Friday, November 30, 2012

Corvus Stone "Corvus Stone"

Country: Multinational
Sub GenreMultigenre
LabelMelodic Revolution Records
Release date: November 29, 2012

1. The Curtain Rises (1:32)
2. October Sad Song (4:58)
3. Highway to Emptiness (2:28)
4. Ice King (3:11)
5. I'll Leave It All Behind (3:36)
6. Corvus Stone (8:20)
7. Moron Season (3:27)
8. Horizon (1:51)
9. Intermission (0:41)
10. Moustaches in Massachusetts (4:17)
11. Pilgrims (5:17)
12. JussiPussi (2:45)
13. Iron Pillows (5:17)
14. After Solstice (4:05)
15. The Rusty Wolff Attack (2:34)
16. Lost and Found (2:15)
17. Scary Movie (4:22)
18. Cinema (10:50)
19. You're So Wrong (3:52)
20. Ice King (3:10)
21. Ten Inch Lisa (0:31)


•      Colin Tench (BunChakeze, Road to Avalon & Colin Tench Project) guitar
•      Petri Lemmy Lindström (Progeland, Saturn Twilight, ex-Lyijykomppania) bass
•      Pasi Koivu (Pasi Koivu ~ Psychedelic Eye) keyboards
•      Robert Wolff (ex Raven and Micah) Drums
 Featuring guest performances by:
•      Blake Carpenter (Road to Avalon, Minstrel's Ghost) vocals
•      John Culley (Black Widow, Odin) guitar

"As it is, Corvus Stone debut album is a marathon collection of bits and pieces of which some will intrigue, some will not and quite a few will be somewhere in between. A promising but uneven first chapter in the history of a band that those who know more about it will always associate with Facebook. An album I suspect should find favour amongst fans of melodic progressive rock of the Floydian kind, especially if they also tend to like improvisational material of the instrumental variety."
" So what's it sound like, you ask? Well, consider the tags on the MR Records website, where you can hear the album in its entirety. Progressive Rock; Classic Rock; Avant Garde; Camel; Floyd; Crimson; and European Porn Music (!!) are all mentioned, but every influence is already deeply ingrained in the music instead of cosmetically applied on top. The artwork suggests a Heavy Metal experience, which is hardly the case. And guitarist Colin Tench describes the music (with disarming self-deprecation) as "funky '70s to heavy weird to Floyd to stupid and back again", which only covers about half the stylistic cues."
"Generally the music here is very 1970s inspired; sounds like '70s style music recorded on modern equipment. At times the music is reminiscent of Camel, Floyd and Steve Hackett solo."
"Don't expect the particularly complex music but they surely know how to rock, including references from different genres, including Psychedelia, Classic Rock, Blues, Symphonic and even some ethnic touches from different regions, all blended with great taste and skills in a Prog package."
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