Friday, November 30, 2012

Batisfera "Solar Wind - The Inner Circle"

Country: Russia
Sub GenreSymphonic
Label: MALS
Release date: November, 2012
01. The Sun You're My Son - 13:58
02. Transition A - 02:17
03. Mercury Who I Am - 09:08
04. Transiiton B - 00:50
05. Venus Brought You Roses Every Sunday - 11:13
06. Transition C - 03:28
07. Earth I'm Walking - 13:16
08. Transition D - 02:13
09. Mars Four Years Since - 12:15
10. Transition E - 00:54
11. Phaeton Don't Touch Me ! - 10:22

Oleg Anurin - Keys, Vocal, Flute
Michael Zonov - Guitars
Vladimir Kislyakov - Bass
Michael Heifets - Drums

A debut full-length album by Moscow-based Batisfera (Bathysphere). Batisfera play complex symphonic prog in the classic style featuring keyboards, flute, and electric & 12-string guitars. The music is an amalgam of Yes (especially Topographic Oceans), Genesis, Camel, Grobschnitt, and a dozen other prog bands. It is sophisticated, constantly changing and evolving. Occasionally it’s heavier than the bands mentioned but remains in a 1970s style. It’s fortunate the album is as instrumental as it is, as the vocals (which are in English) have yet to catch up to the skill level of the instrumentalists. Still, the album is so full of symphonic goodies, it’ll keep your brain releasing endorphins for a good while. The album is a conceptual work, supported by a beautiful 28-page booklet in English. (kinesis)
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  1. На Малсе уже в продаже. По предпрослушке, правда не особо внимательной, что-то не особо вокал глянулся, а Музыка весьма и весьма неплоха.