Saturday, November 30, 2013

Midnight Rain "Evolution I"

Country: Serbia
Sub GenreEclectic, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock/Metal
LabelDefox Records
Release dateNovember 30, 2013
01. Get Out Of My System 03:23
02. Walk Your Way 03:59
03. Happiness Updated 03:54
04. Living In The World Of Liars 05:41
05. My Pretty Baby 04:32
06. Every Dawn I Die 04:31
07. Just For You 03:28
08. Slaves Of The Machine 04:24

Boris Šurlan
Vlad Invictus
Mila Vukelić
Filip Todorčević
Živojin Jevtić
Petar Belaćević
Rastko Uzunović
Ljubomir Perućica
Dejana Pavlović
Željko Jovanović
Aleksandar Canković
Vladan Belaćević
Dejan Bođan
Gordan Grujić
Ivan Tibljaš

Music of Midnight Rain can be described as eclectic hard rock, but it consists of various genres, from blues rock and jazz to progressive rock and metal. 


Alejandro Villalón Renaud "Simbiosis"

Country: Mexico
Sub GenreElectronica
LabelAzafran Media
Release date: November 2013
  1. Caos
  2. Espectro
  3. Foresta
  4. Revelaciones
  5. Suenos
  6. Transmutaciones
Alejandro Villalón Renaud

An imaginary soundtrack to a sci-fi movie. Not as cosmic as the Berlin school but definitely influenced by Tangerine Dream and Ashra. You may also find connections with Vangelis or Michel Huygens’ Neuronium, of course. The listener is invited to collaborate with Alejandro Villalón Renaud; a new name in the electronic scene in Mexico; in “Simbiosis” by contributing imagination and emotion to translate the recording’s six vibrant tracks into six personal images and experiences.


Year of No Light "Tocsin"

Country: France
Sub GenreInstrumental Post Metal, Black Metal
LabelDebemur Morti Productions
Release dateNovember 29, 2013
1. Tocsin (13:49)
2. Géhenne (5:53)
3. Désolation (10:28)
4. Stella Rectrix (12:51)
5. Alamüt (14:15)

Pierre Anouilh (guitar)
Jérôme Alban (guitar, keyboard)
Johan Sébenne (bass, electronics)
Bertrand Sébenne (drums, keyboard)
Shiran Kaidine (guitar)
Mathieu Mégemont (drums, electronics)

This third full lenght album, and third masterpiece, is a doom expedition that moves from slow, tribal pounding and shimmering ambience through an echo chamber of melodic guitar notes and into a vast, black pit of fuzz-bombed despair streaked with feedback and touched by the pale beckoning hand of death.
Extremely heavy, divinely stellar, and epic. "Tocsin" is an unforgettable journey beyond the laws of Post-Metal, Doom Metal, hypnotic musical forms and any other influence marked with the seal of pure mysticism...
 Also read the review by Ulla Roschat at templeofperdition.blogspot.fr


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Friday, November 29, 2013

Silent Voices "Reveal The Change"

Country: Finland
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
LabelInner Wound Recordings
Release dateNovember 29, 2013 (Europe), December 3, 2013 (North America)
1. The Fear Of Emptiness (9:02)
2. No Turning Back (6:56)
3. Reign Of Terror (7:05)
4. Faith In Me (6:19)
5. Black Water (6:06)
6. Burning Shine (6:00)
7. Through My Prison Walls (11:56)

Teemu Koskela - vocals
Timo Kauppinen - guitars
Henrik Klingenberg (Sonata Arctica) - keyboards
Pasi Kauppinen (Sonata Arctica) - bass
Jukka-Pekka Koivisto - drums
Mats Levén (ex. Therion, Yngwie Malmsteen) - vocals
Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica) - vocals
Mike Vescera (ex. Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen, Obsession) - vocals
Mike DiMeo (ex. Masterplan, Riot) - vocals

The album has a very solid start with a track called The Fear of Emptiness, the type of track you can associate with great bands like Dream Theater. I mean the first track in an album should be the one that’ll keep you listening to the whole album and for me intros plays an important role in my listening of the remaining album. The clean bass notes mixed with a raw guitar distortion from early metal years coupled with the best available toms on the drums. *flying kisses* mama mia. I said to myself: Scrumptious. And then instantly I heard the first vocals that were so mesmerizing, it sort of knocked me out. The track will make you move your head throughout, with a perfect metal guitar riff using power chords and the palm muting we all love, followed by beautiful alternate picking in some parts. 
Read the full review at ladyobscure.com

No Turning Back

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Starsoup "Bazaar of Wonders"

Country: Russia
Sub GenreProgressive Rock/Metal
LabelSublimity Records
Release date November 29, 2013
  1. Angels - 6:33
  2. Ain't no Superman - 4:24
  3. Try - 4:22
  4. Cradle of War - 7:02
  5. Rumors of Better Life - 3:33
  6. Past Bites - 3:33
  7. The City and the Stars - 3:05
  8. Bazaar - 5:41
  9. Voices of the Wind - 2:38
  10. Road to Sunset - 3:58
  11. Perfect Loser - 4:55
  12. Rain in the Desert - 4:55
Alexey Markov - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Andrew Gryaznov - Keyboards, Samples
Alexander Vetkhov - Drums, Percussion
Ilya Mamontov
Nicholas Angel
Kostya Naumenko
Darya Savchenko
Oleg Mishin
Andrey Nova
Yevgeny Nesterov
Natalya Fedotova

The larger context of the album is progressive rock and metal, reaching from Ayreon to Dream Theater in its sound. Of course, at the center is Markov's vocals where he has some significant range, from smooth (Try or Voice of the Wind) to more intense (Past Bites). Sometimes he sways between the two as within Cradle of War.
Read the full review by Craig Hartranft at dangerdog.com



Proteo "Republikflucht! ...facing east"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
LabelMa.Ra.Cash Records
Release dateNovember 29, 2013
01 - Echoes Mankind (part II) - 9:22
02 - Berlin - 12:55
03 - Eastern Fields - 11:52
04 - Funny Girls Playing Double Dutch - 3:04
05 - Four-Leaf Clover - 10:37
06 - Republikflucht - 10:54

Matteo Copetti - Guitars
Marco Paulica - Guitars, Vocals
Alessandro Surian - Bass
Fabio Gorza - Drums

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Cosmic Remedy "The Cosmic Remedy"

Country: Multinational
Sub GenreProgressive Rock/ Pop
LabelSecrest Oy
Release date: November 28, 2013
  1. Childhood Suite
  2. A Suite - Case Of Memories
  3. Lost Marbles Suite
  4. Farewell Suite
Bogáti-Bokor Ákos (Yesterdays) - guitars, keyboards, bass, backing vocals
Kimmo Pörsti (The Samurai of Prog) - drums, percussion
Francesco Faiulo - bass
Tico De Moraes - lead vocals
Ulf Yacobs (Yacob, Argos):  lead vocals on "Childhood Suite"
Kecskeméti Gábor:  flute
Iulia Paradau:  lead vocals in "Story Of A Prince", "Blue Sea" and backing vocals in "I'll Be Your Friend"
Vera Klima:  lead vocals on "Daylight Dreaming"
Zsigó László:  drums
Popomájer Tibor:  bass
Ercsey Andrea:  vocals
Kiss József-Tamás:  bass on "Story Of A Prince"

Blue Sea

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Machiavel "Colours"

Country: Belgium
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
LabelMoonzoo Music
Release dateNovember 28, 2013
  1. Colour Damage - 3:23
  2. Going Down - 3:36
  3. Every Single Day - 3:49
  4. Carry Me Home - 5:08
  5. A Place for Everyone - 4:06
  6. Satellites - 3:27
  7. Take the Might - 4:00
  8. The Great White Dome - 6:00
  9. Lifeline - 4:00
  10. I Can't Stand the Night Alone - 4:43
  11. Sometimes - 3:45
Mario Guccio - Vocals
Christophe Pons - Guitars
Hervé Borbe - Keyboards
Roland De Greef - Bass
Marc Ysaye - Drums
Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia

Colour Damage

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Mumpbeak "Mumpbeak"

Country: Norway
Sub Genre: Instrumental Fusion
LabelRareNoise Records
Release dateNovember 28, 2013
  1. Biscuit 5:15
  2. Forelock 4:31
  3. Monocle 5:52
  4. Nork 7:15
  5. Oak 4:30
  6. Chain 4:54
  7. Piehole 8:53
Roy Powell (Naked Truth, InterStatic) - keyboards, Hohner clavinet
Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Naked Truth) - drums
Shanir Blumenkranz (John Zorn, Abraxas) - bass
Bill Laswell - bass
Lorenzo Feliciati (Naked Truth) - bass
Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel)  - bass

Powell’s latest project Mumpbeak is built upon a single, powerful idea, too: modifying his Hohner clavinet to sound like an electric guitar, with the help of running it through guitar effects and amps.  
Read the full review by S. Victor Aaron at somethingelsereviews.com
Also read the press-release at mumpbeak.blogspot.com


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Motoi Sakuraba "Passage"

Country: Japan
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
LabelTEAM Entertainment
Release dateNovember 27, 2013
01.Close your eyes
02.Storm of blooms
03.Starting over
05.Caution of the fragile
07.Dangerous fragment
08.Around the cold world
11.Blast of wind
13.Hedge hog
14.Ice glass

Motoi Sakuraba

Hammock "Oblivion Hymns"

Country: USA
Sub Genre: Instrumental, Post Rock, Classical, Ambient
Release dateNovember 26, 2013
1. My Mind Was a Fog... My Heart Became a Bomb (5:23)
2. Then the Quiet Explosion (6:43)
3. Turning Into Tiny Particles... Floating Through Empty Space (4:02)
4. Like a Valley With No Echo (8:10)
5. Holding Your Absence (5:42)
6. Shored Against the Ruins... Drowning In Ten Directions (3:43)
7. I Could Hear the Water at the Edge of All Things (5:40)
8. In the Middle of This Nowhere (5:33)
9. Hope Becomes a Loss (8:45)
10. Tres Dominé (3:07)

Marc Byrd
Andrew Thompson

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Warlocks "Skull Worship"

Country: USA
Sub GenrePsychedelic
LabelZap Banana
Release dateNovember 26, 2013
01. Dead Generation (4:21)
02. Chameleon (4:04)
03. Endless Drops (5:20)
04. Silver & Plastic (5:58)
05. He Looks Good In Space (3:22)
06. You've Changed (6:02)
07. It's A Hard Fall (4:37)
08. Eyes Jam (6:19)

Bobby Hecksher - vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass guitar
John Christian Rees - guitar
Earl V. Miller - guitar, drone machine
Christopher DiPino - bass guitar
George Serrano - drums

Mammatus "Heady Mental"

Country: USA
Sub GenrePsychedelic, Space Rock, Stoner
LabelSpiritual Pajamas
Release dateNovember 26, 2013
  1. Brain Drain 
  2. Main Brain
  3. Brainbow 
  4. Brain Train
Nicholas Emmert - guitars
Chris Freels - bass
Aaron Emmert - drums

Heady Mental is the perfect title for the third Mammatus album, for it rests heavily in the moldy caverns of heavy metal history, but doesn't get too comfortable there. It quickly shows it's true colors: This is music for flight, music for the sky, and music for the things that lay beyond. These men are searching for the source through sound. Repetitions of themes with variants are spread over four separate songs that act as a whole. This record functions as a soundtrack to the Mammatus Brain. Heavy/Airy, Earth/Sky, Man/Creator, Complete and Grok'd.


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Monday, November 25, 2013

Generous Men "More Than Meets the Eye"

Country: Sweden
Sub GenreProgressive Rock/Pop
Release dateNovember 25, 2013
  1. Taken 6:52
  2. In a Distant Future 6:04
  3. Love Divine, Pt. 1 5:24
  4. The Endless Desire 7:37
  5. I Still Dream 10:22
  6. The Cloud 8:34
  7. Every Beat of My Heart(Bonus Track) 7:54
John Berglund - Bass
Robert Bärlin - Guitars
Anton Dromberg - Organs
Anders Lindh - Drums
Rikard Rynoson - Vocals


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Star Period Star "Can’t See The Forest"

Country: USA
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Release dateNovember 24, 2013
  1. Survivorman - 04:18
  2. Snares - 04:20
  3. Looking For You - 08:56
  4. Synesthesia - 03:40
  5. I'm Into Miracles - 09:11
  6. ( .. ) - 03:46
  7. A Means to an End - 07:00
  8. ) .. ( - 03:22
Dan Sweigert - guitars, bass, keyboards, bamboo flute, percussion and vocals
Joe Colone - bass
Pat Hamilton - keyboards, guitar and backing vocals
Dan VanSchindel - drums and backing vocals
Ron Jagielnik - autoharp and treatments
Mike Sary (French TV) - fretless bass

The set opens with Survivorman, a high energy and somewhat whimsical progressive rocker, with both organ and classic prog keyboards, and some fairly monstrous drumming. And ya gotta love lyrics like, “It took the whole day to boil the putrid water with a microscope.” Snares conjured up thoughts of the Residents collaborating with Magma for a heavy rockin’ Zheul-fest. Looking For You is one of the more overtly prog rock oriented songs, but it also has a bit of that avant-punk energy that I enjoyed so much on Jet Propulsion Mystery Summer, and there’s a swingin’ organ-led segment that’s good fun as well. I like the off-kilter rocking and quirkily accessible Synesthesia, which has a cool eerie alien synth line in the middle. I’m Into Miracles starts off as a pleasantly melodic acoustic led song, but near the 6 minute mark it shifts gears and rocks hard in prog-punk land, with some killer flashy screaming guitar and we’re treated to some disorienting rhythmic gymnastics. The title of the next song is a symbol… ( .. ) and is an instrumental that sounds like a tribute to Roger Trigaux’s Present. A Means To An End starts off as an accessible melodic rocker, but nothing sits still for long with these guys as they take off on an inspired prog gone acid-rock infused instrumental jam. And the album closes with an untitled bit of sparse experimental noodling.
Read the full review by Jerry Kranitz at aural-innovations.com


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Gleemen “Oltre…lontano, lontano”

Country: Italy
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
LabelBlack Widow Records
Release date: November 23, 2013
  1. Anima di gomma
  2. La grande carovana
  3. Canzone dei cuori semplici
  4. Skizoid Blues
  5. Il venditore di palloni
  6. In una stanza
  7. Stelle di vetro
  8. Nel mio cortile
  9. Solo amore
  10. Oltre…lontano, lontano
Bambi Fossati - Guitars
Maurizio Cassinelli - Drums
Angelo Traverso - Bass
Giampaolo Casu - Guitars
Giovanni Pastorino – Keyboards
Mauro Culotta - Guitars
Marco Zoccheddu - Guitar, Keyboards
Martin Grice – Sax
Pino Nastasi – Voice, Bass
Danila Piras - Flute
Alessandro Paolini -  Acoustic Bass
Roberto Piga – Violin
Fabrizio Nuovilibri - Bass
Carlo Olivieri - Drums
Luciano Ottonello – Electric guitar

Today in 2013, more than forty years after the onset, the Gleemen back with a new album absolutely amazing for freshness and vitality: the title is “Oltre…lontano, lontano” and on the cover retains the shape of the fish as a threat of power against which the culture must always fight. Although times have changed this struggle is evident in the design created for the new cover by the same author as that of the first album as a sign of continuity in the discourse of the group. The album presents a variety of reasons of great interest because besides the beauty of the compositions we have the presence of Bambi Fossati on 2 tracks, where he gives the best of himself expresses on incredible levels, there is the presence of Marco Zoccheddu (Osage Tribe, Duello Madre), there are obviously Maurizio Cassinelli and Angelo Traverso, two of the founder members, along with some talented young musicians who will be a pleasure to discover in listening to this album that is already part of history.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Il Rumore Bianco "Mediocrazia" EP

Country: Italy
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Release dateNovember 23, 2013
  1. Tutto Un Sogno (pt. 1) 06:12
  2. Il Vestito Buono 06:19
  3. Il Primo Attore 06:11
  4. Tutto Un Sogno (pt. 2) 09:05
Eddy Fiorio: lead vocals, synth
Thomas Pessina: keyboards, synth, backing vocals
Michele Zanotti: electric and acoustic guitars, tenor sax
Federico Lonardi: electric and acoustic guitars
Alessandro Danzi: bass guitar
Umberto Sartori: drums

Bandcamp (Free Download)


Light Trio "Giallo Italiano"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreJazz-Rock
LabelElectromantic Music
Release date: November 22, 2013
  1. Orange suite 5:59
  2. Leo 5 Et 6 4:08
  3. Tarantè 5:12
  4. As 5:20
  5. James on the armchair 4:33
  6. Chorando 5:39
  7. Cancao de Manha 5:31
  8. Giallo Italiano 5:53
  9. The autumn samba 7:25
  10. Midnight walk 5:02
  11. Blue And green 4:49
  12. Voyage 4:21
Enrico Cresci : Guitars
Marcello Sirignano : Violin, mandolin
Daniel Basirico : Bass, cello

In Turin starting with Arti & Mestieri, from the beginning of the 70's a real interchange of musicians from the areas of jazz and rock has been going on, so that it became a style, a distinctive feature of Turin, defined by critics as "jazz rock school of Turin" and from there came the idea of "Turin Jazz Rock School", or tjrs, a label that brings together more artistic musicians in this common direction.
The CD "Giallo Italiano" is the synthesis of seven years of the Light Trio. The training offers a repertoire of diverse origins, filtered by a slight sound, but of great emotional intensity. An eclectic music, intimate, but with "orchestral" and great rhythmic intensity that enhances the melodic composition that makes this album particularly "Italian".
Songs of Light Trio  pay homage to the language of jazz and Brazilian music, which often recur in the story and the music in the form of songs. Along with these primary influences, traces of ties with all the finest and authentic musical expression of the contemporary age are found, along with the echo of the common classical training.

Rhapsody Of Fire "Dark Wings Of Steel"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
LabelAFM Records
Release dateNovember 22, 2013 (Europe), December 3, 2013 (USA)
01. Vis Divina
02. Rising From Tragic Flames
03. Angel Of Light
04. Tears Of Pain
05. Fly To Crystal Skies
06. My Sacrifice
07. Silver Lake Of Tears
08. Custode Di Pace
09. A Tale Of Magic
10. Dark Wings Of Steel
11. Sad Mystic Moon
12. A Candle To Light (extended version)(bonus track)

Fabio Lione - Vocals
Alex Staropoli - Keyboards
Roberto De Micheli - Guitars
Oliver Holzwarth - Bass
Alex Holzwarth - Drums

Friday, November 22, 2013

Mindslave "Secular Indulgence"

Country: Argentina
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Release date: Novemver 2013
  1. Walk The Wire (7:05)
  2. The Darkest Love (5:05)
  3. To Strive For Grace (0:40)
  4. The Best I Can (4:48)
  5. In The Deepest Regret (7:40)
  6. Synergy (12:56)
  7. Restless (9:18)
Sebastian Fiore - guitar and vocals
Marcelo Moglie - bass
Emmanuel Castañeira - drums
Rodrigo Tavera - keyboards

The opening track, Walk the Wire, embodies everything that this album has to offer. The opening verse and riff lies somewhere between Dream Theater and Savatage. The lovely piano-led chorus has a refrain that is repeated throughout. About halfway we break off for a very proggy instrumental section where the guitars and keys interplay upon their interplay. The song builds and builds around its central melody like an artist layering oil upon oil on the canvas. This is the sort of Heavy Prog / Prog Metal-lite that I really enjoy.
We change groove for the second song. The Darkest Love uses a funky riff which reminds me of fellow countrymen Sacrum. However the piano and acoustic guitar take over for the verse. This song is a great showcase for the wonderful drumming of Emmanuel Castañeira. It reminds me a lot of the contribution Mark Zonder always made with Fates Warning, adding textures and groove, far more than simply driving the rhythm. It is also the song where you notice the soul and depth to Fiore's vocals. On this album he sticks to a rich mid range. Where he does stretch to an upper register, he manages to sound comfortable.
 Read the full review by Andy Read at dprp.net

Walk The Wire / In The Deepest Regret

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Artemia "We Still Exist"

Country: USA
Sub GenreAlternative, Progressive Rock
Release dateNovember 22, 2013
01.Quest I On 07:31
02.Prowler 05:30
03.Wishing Well 04:06
04.Clouds 03:26
05.Batcat 04:19
06.Radial 04:45
07.Nuns With Guns 03:43
08.Swarm 04:06
09.Snowed In 3:44

Michael Dinkins - drums (1, 4, 8, 9), keyboard (1 - 7, 10)
Jason Easler - guitar
Nick Laws - bass
Blaine Prescott - lead voice, guitar (6, 7)
Eric Rinker - guitar (1, 4, 8, 9), drums (2, 3, 5-7)

Bandcamp (name your price)

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Bushman's Revenge "Thou Shalt Boogie!"

Country: Norway
Sub Genre Jazz-Rock, Fusion
LabelRune Grammofon
Release date: November 22, 2013
  1. I Am An Astronaut
  2. Baklengs Inn i Fuglekassa
  3. Waltz Me Baby, Waltz Me All Night Long
  4. Kugeln Und Kraut
  5. Hurra For Mamma
Even Helte Hermansen - Guitar
Rune Nergaard - Bass
Gard Nilssen - Drums, Percussion
David Wallumrød - Hammond organ

Formed in 2003, the Oslo based trio are upfront about their love for the progressive rock of Cream and Jimi Hendrix, the galactic jazz of Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, Sonny Sharrock and Alice Coltrane, plus the raw power of Black Sabbath and The Pixies. «Thou Shalt Boogie!» is their sixth album on Rune Grammofon and has a velvety, warm sound that was captured at Athletic Sound in Halden, Norway, a legendary old school studio with a 30-year history. Superbly paced, and poised in the indefinable zone between composing and improvisation, «Thou Shalt Boogie!» achieves a fine balance between brute heaviosity and meditative bliss. One of the two long set pieces on the record is the 17 minute «Baklengs Inn i Fuglekassa», which includes the shimmering drone of an Indian sruti box halfway through – an innovative touch that transports the track to an unearthly plane. The drone is a small tip of the hat to Alice Coltrane, her «Journey In Satchidananda» being one guitarist Even´s favorite records. The trio were joined on this date by keyboardist David Wallumrød, whose Hammond organ tones provide silky washes of background colour.
Kugeln und Kraut

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Mothermound "The Burden of Tomorrow"

Country: Slovenia
Sub GenreTech/Extreme, Doom, Progressive Metal
Label: Hollow Earth Records
Release dateNovember 22, 2013
  1. Aurora Awaken 09:17
  2. Come the Moonlight, Come the Rain 05:14
  3. Lady Violet 06:54
  4. Beings Beyond Being 04:05
  5. A Murder of Angels 04:36
  6. Dogma Defiled 04:10
  7. Omega Omnipresent 06:33
  8. The Path I Cross 04:22
  9. Curtains Fall 06:59
Martin Čujec: Drums
Miha Jukič: Guitar
Tomaž Orač: Guitar
Janez Zega: Bass, Vocals
Nika Hribar: flute on 'Aurora Awaken'
Jovana Backović: vocals on 'Curtains Fall'

The group’s origins reach way back into 1995 when they were active as a trio under the name of Expulsion. Until their disbandment in 2005 they released two demo recordings and an album entitled ‘In These Glorious Epitaphs’. They reunited in a new line-up in 2009, this time as a four piece with a new name. Music-wise they continue to stick to the previously set guidelines, a sort of progressive mixture of doom and death metal with a hint of rock. 
Bandcamp (name your price)


Malevolence "Antithetical"

Country: Portugal
Sub GenreTech/Extreme Progressive Metal
LabelCarbon Medien
Release date: November 22, 2013
1. Slithering 02:55
2. Cult of the Everlasting 06:18
3. Devoured Unlimited 04:21
4. Antithetical 08:12
5. Equilibrium in Extremis 04:34
6. Exocortex Momentum 09:27
7. Mechanisms of Destructiove Behaviour 07:19

Carlos Cariano - vocals, guitar
Aires Pereira - bass
Fred Noel - guitar
Paulo Pereira - keyboards
Dirk Verbeuren:  drums


Toxic Smile "7"

Country: Germany
Sub GenreProgressive Metal/Rock
LabelProgressive Promotion Records
Release date: November 22, 2013
1. From Inside Out - 6:36
2. Barfeooted Man - 8:28
3. Needless - 6:24
4. Love Without Creation - 5:40
5. Rayless Sun - 8:00
6. King Of Nowhere - 3:56
7. Afterglow - 7:34

Larry B. - vocals
Marek Arnold - keyboards, saxophones
Uwe Reinholz - guitar, vocals
Robert Brenner - bass
Robert Eisfeldt - drums
Cat Henschelmann - violins
Kiri Geile - vocal shouts

Blackleaf Gardens "Key To Infinity"

Country: New Zealand
Sub GenreExperimental Progressive Metal
Release dateNovember 22, 2013
1. Ambience of Autumn
2. Green Goliath
3. Remnants
4. Experiment
5. 427 PT.1 (Chapter Zero)
6. 427 PT.2 (Blackleaf Gardens)
7. Vicious Garden
8. Chemical Thirteen
9. Visual Echo
10. Photosynthesis (DIGITAL ONLY BONUS TRACK)

Matt Grossman - Drums, acoustic guitar, back up vocals
Bill Rootes - Guitars, back up vocals
Jess Reeves - Bass
Michael Gee - Vocals
Joshua Chapman - Additional Guitars

Great new kind of whacked out band (in the best kinda way!) that combines great riffs and high-energy grooves with some really intricate compositions and some wild vocals that the band calls "bipolar". Highly recommended for the adventurous listener. (progmetalzone.com)

Visual Echo / Photosynthesis
Green Goliath

Web page

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vivalma "Human Effect"

Country: Brazil
Sub GenreProgressive Rock/Metal
Release dateNovember 21, 2013
Disc 1
  1. Envision, Pt. I (Genesis) 5:12
  2. Envision, Pt. II (Young Blood) 7:28
  3. Over the State 6:17
  4. Solitude 6:27
  5. Proudhome 7:35
  6. Deviant 5:11
  7. Envision, Pt. III (Echoes)  9:20
Disc 2
  1. Locked and Fading 8:47
  2. Touch, Feel and Flow 10:22
  3. Vivalma 15:47
Marco Petucco - Vocals
Odilon Gonçalves - Guitars
Gus Martins - Keyboards
Raphael Filt - Bass
Lello Araujo - Drums

Entire album online

Web page

Crumpled Blanket "Chin Up, Cheer Up"

Country: Germany
Sub GenreKrautrock, Psychedelic, Space Rock
Release dateNovember 21, 2013
  1. Easy Is The Descent Into Avernus 04:50
  2. Contagious Enthusiasm 06:43
  3. The Colors You See With Closed Eyes 10:38
  4. Floating On Waves Of Warmth 03:14
  5. Shadows Clouds Cast Upon Landscapes 04:46
  6. Ascending Onto Mount Taniquetil 09:09
Kevin Thellmann

This is a concept album about dealing with the separation from loved ones, friends, lovers and family members through distance, break-ups, growing apart or passing away. It's about trying to stay positive and not giving up despite many things going in the wrong direction. 

Bandcamp (Free Download )

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Taylor's Universe "Evidence"

Country: Denmark
Sub Genre: Instrumental Progressive Rock
Lable: Marvel of Beauty Records
Release dateNovember, 2013
1. Buildings (14:55)
2. Red Afternoon (11:52)
3. Marie Marolle (9:22)
4. Forever and a Day (7:48)

Robin Taylor - guitars, keyboards, bass, flute, percussion
Karsten Vogel - sax, clarinet
Claus Bøhling - guitars
Thomas Thor Viderø Ulstrup - synthesizer
Klaus Thrane - drums
Louise Nipper - voice

Shamall "Turn Off"

Country: Germany
Sub GenreNeo-Prog
Label: 2L
Release dateNovember 20, 2013
  1. Shine a light - 05:02
  2. It's been a long time part I - 02:51
  3. Shout it out - 05:44
  4. The devil never sleeps - 03:30
  5. Never before the demand was shout out that loud - 16:56
  6. Playing for the ashes - 08:44
  7. Voices part I - 09:50
  8. Voices part II - 09:05
  9. Too many people part I - 04:05
  10. Too many people part II - 06:42
  11. So much is on the line - 07:06
  1. Diversion - 02:17
  2. The creeping dead - 09:25
  3. Reflective - 04:31
  4. Clouds obscure the sun - 04:42
  5. Horrible nightmare - 08:02
  6. At the end of time - 08:00
  7. The hidden enemy - 08:11
  8. Companion of fortune - 08:44
  9. Wounded world - 02:34
  10. Turn off part I - 07:42
  11. Turn off part II - 04:49
  12. In these days - 02:38
Nobert Kueler - all instruments

Tad Morose "Revenant"

Country: Sweden
Sub GenreProgressive Metal, Power Metal
LabelDespotz Records
Release dateNovember 20, 2013
1. Beneath A Veil Of Crying Souls
2. Follow
3. Babylon
4. Within a Dream
5. Ares
6. Absence Of Light
7. Death Embrace
8. Dance Of The Damned
9. Spirit World
10. Timeless Dreaming
11. Millenium Lie
12. Gypsy

Christer 'Krunt' Andersson - Guitars
Peter Morén - Drums
Ronny Hemlin - Vocals
Tommi Karpanen - Bass
Kenneth Jonsson - Guitars

Il Segno del Comando "Il Volto Verde"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
LabelBlack Widow Records
Release dateNovembre 20, 2013
1. Echi dall'Ignoto
2. La Bottega delle Meraviglie
3. Chidher il Verde
4. Trenodia delle Dolci Parole
5. Il Rituale
6. La Congrega dello Zee Dyk
7. Il Manoscritto
8. L'Evocazione di Eva
9. Retrospettiva di un Amore
10. Usibepu
11. L'Apocalisse
12. Epilogo

Diego Banchero - electric bass, fretless bass, keyboards, theremin
Fernando Cherchi - drums, percussions
Roberto Lucanato - guitars
Davide Bruzzi - guitars
Maethelyiah - lead and backing vocals
Maurizio Pustianaz, Giorgio Cesare Neri, Claudio Simonetti, Gianni Leone, Freddy Delirio, Martin Grice, Paul Nash, Sophya Baccini, Vinz Aquarian, David Krieg, Alessio Panni

October Equus Quartet "Isla Purgatorio"

Country: Spain
Sub Genre: Instrumental, Avant Prog, Jazz
LabelClamshell Records
Release dateNovember 20, 2013
  1. Neutoma - 05:39
  2. Totems - 04:07
  3. Isla Purgatorio - 01:12
  4. Sin permiso - 04:55
  5. Nocturno - 03:52
  6. Medusa - 03:43
  7. Arena negra - 05:20
  8. Euryale - 04:56
  9. La ofrenda - 05:31
Alfonso Muñoz - alto sax
Ángel Ontalva - guitar
Amanda Pazos Cosse - bass
Vasco Trilla - drums & percussions

The October Equus Quartet is a fractalization of the original band, showing a sound not so 'chamber rock' and more oriented toward a kind of 'avant-jazz-rock'. On 'Isla Purgatorio' the compositions are conveniently dark and complex but there is a bigger tendency to improvisation than in October Equus. Echoes of the 80's New York downtown scene like Zorn, Curlew, Dr. Nerve, or even some Zeuhl flavour here and there. (clear-spot.nl)

2 tracks online

Web page

Arm on Stage "Aldrin"

Country: Italy
Sub GenrePsychedelic
Release date: November, 2013
1) That Old Velvet Curtain
2) April Song
3) Alive
4) Sunday’s Over
5) The Second Man On The Moon
6) Lally The Clown
7) Money & Puttane
8) Crystal
9) The Master
10) Neighbor’s Nightmare
11) That Magnificent Desolatin
12) Strong Enough (Bonus Track)

Folco Orselli
Stefano Piro
Alessandro Sicardi
Alessio Russo
Lorenzo Corti electric guitars

The latest Arm On Stage effort is an ethereal modern rock album, progressive in its atmospheres and tight in its sounds, with catchy and melancholic feels, where electronic inserts and wind instruments (sax, clarinet, French horn) and strings (cello and violin) find their perfect place. Like the previous “Sunglasses Under All Stars”, released in 2010, all songs
in “Aldrin” are sung in English. But while its predecessor was mostly based on improvisation, this record consists of prominent harmonic turns, melodies and riffs developed into songs.
The title and theme of the album revolve around the sense of humanity of error; “Aldrin” is a direct reference to the astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to set foot on the moon, and then fallen into a strong depression. A man who lost himself on planet earth for emotional reasons, typical of human race, despite having enjoyed from far away ‘that magnificent desolation’ in
which rolls our extraordinary casualty. The story of Buzz Aldrin as a mixture of strength and fragility.


The Entrance Band "Face the Sun"

Country: USA
Sub GenrePsychedelic
LabelBeyond Beyond is Beyond
Release dateNovember 19, 2013
1. Fine Flow (8:43)
2. Medicine (4:01)
3. Spider (3:48)
4. The Crave (5:21)
5. No Needs (3:49)
6. Fire Eyes (3:37)
7. Temptation (3:37)
8. Year of the Dragon (5:38)
9. Night Cat (4:12)

Guy Blakeslee - vocals, guitar
Paz Lenchantin - bass
Derek W. James - drums

The album begins with “Fine Flow,” a rather traditional psych-rock jam that originated in the band’s 2012 EP of the same name. Wavering, watery distorted guitars skitter frantically over easy percussion, accompanied by dissonant, squawking horns. It’s full of energy, the kind of jam worthy of any summer festival, but it also has a somewhat dark edge, exposing underlying tension. Much of Face the Sun sits on this precipice of dark and light, balancing on the brink. “Medicine,” with its slinking bass and eerie vocals, says it most clearly: “[If you] wanna be free / You have to destroy / Gonna have to tear down all the walls / We’ll laugh and we’ll sing and we’ll dance upon the ruins of it all.” Several songs refer to addiction and self-destructive tendencies, like “Temptation” and “The Crave,” where Blakeslee sings, “Crying again / What’s the matter now? / Trying to quit but I don’t know how,” above a slinky, strutting riff and heavy effects.
Perhaps the strongest moment on Face the Sun is its closing track, the instrumental “Night Cat.” Eerie effects and high vocals float over a slinking beat, light guitar, and a pulsing, dark bass. Without Blakeslee’s sometimes grating vocals, you can focus more on the artful interweaving of the guitar and bass lines, the anxious, evocative tones moving in ascending melodies. At times, it almost sounds like an Explosions in the Sky track, capturing a triumphant, moving sound before submitting again to a more ominous feeling. (mxdwn.com)

Entire album online

Web page

Tom Griesgraber and Bert Lams "Unnamed Lands"

Country: USA
Sub Genre: Instrumental Prog Folk
Release date: November 19, 2013
  1. Unnamed Lands
  2. Don't Look Back
  3. Prairie Suite
  4. A Red Glow Against The Sky
  5. Where The Trail Divides
  6. A Letter Home
  7. Insects
  8. Vaquero
  9. Smoke Signals
  10. War Dance
  11. Lumbering Prowlers
  12. Unearthly Screams / Scattered
  13. Rebecca
  14. Pacific
Bert Lams (California Guitar Trio) - guitar
Tom Griesgraber - Chapman Stick, loops, Stick-synth, bass pedals

Fourteen original instrumental tracks work together as a whole to tell the story of a group of wagon train pioneers heading west circa 1840. A lavish 12-page booklet features original stories presented as "diary entries," along with original artwork by Jack and Laurent Duriex to further immerse the listener in the experience.
A strong progressive rock influence with odd meters and adventerous sounds blends seamlessly with a highly melodic, folk-like approach into what could almost be described as "Progressive Americana."

Don't Look Back

Web page

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ephel Duath "Hemmed by Light, Shaped by Darkness"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreProgressive Avant-garde Metal
LabelAgonia Records
Release dateNovember 19, 2013
  1. Feathers Under My Skin - 07:05
  2. Tracing The Path of Blood - 07:23
  3. When Mind Escapes Flesh - 07:51
  4. Within This Soil - 06:52
  5. Those Gates to Nothing - 06:30
  6. Through Flames I Shield - 06:41
  7. Hemmed By Light - 01:55
  8. Shaped By Darkness - 07:29

Davide Tiso - guitars
Karyn Crisis - vocals
Bryan Beller - bass
Marco Minemann - drums
Erik Rutan - guitar and backing vocals

As far as the musical approach on Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness is concerned, the style of the band is much how it always has been – very experimental and wholly out of the box. Karyn Crisis is certainly noteworthy for being able to keep up with such whimsical structures as those echoed forth on this wildly playful release; it certainly manages to take elements of jazz, progressive rock, death metal and post metal and mix them all together in an oddly distorted form that not only causes the liquid to turn all sorts of vibrant colors, but also manages to misshape the pot and the room in which such a brew was being mixed. The work is so experimental that five years worth of riff patterns were most certainly used on each of these tracks, yet I could not find one that stood out any more or less than the others. Each one of these eight tracks, with the exception of the interlude (“Hemmed By Light”) certainly seem to reflect the same atmosphere and lyrical subject matter relating to matters of the higher self and soul-searching.
Read the full review by Eric May at newnoisemagazine.com



Spatial Moods "Spatial Moods II"

Country: Perú
Sub GenrePsychedelic, Space Rock
Release dateNovember 19, 2013
1. Atiq Rawraq (7:29)
2. Sun (3:31)
3. Continuum (4:56)
4. Matando Duendes (4:34)
5. Vesubio (3:28)
6. Pray (3:15)
7. Duendes Matando (4:28)
8. Darko (4:02)
9. Ouroboros Moods (7:47)

Jorge Apaza - guitar, backing vocals, synthesizer
Carlos Betancourt - bass
Daniel Rojas - drums, percussion, harmonic, vocals
Arturo Quispe - saxophone, noise
Armando Córdova - violin
Eugenio Vidal - trumpet
David Hoffmeister - didgeridoo
Max Vega - saxophone (on "Ouroboros Moods")

Bandcamp (name your price)