Monday, June 10, 2013

Not a Good Sign "Not a Good Sign"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Release dateJune 10, 2013
  1. Almost I (06:37)
  2. Almost II (03:12)
  3. Not a Good Sign (07:54)
  4. Making Stills (06:43)
  5. Witchcraft By A Picture (07:37)
  6. Coming Back Home (05:52)
  7. Flow On (06:07)
  8. The Defeaning Sound Of The Moon (04:33)
  9. Afraid To Ask (03:08)
Paolo "Ske" Botta (Yugen, Ske): keyboards
Francesco Zago (Yugen, Ske): guitars
Alessio Calandriello (La Coscienza di Zeno): vocals
Gabriele Guidi Colombi (La Coscienza di Zeno): bass
Martino Malacrida: drums
Maurizio Fasoli (Yugen): grandpiano
Sharron Fortnam (North Sea Radio Orchestra, Cardiacs): vocals
Bianca Fervidi: cello

Marcello Marinone, Paolo «Ske» Botta and Francesco Zago, after a successful collaboration in Yugen and Ske, propose a new blend of their musical attitudes. The result is an ominous, fascinating sound melting vintage keyboards, powerful guitars and voice, besides ethereal and autumn nuances, supported by a compelling rhythmic drive. Members come from the best Italian bands of Altrock label (Yugen, Ske, La Coscienza di Zeno), and in this special occasion they’ll present on stage their first album, a powerful synthesis of charming melodies, rhythmic drive and dark moods. In these tracks many of you will recognize the Old Prog School from the 70s, but in a modern key, with a pinch of hard-rock and psych. Resonant vocal melodies and lyrics complete the gloomy but colourful imagery of the band.



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