Friday, November 30, 2012

Ukandanz "Yetchalal"

Country: Ethiopia
Sub GenreJazz-Rock, Fusion
LabelBuda Musique
Release dateNovember 30, 2012
01 Addis Abèba Bété 5:22
02 Bèlomi Bènna 3:09
03 Wub Nat 4:48
04 Tezalègn Yètentu 3:24
05 Sèmennawèrq 2:06
06 Etu Gèla 3:37
07 La Chamelle 2:56
08 Mèdinana Zèléssègna 6:20
09 Aykèdashem Lebé 6:11
10 Sènaderé 5:29
11 Datsun Sèfèr 1:41
12 Mèla Mèla 3:46
13 Mic-Mac A Mèqèlè 4:39
14 Bati / Zènèbèwèrq 5:39
15 Sema 4:22

Asnaké Gèbrèyès (vocals)
Damien Cluzel (guitar and baritone guitar)
Lionel Martin (tenor saxophone)
Fred Escoffier (keyboards)
Guilhem Meier (drums)

Their music is inspired by traditional and popular Ethiopian songs. uKanDanZ has a real crunch energy. Between rock, jazz, noise... With impertinence, they rock it wildly. Without compromise. 
Bandcamp (7-track vinyl edition)

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Batisfera "Solar Wind - The Inner Circle"

Country: Russia
Sub GenreSymphonic
Label: MALS
Release date: November, 2012
01. The Sun You're My Son - 13:58
02. Transition A - 02:17
03. Mercury Who I Am - 09:08
04. Transiiton B - 00:50
05. Venus Brought You Roses Every Sunday - 11:13
06. Transition C - 03:28
07. Earth I'm Walking - 13:16
08. Transition D - 02:13
09. Mars Four Years Since - 12:15
10. Transition E - 00:54
11. Phaeton Don't Touch Me ! - 10:22

Oleg Anurin - Keys, Vocal, Flute
Michael Zonov - Guitars
Vladimir Kislyakov - Bass
Michael Heifets - Drums

A debut full-length album by Moscow-based Batisfera (Bathysphere). Batisfera play complex symphonic prog in the classic style featuring keyboards, flute, and electric & 12-string guitars. The music is an amalgam of Yes (especially Topographic Oceans), Genesis, Camel, Grobschnitt, and a dozen other prog bands. It is sophisticated, constantly changing and evolving. Occasionally it’s heavier than the bands mentioned but remains in a 1970s style. It’s fortunate the album is as instrumental as it is, as the vocals (which are in English) have yet to catch up to the skill level of the instrumentalists. Still, the album is so full of symphonic goodies, it’ll keep your brain releasing endorphins for a good while. The album is a conceptual work, supported by a beautiful 28-page booklet in English. (kinesis)
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6 tracks  and decription in Russian at label's web page
entire album at progstreaming.com

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Corvus Stone "Corvus Stone"

Country: Multinational
Sub GenreMultigenre
LabelMelodic Revolution Records
Release date: November 29, 2012

1. The Curtain Rises (1:32)
2. October Sad Song (4:58)
3. Highway to Emptiness (2:28)
4. Ice King (3:11)
5. I'll Leave It All Behind (3:36)
6. Corvus Stone (8:20)
7. Moron Season (3:27)
8. Horizon (1:51)
9. Intermission (0:41)
10. Moustaches in Massachusetts (4:17)
11. Pilgrims (5:17)
12. JussiPussi (2:45)
13. Iron Pillows (5:17)
14. After Solstice (4:05)
15. The Rusty Wolff Attack (2:34)
16. Lost and Found (2:15)
17. Scary Movie (4:22)
18. Cinema (10:50)
19. You're So Wrong (3:52)
20. Ice King (3:10)
21. Ten Inch Lisa (0:31)


•      Colin Tench (BunChakeze, Road to Avalon & Colin Tench Project) guitar
•      Petri Lemmy Lindström (Progeland, Saturn Twilight, ex-Lyijykomppania) bass
•      Pasi Koivu (Pasi Koivu ~ Psychedelic Eye) keyboards
•      Robert Wolff (ex Raven and Micah) Drums
 Featuring guest performances by:
•      Blake Carpenter (Road to Avalon, Minstrel's Ghost) vocals
•      John Culley (Black Widow, Odin) guitar

"As it is, Corvus Stone debut album is a marathon collection of bits and pieces of which some will intrigue, some will not and quite a few will be somewhere in between. A promising but uneven first chapter in the history of a band that those who know more about it will always associate with Facebook. An album I suspect should find favour amongst fans of melodic progressive rock of the Floydian kind, especially if they also tend to like improvisational material of the instrumental variety."
" So what's it sound like, you ask? Well, consider the tags on the MR Records website, where you can hear the album in its entirety. Progressive Rock; Classic Rock; Avant Garde; Camel; Floyd; Crimson; and European Porn Music (!!) are all mentioned, but every influence is already deeply ingrained in the music instead of cosmetically applied on top. The artwork suggests a Heavy Metal experience, which is hardly the case. And guitarist Colin Tench describes the music (with disarming self-deprecation) as "funky '70s to heavy weird to Floyd to stupid and back again", which only covers about half the stylistic cues."
"Generally the music here is very 1970s inspired; sounds like '70s style music recorded on modern equipment. At times the music is reminiscent of Camel, Floyd and Steve Hackett solo."
"Don't expect the particularly complex music but they surely know how to rock, including references from different genres, including Psychedelia, Classic Rock, Blues, Symphonic and even some ethnic touches from different regions, all blended with great taste and skills in a Prog package."
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chris Buck "3 Crows"

Country: USA
Sub GenreJazz Rock/Fusion
Release date: November 29, 2012
1. Hica (Here It Comes Again) 5:53
2. Dunia Duara 5:33
3. Little Boy and Fat Man 5:44
4. Curse You Val Kilmer 4:38
5. 3 Crows 3:30
6. Andius Maximus 4:18
7. Pathway 7:35
8. Last Call 5:08

Chris Buck…Bass and vocal
Brett Garsed… Guitar
Virgil Donati….Drums
George Whitty….keys and mixing
Chris Taylor…Guitar, keys and sound design
Andy Kodiwein…Guitar
       special guests:
Marco Minnemann and Otmaro Ruiz

The compositions are a modern hybrid of Jazz, Rock, Fusion and Sound Design with intricate and detailed mixes created by renowned keyboardist "George Whitty" who also plays blistering solos on many of the songs. The album is truly a musical journey, with only one traditional vocal song "Pathway", which like the other compositions contains multiple key and time signatures and soundscapes created by Chris Taylor, who did all of the remix editing and sound design. The music is intense and etherial with absolutely extreme ensemble and solo sections. Making a guest appearance and playing a Rhodes solo on the song "Little Boy and Fat Man" is Otmaro Ruiz. And as a very special addition, Marco Minnemann displays alien drum chops on the song "Andius Maximus" and lends a world music vibe to the outro "Last Call" a fretless bass ballad composed by Chris Taylor.
3 Crows
Little Boy and Fat Man

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Kerygmatic Project "Greek Stars Gallery"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreSymphonic
Label: Self-released
Release date: November 29, 2012
  1. Greek Stars Gallery 6:56
  2. Perpetual Motion 2:03
  3. There’s no ground for complain 7:48
  4. Beautiful you tonight (dedicated to…) 7:42
  5. Starlight 4:59
  6. Stars and Angels (The city of love) 6:16
  7. The Tiger paper’s great parade 4:28
  8. Where the bell tolls again 4:16
  9. The Academy 8:05
  10. The landscape of mind 4:12
Marco Campagnolo - keyboards
Danilo Nobili - drums, percussion
Samuele Tadini - bass, vocals

New album by this Italian prog band whose music recreates the evocative atmospheres of English prog rock of 70s.  If their first work denoted a strong influence of  Emerson Lake and Palmer, especially due to the extensive use of keybords, their second album reminds Genesis and Yes. In spite of these evident influences, Greek Stars Gallery is a convincing album as it contains some personal and innovative elements. Intense tracks which witness the talent of a new promising band on the Italian prog scene. (Justforkicks)
The Academy (live)
Starlight (live)

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Sidony Box "Rules"

Country: France
Sub GenreJazz-Rock/Fusion, Avant Prog
Label7th Records/Ex-Tension
Release date: November 29, 2012
  1. Rules
  2. Girafe
  3. Nocturnum
  4. Dark Wizard
  5. Electric Love
  6. Salsa
  7. Gotham
  8. Block Party
  9. Ambre
Manu Adnot - guitarsArthur Narcy - drums
Elie Dalibert - alto sax

Sidony Box is back on stage with a luminous and heavenly third album recorded by Venux Deluxe, well known for his work with legends such as Magma and Gong, taking the sound of the ensemble to a new plateau in sonic expression. This album installs the power jazz trio in the tradition of its illustrious elders, while keeping the devastating energy that made the initial force of the band.

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Velvet Symphony "Counter Clockwiser"

Country: USA
Sub Genreinstrumental, Art Rock, Space Rock
Release dateNovember 29, 2012
1.Exit 03:10
2.Surface 03:03
3.Horizon 04:32
4.Clock It 04:40
5.Broken Window 04:02
6.Going To Jupiter 02:17
7.Labyrinth 03:44
8.Atmospheric Pressure 04:18
9.Cloud Parade 04:41
10.Metal Circus 06:40

Ed Melendez - keyboards, piano, synth
Walter Taylor - bass
Alexander Moss - lead guitar
Nicolas James - rhythm guitar
Dean Vincent - acoustic guitar
Nancy Michaels - hand bells
Madeleine Grace - strings
Todd Harrison - drums, percussion

Beginning with “Exit,” Velvet Symphony instantly establishes a hard and driving sound through Taylor’s bass playing.  Built on top of this is an increasingly complex layering of keyboards.  The production from Melendez is strong enough to where the listener can easily pick up on the different parts being played and hear how they all blend together.  The meat of the song however is in Moss’ lead playing.  On this track in particular he’s a bit reminiscent of Greg Lake from ELP with solos that show a great deal of finesse and an intensity that builds up to the closing.
That intensity shows itself throughout most of the album but it’s when Moss plays with a more controlled intensity that he’s at his best.  One such example of this is on “Horizon,” where, he adopts a style and tone that is more akin to Genesis live guitarist, Daryl Stuermer.  The playing isn’t as frenetic but each note rings out with a more restrained punch.  This allows for other sounds to come through more strongly such as Taylor’s bass work as well as the atmospheric bells that Michaels brings in late to the song.
Read the full review by Heath Andrews


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Inner Light Orchestra "Pearl Moon"

Country: Finland
Sub GenreProg Folk, Jazz-Rock, Retro Prog
LabelAstral Travel Agency
Release date: November 28, 2012
1 Boogie Night 9:18
2 Winds of Oya 7:10
3 Lamentation of Ancestress 9:17
4 Summer Days, Summer Nights 12:46
5 Domestic Spirits 11:30

Heikki Puska, Samuel Leminen - guitars
Kimmo Dammert - bass
Ville Väätäinen - drums
Antti Lauronen - flute, ney, saxophone
Janina Lehto - flute(track 5)
Jukka - organ –  Gustavson (track 3)
Jenni Sademies - saw  (track 2)

Inner Light Orchestra is a super cool gathering of members of the progressive and psychedelic rock world in Helsinki with members of Uzma, Hidria Spacefolk, Wasami, etc..  The CD has been a long time in the making but has finally been completed and released. It is 5 long tracks (50mins) that will take you right back to the early 70s vibe of the great Finnish acts, Wigwam, Elonkorjuu, and Tasavallan Presidentti. Boogie Night starts with a reggae like guitar riff but then quickly changes and does not look back with the saxophone coming in and a more complex theme is repeated over and over while each person takes some solos. Cool and complex stuff. Winds of Oyá is the shortest track at 7 mins and features some really nice guitars from Samuel on the left channel and Heikki on the right trading back and forth. Kimmo lays down the grooving bass and Ville the drums. Jenni plays some saw on this track and Antti the sax. Lamentation of Ancestress features Jukka on the Hammond organ in a really cool progressive jazz rock workout. Summer Days, Summer Nights has a nice rhythm guitar followed by another with a wah effect that is mirrored by the sax in a very cool way. Very melodic, happy music for around the fire on a Finnish summer evening. The smooth bass line is just fantastic, in fact, Kimmo, really drives the music throughout the CD in a very cool way. This develops into a fantastic jam at the end with some great guitar solos and sax. Probably the most psychedelic track on the CD. Domestic Spirts closes out the CD. It starts with some acoustic guitars and flutes as it slowly builds up. This one also turns into a cool jam as well but with flute instead of sax and both guitar players doing solos S(Samuel left, heikka right channel).

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mantric Muse "Mantric Muse"

Country: Denmark
Sub Genre: Instrumental Psychedelic, Space Rock
LabelTransubstans Records
Release dateNovember 28, 2012
1. Nanoid (7:28)
2. Sindbad Søfareren (7:52)
3. Cinope (7:42)
4. Sfunx (10:27)
5. Azur (7:24)
6. Gnoxience (4:34)
7. Deep Sea Cheops (10:19)

Magnus Hannibal: guitar, synth
Ola Eriksson: synth, samples, keys
Søren Hvilsby: drums
Michael Kroglund: bass

All the songs on the CD are made from a large catalogue of jams, which have been mapped, dissected and then re-created into parts. The different parts have afterwards been rearranged towards whole songs. Hereby, the base and the structures of the songs avoid most formal rules and fixed concepts (except the overall concept of organizing jams). The band tries to maintain the special freshness - the here and now - of the jams in the songs, so listeners can sense the present vibe of the original jams in the songs. Normally Mantric Muse describes their music as music for neural travelling, and potentially the songs, which are all instrumental and also quite long, crafts a short break from the everyday life. 

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Kracked Earth "Splash"

Country: Multinational
Sub GenreProg-pop
Label: Melodic Revolution Records
Release date: November 27, 2012
  1. Heaven's Gate - 4:35
  2. Can't Live Without You - 4:19
  3. Strange Desire - 3:34
  4. Coming Up For Air - 4:25
  5. Into The Vortex Harvest - 6:06
  6. Onwards Upwards - 3:56
  7. Run - 5:09
  8. Unconditional - 3:38
  9. Footsteps In The Snow - 4:03
  10. Never Walk Away - 4:33
  11. Freakshow - 4:11
  12. These Days - 4:27
  13. The Promise - 6:29
  14. Simple Man (2012 REMIX) - 4:30

Tim Lynk: Vocals and Recorders.
Andy Kinch: Mellotron. Moog, Nord and Roland synthesizers. Acoustic guitar.
Doug Scarratt: Electric and Acoustic guitars.
Simon Dennis: Bass.
Elyan Fernova: Drums.
Mark Millin: Percussion.

Special Guests:
Don Schiff (Elvis, Lana Lane): NS Stick Bass.
Butch Thomas (Sting, Elton John): Soprano Sax.
Troy Donockley (Mandalaband, Nightwish): Pipes & Whistles.
Artwork by Ed Unitsky

From the opening string laden intro on: "Heaven's Gate" to the concluding 2012 'Remix' of: "Simple Man", this whole album of Kinch written songs and lyrics which vary in style and tempo but deliver that long-lost classic repertoire of thoughtful lyrics, driving rockers, instrumental solos and ballads that this writer hasn't even wanted to listen to for a very long time. But he does now! This is one of those albums that needs must be heard.

At over an hours length there really are some great songs on here. Andy has stated that "Strange Desire" was written just after the death of Kelly Groucutt and besides being ELOesque, it would have suited Kelly's vocal talents. Some of the tracks could be Whitesnake yet some could be John Farnham, such is the range of the compositions on here. The thumping rock of: "Run" grabs your attention while the Celtic-tinged: "The Promise" and the beautiful: "Simple Man" are sublime and very much in that 'chill-out' zone. "Into The Vortex/Harvest" enters into the Pink Floyd and progressive rock arena whilst: "Onwards Upwards" and "Freak Show" could be defined as soul and: "Footsteps In The Snow" is just plain marvellous to the ear. This album should satisfy every kind of music lover, ELO anorak or not!
Read the whole review at elobeatlesforever.blogspot.co.uk


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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Murky Red ''Time Doesn't Matter”

Country: Belgium
Sub GenreProgressive Rock, Hard Rock
LabelMelodic Revolution Records
Release dateNovember 27, 2012
1. I Came a Long Way 5:34
2. On New Year's Day 4:06
3. Galadriel 5:47
4. Cold Outside 7:27
5. I Give You My Soul 3:21
6. Saturn 5:20
7. Last Chance Hotel 4:12
8. Willow Tree 3:32
9. Boots for Hire 5:47
10. Heal My Bleeding Heart 4:56
11. Black Beast Rising 5:10

Stef Flaming: Vocals & Guitars
Patrick Dujardin: Guitars
Tom Kockelmans: Bass
Yolanda Flaming: Keys
Joery Masson: Drums
Marie Vancamp: Backing Vocals

Music wise they comes across as a power trio. To my knowledge, they are not that. But the comparissons with Rush is obvious. Add a lot of krautrock and blues too into the mix. Strangely enough, there are some Adrian Smith-Dave Murray like solos here too. Murky Red has fused in Iron Maiden into their sound. That and King Crimson too. Not to mention Camel too. It is difficult to pinpoint this band. Murky Red is pretty much out on their own, somewhere near the krautrock scene.
Read the whole review at thesoundoffightingcats.blogspot.com

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Immanent "In Acedia"

Country: France
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Release date: November 27, 2012
1. Dreams I Hoped Were Gone 07:40
2. Seclusion 08:10
3. The Day we Renounced Them 06:59
4. The Demon of Acedia 08:22

Anastasiya Malakhova – Vocals, Piano
Nicolas Geneste – Guitars
Gwénaël Esteve – Bass Guitar
Anthony Besnard – Drums

Immanent is a female-fronted progressive metal band. The quartet's music is an intelligent mixture of powerful technical structures coupled with a taste for musical freedom, inside a world of bittersweet melancholia. Immanent, while being a real heavy metal band, retains a classy side rooted in literature and passionate musicianship.  


Myth of Progress "Myth of Progress"

Country: USA
Sub GenreInstrumental Psychedelic, Post Rock, Jazz Rock/Fusion
Release date: November 27, 2012
  1. Scourge of the Yankee Bankers - 7:12
  2. Mother Chaos - 5:36
  3. Jumar Jam - 5:36
  4. Mellow Duppies - 3:38
  5. Let It Go - 4:27
  6. Horizon - 4:04
  7. Hopalong Horus - 6:42
  8. Contradictators - 6:09
  9. Wave Harmonics - 5:49
  10. Laughing Buddha 10:05
  11. This 'n That - 7:07
  12. Hexagram 23 - 5:00
  13. Interstellar Spores - 5:00
Jules Nickel
Chris Martin
Andrew Croeni

Musically intense and relentless, Myth of Progress is meant to invoke the essence of why people start playing music in the first place, keeping it fun, exciting, and at times unpredictable where a song might go next. Using a song's arrangement and main theme as a launching point, it's like an adventure in the possibilities of sound, exploring the varying rhythms that can be found within a groove and the multiple melodies that can be drawn from a given chord progression. Stylistically covering a range across the psychedelic/progressive/post-rock/jam-band genres, drawing influence from both modern and older acts, underlying the sound you might hear elements of funk, dub reggae, latin, jazz, and world music, but it all falls nicely under a guitar driven heavy rock. An edgy and intense sound driven by pure emotion, the music is also inspired by the amazing land of the Pacific Northwest. With the willingness to explore musical territory not commonly heard, while never compromising the overall sound for the sake of "commercial viability", Myth of Progress is committed to creating some truly innovative modern instrumental rock.
Also read the review by RJ Frometa at ventsmagazine.com

Entire album online at band's web page

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Dave Brock "Looking For Love In The Lost Land Of Dreams"

Country: UK
Sub GenreSpace Rock, Psychedelic, Ambient
LabelEsoteric Antenna
Release date: November 26, 2012
  1. World of Ferment
  2. A Lover's Whim
  3. That Day In December
  4. Higher Plane
  5. Lazy Days
  6. What Do You THink You Are?
  7. Sunrise Drive
  8. We Took The Wrong Step
  9. The Chief
  10. It's Never Too Late
  11. Opaque
  12. Dreams
  13. The Kiss
  14. Ecstasy
  15. Menace To Society
  16. Goodnight
David Brock
Richard Chadwick:  drums
Jason Stuart:  keyboards

"Looking for Love in the Lost Land of Dreams” is arguably the finest solo collection ever recorded by Dave Brock. Created over a five-year period, Dave explains; "It’s an album that was created using different recording techniques. It’s a collection of recordings that capture those magic moments that one tries to achieve in the studio”.
Featuring appearances by Hawkwind drummer Richard Chadwick and the late Jason Stuart, the album is a fine gathering of material that encompasses Space Rock, Ambient and Psychedelic styles that are the hallmark of Brock’s solo work and his work with Hawkwind.
Web page (Hawkwind )
Facebook (Hawkwind )

Hawkwind Light Orchestra "Stellar Variations"

Country: UK
Sub GenreSpace Rock
LabelEsoteric Antenna
Release date: November 26, 2012

1. Stellar Variations
2. All Our Dreams
3. Damp Day In August
4. It's All Lies
5. Variation 3
6. Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad
7. In The Footsteps Of The Great One
8. A Song From A New Age
9. We Serve Mankind
10. Cities Of Rust
11. Instant Predictions

Dave Brock - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Nial Hone - guitar, bass guitar, keyboards
Richard Chadwick - drums, vocals

The album "Stellar Variations” showcases Hawkwind founding member Dave Brock, long serving stalwart Richard Chadwick and sharp, bright blade Niall Hone’s collection of music forged as a by-product of the tyranny of distance.
The material features typical Hawkwind themes of otherworldly splendour and strange, glistening, aural landscapes. There are futuristic prophecies, animalistic war chants, stellar peace hymns and an ongoing self-referential opera. "Stellar Variations” is the sound of three music-nauts firing on all cylinders and is an essential album in the Hawkwind canon.
Web page (Hawkwind )
Facebook (Hawkwind )
ProgArchives (Hawkwind )

Glenn Thomson "Spidercraft U.F.O."

Country: Australia / France
Sub GenreElectronica, Jazz-Rock/Fusion
Label: Musea
Release date: November 26, 2012
1 - Undone (4'01)
2 - Paper And Dew (3'44)
3 - Spidecraft U.F.O. (5'45)
4 - Maidstone Shore (3'51)
5 - Colossal (4'11)
6 - Très Jolie (4'16)
7 - Nature And Need (4'11)
8 - Rock Flower Scissor Kick (3'48)
9 - The Glow (4'38)
10 - Poetry (3'51)
11 - Colours (4'43)

Glenn Thomson - all instruments and vocals

A soaring, cinematic journey with an eclectic and powerful mix of progressive rock, electronica, jazz fusion and symphonic rock. Thomson's compositional style draws heavily on his exploration of reflexive, unconscious processes which lead to unexpected and provocative musical and lyrical juxtapositions. 

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Resonaxis "Hymnarium"

Country: Australia
Sub GenreGothic, Eclectic
Release dateNovember, 2012
1. Monsignor Loss (4:47)
2. Hymn 8 (4:00)
3. Wachet Auf (4:07)
4. Deathdamp Allemande (3:50)
5. Circles (3:24)
6. Hymn 2 (4:40)
7. Mysterium (5:06)
8. Chorus Angelorum (3:26)
9. Dustward (4:25)
10. Akasha (4:55)

Brooke Shelley (vocals)
David Drury (pipe organ, vocals)
Matt Roberts (drums)
Richard Hundy (guitars)
Adam Bodkin (bass)

Australian band with female vocalist, mixing symphonic rock, gothic, classical music & prog with a slight touch of darkwave, with an important role for the church organ.
"Resonaxis creates Gothic rock but of a kind that it is difficult to compare with other bands in the genre and that is good. Central in their sound is the beautiful medieval-sounding voice of singer Brooke Shelley and the pipe organ of David Drury, a respected church organist. The peculiarity of the group is that guitarist Richard Hundy sometimes produces a metal-like sound but the way the guitar is mixed in the music -namely not particularly on the foreground, which is normally quite standard in Gothic metal-, is very special. All compositions Hymnarium are of great class. Monsignor Loss opens the CD with a beautiful chord of Drury, after which the band falls in. The central theme of this track is truly outstanding. Beautiful classical guitar sounds introduce Hymn 8 where Shelley and Drury sing together in a medieval way. The organ again plays a major role in Wachet Auf. In my opinion, one of the highlights of the CD is Deathdamp Allemande that has a great chorus. But also the fantastic lingering Hymn 2 comes close. Drury plays a wonderful solo here. Also Dust Ward is again a great song: Shelley's voice has traces of that of the famous German singer Sigrid Hausen who plays in bands like Estampie, Qntal and Andaluz Project. Hundy can be heard here in an excellent electric guitar solo. In the last piece Akasha we hear his guitar effects over which Shelley sings. This creates a fantastic atmosphere."
©2012, Paul Rijkens, Dutch progressive rock magazine iO Pages​

Wachet Auf

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Dore Mear Beon "Dore Mear Beon" (EP)

Country: Canada
Sub Genre: Instrumental Math Rock
Release dateNovember 25, 2012
1. Bimbos, Bozos, and Buffons 04:35
2. At first, I thought it was an ocean but then realized it was only a puddle. 04:35
3. And what do we say to death? 03:38
4. Oh, I’m not a slave. I’m a volunteer. 04:58
5. Is the world even supposed to make sense? 06:40

Andrew Sagriff  - all instruments

It really doesn’t take a genius to figure out… [ Dore Mear Beon EP ] are comparatively and competitively [ Tarentel ] and [ Tortoise ]. There are orchestral-like built, the EP is also not charmingly flourished with vocals or scratchy distortion. Yes occasional lyrics can be heard but in general [ Dore Mear Beon EP ] is simply your typical guitar, bass, drums and “maybe” a little keyboard in between or am I hearing extra as usual. Bottom line the EP heavily emphasis on complex guitar notes. I have to admit that these 25 minutes of music is so entertaining that you can barely see or feel the time pass by. All movements does release a nice the tension an amazing build-up between subtle and complex tones. Math-rock fans… go get this one. (thesirenssound.com)
Bandcamp (name your price)


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Neodyme "Le Guetteur"

Country: Canada
Sub GenreJazz Rock/Fusion, Hard Rock, Progressive Metal
Release date: November 24, 2012
01 Le Guetteur  7 :37
02 M. Fraunky  4 :50
03 L'Ouverture de la Brèche  8 :27
04 Sous Prescription  8 :44
05 Tourbillon Hongrois  5 :28
06 Espace Libre  6 :31
07 Rhododendron en Pantoufles  4 :59
08 Grimoire  7 :11
09 Soubresaut du Temps  6 :40
10 L'Évasion  7 :36

Mathieu Boucher: Bass, trumpet, recorder and vocals
Alexandre Champagne: Guitars, recorder and vocals
Daniel Giguère: Drums, percussions, glockenspiel and vocals
Maryse Pepin : Piano, keyboards, traverse flute and vocals

A progressive journey into a realm of its own, where funk meets metal, rock, jazz enhanced with moods and atmospheres. Strong rhythm section setting the pace for guitars, pianos and keyboards, all to the service of the music.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cosmos Dream "How To Reach Infinity"

Country: France
Sub GenreSymphonic, Ambient
Label: Musea
Release date: November 24, 2012

1 - Awakening Of The Collective Unconscious (6'09)
2 - Fear And War (I. Part One) (2'27)
3 - Ideological Train (1'22)
4 - Fear And War (II. Part Two) (4'49)
5 - Retroactive Nostalgia (4'25)
6 - The Window Of Hope (4'21)
7 - Eternal Recurrence (5'15)
8 - Fear And War (III. Part Three) (6'19)
9 - Homeless (5'25)
10 - Final Departure (2'57)
11 - Uncounscious Of The Collective Awakening (4'44)
12 - And If (2'19)
13 - Never Back (7'42)
14 - Away (6'14)
15 - Beyond Eris (8'21)
16 - I Can See Andromeda (4'23)
17 - Orion Arm (8'12)
18 - The Pillars Of Creation (I. Part One) (3'17)
19 - The Pillars Of Creation (II. Part Two) (7'45)
20 - The Pillars Of Creation (III. Part Three) (6'11)
21 - Inside My Little World (2'56)

Charles Roman - all instruments and vocals

After a first album out in 2008, which was exploring the theme of hope in the totalitarian regime painted by Georges Orwell in his famous novel "1984" (Hope of dream) Cosmos Dream, the project of Charles Roman  on of Jacques Roman  Pulsar), is introducing his second realization. How to reach infinity, is a double album published for the first time by teh Musea Parallèle label. It is a philosophical quest about the human civilization, the place of Man and the transcendence. The thematic evolution finds its reflection in the musical evolution of the album, which moves slowly from Progressive rock inspired by Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and Pulsar o ambient music in a style cherished by Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins or Vangelis. Charles Roman   the only singer, songwriter and author of Cosmos Dream, is realizing here a well built and accomplished album, which marks the start of his recognition for his ambient Progressive rock project.
Fear and War Pt. II

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Mythos "Surround Sound Evolution"

Country: Germany
Sub GenreSpace Rock, Krautrock
LabelSireena Records
Release date: November, 2012 (Germany)January 15, 2013 (USA), January 21, 2013 (UK),
  1. Surround Sound Passion 4:15
  2. Roots and Rocks 5:30
  3. Mythosiaka 4:50
  4. Heart of the Action 4:51
  5. Jinba Ittai 7:17
  6. Perpetuum Mythos 5:24
  7. FilterSequenceWahFlute 8:31
  8. Free Panda! (Part 1) 3:18
  9. Free Panda! (Part 2) 6:51
10. MythoSpace 8:48
11. Das Zeitgeheimnis (Part 3) 5:34
12. Fukushima Sea Live 8:20

Stephan Kaske (Synthetizer Moog, Arp, Roland, Korg, sequencer, flute, Mellotron, guitar, electronic percussion, Vocoder and vocals)

Only master on board of a musical adventure molded in the excesses of his fantasias, Mythos tells us his musical tales with a sound wealth that honours his mythical reputation. Surfing on the fragrances of Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, Stephan Kaske presents 12 musical structures which boil in a parallelism as rhythmic as harmonious among which fine variances and subtleties are in the heart of the charms of “Surround Sound Evolution”; a powerful album that will espouse all your sound whims and beyond...
Read the whole review by Sylvain Lupari at synthsequences.blogspot.com
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Arrow Haze "Music Factory"

Country: Belgium
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Release dateNovember 23, 2012
 1. Casino 5:57
  2. Memories 4:03
  3. Visions 3:58
  4. Dreams 4:11
  5. Lost 3:24
  6. Perfectly Ordinary 3:48
  7. Confirm the Message 3:33
  8. Along the Way 4:42
  9. Elly Kedward 3:58
10. Music Factory 3:11
11. Stranger Tides 5:48
12. Routine 4:37
13. Crisis 5:10

Timo Somers - guitar & vocals
Theo Green - drums & vocals
Barend Courbois - bass
Derek Sherinian - keyboards

Arrow Haze brings that classic style into the new era with shades of Rush, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Beatles, U2, and even a touch of Iron Maiden at times.  
 Read the full review by at thecirclepit.com


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Hokr "Zahřáté brzdy optimismu"

Country: Czechia
Sub GenreArt Rock, Alternative
LabelEars & Wind Records
Release date: November 23, 2012
1  Trivializér Nefungoval Přesně 7:17
2  Korpulentní Dáma  8:17
3  Tichošlápci 5:00
4  Něco O Ničem 5:08
5  Manipulativní Syndrom 8:27
6  Šamanovo Prohlédnutí 5:34
7  Klauni 11:00

Vladimír Liška: lead vocals, percussions
Pavel Čermák - keyboards, vocals, percussions
Honza Škopek - bass
Richard Slach - tenor sax
Franta Jakeš - drums

Monika Roscher Bigband "Failure in Wonderland"

Country: Germany
Sub GenreJazz-Rock/Fusion, Electronica
LabelEnja Records
Release dateNovember 23, 2012
1.Failure in Wonderland 07:24
2.Future 3 05:26
3.Irrlicht 08:20
4.Wüste 10:29
5.Die Parade 06:40
6.Human Machines 03:23
7.Schnee aus Venedig 08:57
8.When I Fall in Love 09:16
9.Nacht 03:37

Monika Roscher - guitars, vocals
Felix Jechlinger, Johannes Schneider, Andreas Unterreiner, Matthias Lindermayr, Julian Schunter, Jan Kiesewetter, Jasmin Gundermann, Michael Schreiber, Heiko Giering, Peter Palmer, Roman Sladek, Max Weber, Jakob Grimm, Josef Ressle, Ferdinand Roscher, Silvan Strauss, Leonhard Kuhn

German guitarist, singer, writer and arranger Monika Roscher leads her own Big Band (of course it’s called Monika Roscher Bigband) and does some incredibly unique music on her first album “Failure in Wonderland”, which is out on the famous german jazzlabel enja. It’s some kind of modern Big Band Jazz and it’s experimental indie pop, mixed with electronic beats, a lush singing voice and incredibly furious guitar solos.

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Hidden Lands "In Our Nature"

Country: Sweden
Subgenre: Symphonic
Label: Progress Records (PRCD 051)
Release date: November 23, 2012
1 In my nature 8:54
2 Láncien régime 6:12
3 The road to Halych 7:43
4 Uncurable 10:52
5 Stiletto runner 3:51
6 In the nightgarden 8:23

Hannes Ljunghall - keyboards, guitars 
Björn Westén - keyboards  
Bruno Edling - vocals  
Phillip Bastin - bass  
Gustav Nyber - drums

From the ashes of Swedish Proggers Violent Silence (four out of five members are joining in), comes this fine album with Hannes Ljunghall (composer/lyricist, keyboards & guitars) as main figure... It is a very interesting album that music wise is mainly keyboard orientated, you actually don't hear much guitar even though stated in the booklet. But you get loads of keyboard washes, soli & melody lines, underlined by fine bass and solid drums. Add to that the very fine voice/vocals of Bruno Edling. Some tracks, in the instrumental parts, reminds this old proghead of Greenslade and/or even Rare Bird at times. Ah, but there are also plenty of original ideas to be had... So, for those of you who want something new or different, but still within´ grasping range, this is really an excellent choice! Mind you, there are NO soaring guitar soli whatsoever- even so, this is pure, well executed, laidback, beautiful & addictive progmusic with heart.
Read the whole review at progplanet.com 

The road to Halych
L'Ancien Regime


Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Vicar "Songbook #1"

Country: UK
Sub GenreChamber Prog-pop
Release dateNovember 22, 2012 (digital), May, 2013 (CD)
1. The Girl with the Sunshine in Her Eyes (2.45)
2. Childhood Days (4.49)
3. That Boy's Not Cool (3.14)
4. The Moony Song (5.30)
5. Twenty Two (4.10)
6. Three Sides of Me (2.15)
7. Man with a Woman on his Mind (3.05)
8. Forever (4.19)
9. San Manuel (2.33)
10. She Closes Her Eyes (2.13)
11. In Dying Fire (4.38)
12. Count Your Blessings (3.23)
13. Inside My Head (2.54)
14. Lonely Sunday (1.37)

Nigel Barr - Trombone, Tuba
Chas Dickie - Cello, Double Bass
Tim Eisenberg - Vocals
Robert Fripp - Guitar (Electric)
Tony Geballe - Guitar (12 String)
Paul Ibberson - Piano, Vocals
Jakko Jalszyk - Vocals (Background)
Mutch Katsonga - Vocals
Andrew Knights - Oboe
Tony Levin - Fretless Bass
Alex R. Mundy  - Piano
Steve Porter - Vocals
Horacio Pozzo - Guitar, Piano
Punk Sanderson - Percussion, Studio Assistant
David Scott - Vocals
Steve Sidwell - Trumpet
David Singleton  - Composer, Guitar, Musician, Sampling
Cathy Stevens - Viola, Violin
Lewis Taylor - Vocals
Keith Tippell - Piano
Theo Travis - Flute, Recorder, Saxophone
The Vicar - Arranger, Musician, Primary Artist, Producer
Karen Wimhurst - Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass)
Andy Yorke - Vocals

Out of the King Crimson camp and Discipline Global Mobile comes this enigmatic new artist. We don’t know who The Vicar is, but the other musicians on the album have names, and they include Tony Levin, Theo Travis, and Jakko Jakszyk among many others. Songbook #1 is an unexpected album. There are a variety of singers, but no drummers or electric bassists were invited. The music consists of very English sounding songs with acoustic instrumentation and string quartet/chamber music arrangements, like Giles Giles & Fripp and early King Crimson teaming with Penguin Cafe Orchestra, with assistance from 10cc, Stackridge, and Queen. The Beatles did something like this; The Vicar takes it in a much more progressive direction. The music is so unlike anything else, you’ll just have to listen for yourself (kinesis)

Entire album online

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Doubt "Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love"

Country: Multinational
Sub Genre: Instrumental Jazz-Rock/Fusion, Avant Prog
LabelMoonjune Records
Release dateNovember 20, 2012
1. There Is a War Going On (3:22)
2. Jalal (7:16)
3. No More Quarrel With the Devil (4:41)
4. Rising Upon Clouds (5:41)
5. Purple Haze (4:47)
6. The Invitation (4:03)
7. Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love (12:14)
8. There Is a War Going On (reprise) (1:18)
9. Tears Before Bedtime (2:44)
10. The Human Abstract (6:24)
11. No More Quarrel With the Devil (reprise) (1:14)
12. Mercury (4:19)
13. Goodbye My Fellow Soldier (9:10)

Alex Maguire – keyboards, sequencer
Michel Delville – guitar, Roland GR09, samples
Tony Bianco – drums, sequencer

Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love is a concept album deriving its inspiration as much from William Blake's visionary aesthetics as from 20th century musical icons ranging from Jimi Hendrix, King Crimson and Tortoise to Igor Stravinsky and Olivier Messiaen. Rather than a linear sequence describing one musical event, this record is a multilayered sonic adventure that has a lot of stuff going on. Alternately fiery and mellow, groovy and meditative, Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love is a marked departure from the free rock and jazz models of its predecessor (the much-praised Never Pet a Burning Dog) and is rooted in the trio's most inspirational rock sources, offering hard-edged, straight-ahead beats, jazzy ballads, dub and ambient-trance episodes and even a cover version of Hendrix's Purple Haze which is bound to set your ears on fire. This album is filled with furious guitars riffs, progressive keyboard extravaganza, and monstrous, thundering drums.
Also read the review by  Raffaella Berry at progmistress.com



Lo' There Do I See My Brother "With Eyes Open, We Fall On Our Swords"

Country: USA
Sub GenrePost Rock, Alternative, Ambient
Release dateNovember 20, 2012
  1. Birth 16:42
  2. Collapse 05:21
  3. Ascension 01:52
  4. Descension 03:08
  5. Caught In The Shallows 09:05
  6. Safe Passage 02:29
  7. Death 10:51
  8. Facing Myself 07:52
  9. You Were The Source 08:53
  10. Vivian 07:38
Adam Wolbert - Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Caleb Baker - Vocals, Guitars
Ahren Lanfor - Bass, Synths
Jakob VanAntwerp - Drums
Ahren Lanfor - Drums on "Safe Passage"

Finding good post-rock bands has always been a tedious task for me. Some are too soft/too quiet, and I would only listen to if I’m trying to fall asleep. Others are too ‘drone’ and obscure, and consist of static noise for twenty minutes with an interweaving of drums and guitar here and there and no rhythm. Well, imagine my excitement when I found the perfect recipe of solitude and fury in With Eyes Open, We Fall On Our Swords.
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Castle Fusion "Castle Fusion"

Country: Italy
Sub Genre: Eclectic
Release date: November 19, 2012
1.Rose Wind Mask
2.Flowing (in the apartment room)
7.Ten Strokes

Edoardo Capparucci: sax, bassoon, flute
Daniele Alfieri: piano, keyboards
Luigi Piergentili: guitars
Edoardo Cicchinelli: bass guitar
Stefano Vestrini: drums
Luca Fagnano: vocal

During the years Castle Fusion played various rock genres, from classic to progressive, the latter being their main influence. The constant experimentation and the in-depth study of music from all around the World led to the creation of the band’s unique style.

Rose wind mask
Flowing (in the apartment room)


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sankara "Guided by Degrees"

Country: UK
Sub GenreAOR, Neo-Prog
Release date: November 17, 2012
  1. In God We Trust 3:29
  2. Chasing the Sun 3:21
  3. Never Felt So Alive 5:27
  4. Gilded By Gaslight 3:19
  5. The Doll's House 5:14
  6. The Harm Principle 3:57
  7. Lullaby for a Lost Boy 4:02
  8. Stolen Moments 4:39
  9. But for Her 4:18
 10. Light Your Journey Home 2:45

Gareth Jones (ex-The Reasoning) - Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Jay MacDonald (ex-Bluehorses) - Guitar
Vinden Wylde (ex-The Reasoning) - Drums
Rhayn Jooste (ex-Bluehorses) - Bass
Arnie Edwards - Bass
Paul Wilson - Guitar

Much like their first record, it’s a polished mix of melodic hard rock and AOR ballads. There’s some of the feel of The Reasoning’s very early work before they moved in a more prog-metal direction, and there are a few moments that recall 70s Styx before they descended into cheese. But Sankara have their own sound, built around strong riffs and anthemic choruses.
Read the whole review by Tim Hall at trebuchet-magazine.com 

In God We Trust

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Silver Key "In The Land Of Dreams"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreNeo-Prog
LabelMa.Ra.Cash Records
Release date: November 17, 2012
  1. In the land of Dream - 7:43
  2. More Than I Can - 8:17
  3. Learn To Let Go - 7:33
  4. Millennium - 8:31
  5. The Loss Of The Silver Key - 2:48
  6. The Guant Man - 4:38
  7. The Running Kid - 3:39
  8. The Guardian Of The Seventh Seal - 2:28
  9. Through The Gates Of The Silver Key - 2:25
  10. Dim Carcosa - 3:54
  11. The Silver Key - 2:44
  12. The King Of Light - 3:57
  13. Welcome - 4:36
Yuri Abietti - Lead Vocals
Carlo Monti - Lead Guitar
Alberto Grassi - Bass Guitar
Davide Manara - Keyboards
Viviano Crimella - Drums

A band born in 1992, which started as an official cover band of Marillion & Fish. Now after many years of live performance they publish their first album. The name "Silver Key" comes from a tale by the American writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft, famous for his fantasy stories focused on the so-called "Cthulhu Myths." According to Lovecraft, the Key Silver is the magical object that provides access to the Kingdom of Dreams, the Dreamlands where everything is possible. On this basis the band have created a small masterpiece of music inspired by the musical references of the early Marillion, ranging more modern and contemporary musical ideas, innovative but always well anchored to classic Prog. Silver Key offer us a display of songs with fascinating melodies drawn from the sweet guitar of Carlo Monti, and the amazing keyboards by Davide Manara. The first four songs are an epic introduction to the suite of over 30 minutes, which alone would be worth buying the album.
Dim Carosa

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