Friday, November 23, 2012

Mythos "Surround Sound Evolution"

Country: Germany
Sub GenreSpace Rock, Krautrock
LabelSireena Records
Release date: November, 2012 (Germany)January 15, 2013 (USA), January 21, 2013 (UK),
  1. Surround Sound Passion 4:15
  2. Roots and Rocks 5:30
  3. Mythosiaka 4:50
  4. Heart of the Action 4:51
  5. Jinba Ittai 7:17
  6. Perpetuum Mythos 5:24
  7. FilterSequenceWahFlute 8:31
  8. Free Panda! (Part 1) 3:18
  9. Free Panda! (Part 2) 6:51
10. MythoSpace 8:48
11. Das Zeitgeheimnis (Part 3) 5:34
12. Fukushima Sea Live 8:20

Stephan Kaske (Synthetizer Moog, Arp, Roland, Korg, sequencer, flute, Mellotron, guitar, electronic percussion, Vocoder and vocals)

Only master on board of a musical adventure molded in the excesses of his fantasias, Mythos tells us his musical tales with a sound wealth that honours his mythical reputation. Surfing on the fragrances of Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, Stephan Kaske presents 12 musical structures which boil in a parallelism as rhythmic as harmonious among which fine variances and subtleties are in the heart of the charms of “Surround Sound Evolution”; a powerful album that will espouse all your sound whims and beyond...
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