Friday, November 2, 2012

Mythodea "Mythodea"

Country: Greece
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Release dateNovember 2, 2012 (digital)
1. Ingredi (1:02)
2. Another World (6:01)
3. Hope (4:54)
4. In My Soul (4:58)
5. Nostalgia (4:36)
6. Mnemosyne (6:01)
7. Asia (4:56)
8. Sailing On a Stormy Sea (6:34)
9. We (4:31)
10. Stay (7:43)
11. Ultimate Pain (4:35)

- John West / Vocals
- Christos Nikolaou / Guitars
- Steve DiGiorgio / Bass
- Charlie Zeleny / Drums

Guest Musicians:
Vitalij Kuprij / Piano on "Nostalgia"
Robert Sorvari / Flute on "Nostalgia"
Mistheria / Synth Solo on "Mnemosyne"
Lonnie Park / Backing vocals
Maria McTurk / Vocals on "Stay"
Pericles Timplalexis / Violins
Giannis Siggounis / C. Bass
Sarah Nakkach / Vocals on "Asia"
Vicky Psarakis / Vocals on "Ingredi"
Alexandra Samouilidou / Vocals on "Sailing On A Stormy Sea"
Sapfo Stavridi / Vocals on "Sailing On A Stormy Sea"

Their cinematic epic symphonic progressive metal is akin to bands like Serenity, Consortium, Neverland, Dorian Opera and Roswell Six. This is mainly male fronted, starring the voice of American John West (Royal Hunt etc.) who also writes the lyrics, but is does feature some guest appearances by a selection of lovely ladies. Following the grand orchestral intro, the orchestral arrangement throughout are superb, you get treated to five mighty symphonic numbers and the gorgeous ballad 'Nostalgia'. Then Sarah Nakkach takes the lead on the awesome suitably eastern flavoured 'Asia', Alexandra Samouilidou and Sapfo Stavridi are the sirens for the sweeping tempestuous 'Sailing on a Stormy Sea', and Sarah Turk duets with John on the massive emotional roller-coaster 'Stay'. ravenheartmusic.com
Sailing On A Stormy Sea
In My Soul
Another World (free download)

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