dueling Demons 
  3. Redemption 
  4. Walking On The Moon 
  5. Captain Couregeous 
  6. Red Bear Romp 
  7. Daughters
  8. Aroz Con Ricky
  9. Cantaloupe Island
  10. Passage To Eden
Carl Roa (Magic Elf) - guitar, bass and keys
Dave Miranda - drums, percussion and keys
Ricky Martinez
Ethan Meixsell
Jerry Kovarsky
Robert Jack
Harold Skeete
Roy Altemus
Michael Angelo Batio
Andy Wood
Travis Larson
Tony Rombola (Godsmack)
Jeff Babko

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