Friday, June 28, 2013

Various Artists "Strange Fish Two"

Sub GenreKrautrock, Progressive Rock
LabelFruits de Mer Records
Release date: June, 2013 (vinyl)
LP 1 side1 (22:33)
1. Moonweevil - Condentia (1:50)
2. Vespero - Red Machine (8:24)
3. Organic Is Orgasmic - At Dawn Of Men (12:42)
     side2 (22:40)
4. Sendelica - 80% Neon Bridge Of Sighs (10:41)
5. Temple Music - From The Serene Republic (6:34)
6. The Grand Astoria  - Space Orchid vs Massive Drumkit (5:25)
LP 2 side3 (22:38)
7. Cat Frequency - The Fragmentation of St. Veronica's Veil (7:23)
8. Julie's Haircut - Tarazed (6:00)
9. Julie’s Haircut - Asioli  (recorded with Valerio Cosi & Tiziano Bianchi) (10:15)
10. Weevil Dropping  (pressing plant permitting – this will become a locked groove to end the side)
            side4 (24:26)
11. Mechanik – Kwangmyongsong/Radian/You Yourself Are The Teacher And The Guru
 (apologies for the abrupt ending – this again will hopefully end as a locked groove)

The second in a series of four Strange Fish vinyls by Fruits de Mer Records. A double LP compilation of krautrock/progressive rock-influenced/guitar-led tracks .
Moonweevil occasionally escapes from the Cranium Pie secret bunker in Wiltshire to deliver a track or two to Fruits de Mer.
Vespero, Organic Is Orgasmic and The Grand Astoria all come from Russia, and specialize in powerful, modern progressive, krautrock and even post-rock (although the ghosts of Hawkwind seem to have sneaked into this particular Grand Astoria session).
Julie’s Haircut are Italian and new to Fruits de Mer, they mix prog, post-rock and even jazz, while Mechanik are Spanish and quote krautrock. kosmische and experimental rock among their influences; both bands are FdM virgins – although they’ve been around a bit.
Vespero and Temple Music delivered a side of music each for FdM’s 2013 Annual 7”, finally
Cat Frequency describes himself as, “me and a pile of instruments and boxes with wires coming out of them all squeezed into an upstairs room” – which is nice.

excerpts by Vespero, Sendelica and more
excerpts from Mechanik, Julie's Haircut and more

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