Saturday, June 15, 2013

Anima Mundi "The Lamplighter"

Country: Cuba
Sub GenreSymphonic
Release dateJune 15, 2013
Suite The Lamplighter
1- On Earth beneath the stars (4.24)
2- The call and farewell song (6.20)
3- Light the lantern of your heart (6.09)
4- The human house (3.57)
Suite Tales from Endless Star
5- The dream child behind the mask (9.05)
6- The return - Part I (3.29)
7- Endless star (10.38)
8- The return - Part II (3.24)
9: His Majesty Love (6.58)

Roberto Díaz- guitars
Virginia Peraza - keyboards
Yaroski Corredera - bass
Emmanuel Pirko Farrath - vocals
José Manuel Govín - drums
Anaisy Gómez

There are lamps that enlighten the deepest spaces of cosmos while another one lights up the skies of our heart. Hearts or Stars; Love enlighten them and along with them lights the magic world that surround us. By the lamplighter hand, we will have the opportunity of a journey through this magic world we breathe every single day.
This ancient and mysterious character with a lamp comes to take us away into the wonder of life. This is a journey in a world of legend and magic, through a planet called Earth, human kind, a mother star we calls Sun, the meaning of existence and the Lamp of His Majesty Love, a world where the seemingly simplest things that surround and go with to us in daily life will acquire the magic and astonishing essence that only a lighted heart is able to see. So close your eyes because Anima Mundi and a symphonic orchestra will start to play in a concert hall tunes that will lead you to an ageless time into the tales from who lights the lamp that enlighten the world: The Lamplighter.
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The Human House

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