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  1. Your site is awesome. I have just a handful of sites I visit daily but yours is at the top of the list. Thank you!

  2. Love your work, keep it up. Whom should I contact about including some releases on the page?

  3. I am DJ for Prog variety show Closer to the Edge and I would not be able to put together an awesome weekly show without your site. THANKS! JD www.ashevillefm.org/closer-to-the-edge

  4. Hi There


    We are Franklin Mint from Bristol in the UK and on June 1st we released our debut album "Scrage".

    We though as you are into some really unusual and inventive music you might like to check us our and perhaps let us know what you think or even add us to your site.

    Would be great to hear from you anyway. Biog and Links below.

    Dear World.

    Since inception two years ago Franklin Mint have engineered a new form of heavy alternative rock we like to call Prunk!

    It is a catalyst for the future of all modern rock music, falling between Melvins / Tool / Tomahawk / Killing Joke and erm Nick Cave... The songs all start out as individual random notes played using time signatures which are mathematically generated and implemented using semaphore.

    Bizarrely the resulting noise is something that you can sing along and dance too if your so inclined.

    The music is driven by a rhythm section ( Mark Toghill = Bass, Andrew Marshall = drums ) who had to play together for 20 years before they dared to get involved in such a project as Franklin Mint.

    The original drummer ( Al Ross) now plays guitars and keys, whilst sporting the bands best beard and produced / mixed the album.

    Vocals are courtesy of Nick Law ( not Cave or Cage) and his rich baritone bring tales of Pirates / Politics / Gothic Horror and trans-dimensional travel. He also does the artwork! You can see the Album art below in all it glory.

    You can listen to it here or on Spotify or anywhere else you normally use.



    Also below you will find a link to our first videos shark Vs Sheep and Narcissus as well as other useful links.


    Franklin Mint wrote and recorded the album all by themselves and will make it available to the universe on June 1st 2018. We are incredibly proud of it and hope you like it as well.

    Should you choose to enter our world - even for just a few moments your existence and understanding of music will change for ever.

    Lots of love.

    Nick , Al , Mark, Andrew.

    Franklin Mint

    Bristol 2018

    We don’t make plates.

    "SCRAGE" = Bristolian word meaning removal of skin - Typical use - " I have scraged me knee " after falling from your bicycle.






  5. Greetings! Thanks a bunch for having "Revelation" from "Opus Arise" 2 years ago, we have a new album called "Invisible Walls" up! If it's no trouble we'd love to have it showcased here, thanks! https://opusarise.bandcamp.com/

  6. New Prog Releases is easily the single most important website, of the dozens, if not hundreds on the web, for progressive rock. Thank you for all your efforts!

    1. Thank you for your comment, but without other sites where people post news, write reviews or collect and organize information in databases, this blog would be much less informative and interesting.

  7. Hi man! Guiarist of Chaos Over Cosmos here. We're prog heavy band and we just released our debut album (7th September). It's polish-spanish project, we didn't even met ;) It's mix of heavy and prog metal with power and ambient influences. Here is dowmload link for the album with mp3, artwork and band's info: https://mega.nz/#!ie5lmYhb!3Uzek176lZRU1hwTDx8YXhhxoq7CuToZ4R_biP5NEZg
    and here is album in Youtube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHVdr5uHAmXEuPc4coimjAp4n_2UGd90p
    Thanks for your time and I hope you will like it. All the best. Rafal

  8. Hi there,

    My name is Jen and I am a composer from Atlanta. My project is called Spurge and we have a new album out. Georgia Local Spotlight calls it "wildly free, experimental spirit and unabashed ambition." and Prog Sphere compares it to the great Frank Zappa. We've been featured in Bass Guitar Magazine and Bass Musicians Magazine. Give it a listen:



  9. Just a quick note to say that I find this list bloody useful.

  10. A new one from newspaperflyhunting: https://newspaperflyhunting.bandcamp.com/album/time-lost

    1. Thank you. Somehow I missed your comment. I will have a listen.

  11. I think that there is one vital bit of info missing from your listing i.e. language used by artist. When I see country of origin I also like to know if they sing in English or their native tongue. They are not good to me at all if it's not English. I hate listening to something that I cannot understand.

    1. One can quite confidently guess the language from the tracklist. If band sings in its native language, the tracklist is usually also in that language.

  12. I LOVE your site!
    Will you have the information on the new Clepsydra when it becomes available (such as track list, etc.)?
    Thank you!

  13. Howdy Richard here in Nanaimo BC Canada I do a prog radio show here on the local Campus radio station CHLY 101.7 fm. Just wanted to let you know a local group called Mr. Goshness just released their now album Beyond The Blue and thought you might like to review it. https://mrgoshness.bandcamp.com/?fbclid=IwAR34vIgh7vGLwNZ09i8H_Db6ZxfFJN3LIHEGkbc3og5zBegugsmSq18EUyY Thank you so much for your website.

  14. Hi Richard. Thank you for mentioning the band, I knew nothing about them. I don't write reviews, but I will add their album to this blog

    1. Thank you,I'll try to keep my eyes open for anymore Canadian prog bands for you.


  15. Album release: Maybe Dreamers by Dandelion Charm - 'accessible prog with just a hint of jazz'

    Album release date: 2nd November 2019 (digital and CD formats)

    Hi there,

    Please find info about the latest single from prog folk duo Dandelion Charm.

    Link to press release is here: https://darrensmusicpr.com/2019/09/13/album-release-maybe-dreamers-by-dandelion-charm-accessible-prog-with-just-a-hint-of-jazz/

    Do let me know if you would like downloads sending for review.

    Regards - Darren

  16. Hey NewProgRelease! I’m in charge of the French/American band Conscience and I wanted to thank you for your support to the « In The Solace Of Harm’s Way » album! And congrats for the great work here!!!

  17. Christian
    The C Sides

    LINKS don't work.... Just to let you know

  18. Hi, Would you be interested in uploading the new ulls record? It's a prog rock band from Barcelona. If so let me know and I can send you the files.


    You can get back to me at pare.huarg@gmail.com


  19. Hi There -

    You have Sons of Ra's first EP listed. We just released a new EP, Cognitive, Feb 1, 2020:

    https://smarturl.it/cognitive for streaming and purchase info.


  20. Also, great resource! Thanks so much for being such a wonderful archive, and including us!

  21. Hello, congrats on your blog, major info here. We are Terrapin, a band from Athens, Greece and have just put up our second album on Bandcamp. Physical release is to follow in October: https://terrapin3.bandcamp.com/releases

  22. Hello,

    Thanks a lot for your colossal work on your blog :D
    I saw you've mentioned M'Z‘s new album "L'autopsie du dogme" and thank you very much for that to, i'd like to add some informations and links :)

    It is a 55.55 minute long musical piece that goes through a number of aesthetics, from metal to jazz, from punk to EDM, from jungle to pop, from grunge to film music, from tonal to modal…
    This is a solo project but surrounded by my musical family also present on the recording.

    It was realized independently and completely self-produced.
    I'd like to give it some visibility, I thought you might be interested listening to it, you can find the links here:
    or here :

    This album strives to reflect on two axes in parallel:

    - The most obvious is the satire of the middle of the music industry in its entirety by trying not to spare anyone, at the dawn of its disappearance it seemed important to me to pay homage as to criticize what deserves it in this environment, see the beauty of these pioneers of cult movements and unfortunately well exploited by an industry which is artistic only the raw material which it exploits until its total extraction like any good industry in the wander of neoliberalism without counter- power.
    Tired of the vagaries and "weaknesses" of these artists that it attracts, the industry thinks it can reproduce the musical codes itself or even create new ones, (it has already succeeded in creating a whole bunch of labels) but it is clear that it is a very bad alchemy for those who love art but this black magic works perfectly for those who love gold and we know that the quality of the raw material has little of importance when you master the propaganda tools to dictate what the crowd should like.

    - It is also a way of creating a parallel of reflection between the death of God thanks to modern thinkers and which gradually wins minds in Western culture and what remains of these dogmas created in their honor to promote their control and domination over peoples.
    It would be crazy to think that it was enough to kill God to emancipate yourself from it, unfortunately beyond the figure of God, there are all the tentacular dogmas which subsist and which by their elegance, their fallacies, their manipulations or self-manipulations still know how to seduce and there is then the individual path that everyone can take so that finally God no longer occupies a single human heart.

    - There would also be a third axis and this one more personal, where each of these characters would be a part of my being, because it would obviously be too caricature and Manichean to think things in such a binary way, it seems to me that each of us can be an industry, a lot of dogma, a tyrant when we misuse the ingredients of which we are made.
    All are useful as long as you apply the right amount. I hope then that this album can act as a balance and that it will pay homage to both the machine and the dreamer and thereby prevent one of our voices from speaking louder than the others for a while.

    Enjoy your listening, I hope this sound can take you on a journey, at least it is made with a lot of passion and a real desire to put meaning and soul into it.

    Mathieu TORRES

    1. Hello Mathieu,
      I've just put it into the list of 2020 releases. I will make a post with all the information and links soon.

  23. https://hibernal.bandcamp.com/album/relic

    1. Also https://hibernal.bandcamp.com/album/beyond

    2. I found both albums to be more of a radioplay type. It seems that on his earlier albums there was more music than narration. Now it looks like vice versa.

  24. This site is soooooo useful! Many thanks for all efforts in putting it together and keeping it updates. I'm on here several times a week checking out the new releases since my last visit. One thing would be nice though: would it be possible to change the colour scheme of the lists on the right hand side to make it easier to see which links have already been visited? Currently the green (unvisited) and the light grey (visited) are VERY similar and hard to distinguish from each other. Thanks again!

    1. Wow, no sooner said than done! That works well for me, many thanks :)

  25. Could you please add Discipline.'s Unfolded Like Staircase Remix/Remaster to your site for Feb 1st? Thanks

    See Kickstarter



  26. Oh and you can add this down for today


  27. Plini's new album "Impulse Voices" was recently announced, info here: https://plini.bandcamp.com/album/impulse-voices

  28. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard's new album "K.G." was recently announced for release November 20, 2020. Info here:
    https://kinggizzardandthelizardwizard.com/ (US and UK/EU releases are self-released, just distributed by the listed companies)
    https://au.gizzverse.com/products/k-g (track lengths here)
    Haven't been able to find personnel info yet.

    1. Several days ago I listened to the tracks from this album, and I don't feel it fits here

  29. Hello, have you seen that on the 22nd October we've released our second album's Limited Edition Remix? :)
    Can you add this to your blog? :)
    Thank you,


    1. Hello, thank you for the heads up. However I add only new albums. No reissues, remixes, remasters etc.

  30. Just want to thank you for this site. Always a helpful resource to stay up to date with new prog releases :)

  31. Liquid Tension is releasing a new album in March:

  32. Hi friend!! Congratulations for your hard and perfect work here! how do you find out about the cd releases?

  33. Our indie prog band Infinitome just released its debut album "Voyage Home" on Feb 24, 2021. It's a sci-fi concept album that is instrumental except the first song. It has symphonic, metal, jazz, blues, and even musical theater elements, with a classic 70s prog sound. People have described the sound as Kansas meets Camel meets Styx.

    Our website is www.infinitome.com. You can also find the album at https://infinitome.hearnow.com/ and https://infinitome.bandcamp.com/releases. We'd love for you to check it out and post it! Thanks!

  34. Hi there, my name is David and I'm an Irish producer and songwriter based in West Cork. I'm incredibly excited to announce that my debut album, Welcome To Virology, is coming out on April 17th 2021. I'm currently seeking reviews for the album ahead of the launch date.

    I have pasted a link to the album below.

    I hope you enjoy the music!