Saturday, November 17, 2012

Silver Key "In The Land Of Dreams"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreNeo-Prog
LabelMa.Ra.Cash Records
Release date: November 17, 2012
  1. In the land of Dream - 7:43
  2. More Than I Can - 8:17
  3. Learn To Let Go - 7:33
  4. Millennium - 8:31
  5. The Loss Of The Silver Key - 2:48
  6. The Guant Man - 4:38
  7. The Running Kid - 3:39
  8. The Guardian Of The Seventh Seal - 2:28
  9. Through The Gates Of The Silver Key - 2:25
  10. Dim Carcosa - 3:54
  11. The Silver Key - 2:44
  12. The King Of Light - 3:57
  13. Welcome - 4:36
Yuri Abietti - Lead Vocals
Carlo Monti - Lead Guitar
Alberto Grassi - Bass Guitar
Davide Manara - Keyboards
Viviano Crimella - Drums

A band born in 1992, which started as an official cover band of Marillion & Fish. Now after many years of live performance they publish their first album. The name "Silver Key" comes from a tale by the American writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft, famous for his fantasy stories focused on the so-called "Cthulhu Myths." According to Lovecraft, the Key Silver is the magical object that provides access to the Kingdom of Dreams, the Dreamlands where everything is possible. On this basis the band have created a small masterpiece of music inspired by the musical references of the early Marillion, ranging more modern and contemporary musical ideas, innovative but always well anchored to classic Prog. Silver Key offer us a display of songs with fascinating melodies drawn from the sweet guitar of Carlo Monti, and the amazing keyboards by Davide Manara. The first four songs are an epic introduction to the suite of over 30 minutes, which alone would be worth buying the album.
Dim Carosa

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