Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dore Mear Beon "Dore Mear Beon" (EP)

Country: Canada
Sub Genre: Instrumental Math Rock
Release dateNovember 25, 2012
1. Bimbos, Bozos, and Buffons 04:35
2. At first, I thought it was an ocean but then realized it was only a puddle. 04:35
3. And what do we say to death? 03:38
4. Oh, I’m not a slave. I’m a volunteer. 04:58
5. Is the world even supposed to make sense? 06:40

Andrew Sagriff  - all instruments

It really doesn’t take a genius to figure out… [ Dore Mear Beon EP ] are comparatively and competitively [ Tarentel ] and [ Tortoise ]. There are orchestral-like built, the EP is also not charmingly flourished with vocals or scratchy distortion. Yes occasional lyrics can be heard but in general [ Dore Mear Beon EP ] is simply your typical guitar, bass, drums and “maybe” a little keyboard in between or am I hearing extra as usual. Bottom line the EP heavily emphasis on complex guitar notes. I have to admit that these 25 minutes of music is so entertaining that you can barely see or feel the time pass by. All movements does release a nice the tension an amazing build-up between subtle and complex tones. Math-rock fans… go get this one. (thesirenssound.com)
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