Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kracked Earth "Splash"

Country: Multinational
Sub GenreProg-pop
Label: Melodic Revolution Records
Release date: November 27, 2012
  1. Heaven's Gate - 4:35
  2. Can't Live Without You - 4:19
  3. Strange Desire - 3:34
  4. Coming Up For Air - 4:25
  5. Into The Vortex Harvest - 6:06
  6. Onwards Upwards - 3:56
  7. Run - 5:09
  8. Unconditional - 3:38
  9. Footsteps In The Snow - 4:03
  10. Never Walk Away - 4:33
  11. Freakshow - 4:11
  12. These Days - 4:27
  13. The Promise - 6:29
  14. Simple Man (2012 REMIX) - 4:30

Tim Lynk: Vocals and Recorders.
Andy Kinch: Mellotron. Moog, Nord and Roland synthesizers. Acoustic guitar.
Doug Scarratt: Electric and Acoustic guitars.
Simon Dennis: Bass.
Elyan Fernova: Drums.
Mark Millin: Percussion.

Special Guests:
Don Schiff (Elvis, Lana Lane): NS Stick Bass.
Butch Thomas (Sting, Elton John): Soprano Sax.
Troy Donockley (Mandalaband, Nightwish): Pipes & Whistles.
Artwork by Ed Unitsky

From the opening string laden intro on: "Heaven's Gate" to the concluding 2012 'Remix' of: "Simple Man", this whole album of Kinch written songs and lyrics which vary in style and tempo but deliver that long-lost classic repertoire of thoughtful lyrics, driving rockers, instrumental solos and ballads that this writer hasn't even wanted to listen to for a very long time. But he does now! This is one of those albums that needs must be heard.

At over an hours length there really are some great songs on here. Andy has stated that "Strange Desire" was written just after the death of Kelly Groucutt and besides being ELOesque, it would have suited Kelly's vocal talents. Some of the tracks could be Whitesnake yet some could be John Farnham, such is the range of the compositions on here. The thumping rock of: "Run" grabs your attention while the Celtic-tinged: "The Promise" and the beautiful: "Simple Man" are sublime and very much in that 'chill-out' zone. "Into The Vortex/Harvest" enters into the Pink Floyd and progressive rock arena whilst: "Onwards Upwards" and "Freak Show" could be defined as soul and: "Footsteps In The Snow" is just plain marvellous to the ear. This album should satisfy every kind of music lover, ELO anorak or not!
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