Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chalcedony "Chapter II"

Country: UK
Sub GenreSymphonic
LabelRusalka Records
FormatCD, digital
Release dateAugust 4, 2011
1. Truth Be Told (9:03)
2. Regyne (11:02)
3. India (4:48)
4. Blood From Stone (5:47)
5. The Angel (5:24)
6. Pandora's Box (4:12)
7. Wrong Again (6:02)
8. Pulse (2:59)
9. Mechanical Wind (10:37)
10. Final Love (17:56)

Chalcedony - Vocals, drums, pianos, keyboards, cello, flute, bass
Chris Wilson - Guitars

...Chalcedony adds a note or at least a sound in every nanosecond of the album, so when I later found that the album concept was based in agoraphobia, it was obvious that the young musician was successful in transmitting the message even without words, something very few artists can achieve.
Chapter II is opened with the impressive Truth be Told, a powerful song that has everything a Prog listener asks for, lush keyboards, great drumming, radical changes and excellent vocals. It's hard to describe and compare with any other band because it's ever changing, but to be honest, reminds me a bit of the dark mysterious sound of Genesis with the complexity of King Crimson plus a good dose of drama, brilliant opener.
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