Friday, November 22, 2013

Mothermound "The Burden of Tomorrow"

Country: Slovenia
Sub GenreTech/Extreme, Doom, Progressive Metal
Label: Hollow Earth Records
Release dateNovember 22, 2013
  1. Aurora Awaken 09:17
  2. Come the Moonlight, Come the Rain 05:14
  3. Lady Violet 06:54
  4. Beings Beyond Being 04:05
  5. A Murder of Angels 04:36
  6. Dogma Defiled 04:10
  7. Omega Omnipresent 06:33
  8. The Path I Cross 04:22
  9. Curtains Fall 06:59
Martin Čujec: Drums
Miha Jukič: Guitar
Tomaž Orač: Guitar
Janez Zega: Bass, Vocals
Nika Hribar: flute on 'Aurora Awaken'
Jovana Backović: vocals on 'Curtains Fall'

The group’s origins reach way back into 1995 when they were active as a trio under the name of Expulsion. Until their disbandment in 2005 they released two demo recordings and an album entitled ‘In These Glorious Epitaphs’. They reunited in a new line-up in 2009, this time as a four piece with a new name. Music-wise they continue to stick to the previously set guidelines, a sort of progressive mixture of doom and death metal with a hint of rock. 
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