Friday, June 28, 2013

Various Artists "Strange Fish Five"

Sub Genre: Multigenre
Label: Fruits de Mer Records
Release date: June, 2013 (CD)
1. Elevation (USA) - The Introduction 4:55)
2. Jay Tausig - Shortwave (10:37)
3. The Golden Cake Company  - Floating With..excerpt (4:59)
4. The Cream People - Will Of The Cusp (15:15)
5. Mademoiselle Marquee - Salvia (6:05)
6. Mademoiselle Marquee - Suflowersingle (3:33)
7. Oceanfire - Elevations (5:47)
8. Purple Rock Trip - Cathedral (10:55)
bonus tracks:
9. Beau - Rainbow Jam Theme (2:37)
10. Amazing Sounds Of D.B. Turi - Der Flammenwerfer (8:19)

A strange fish bonus CD, exclusive to buyers of strange fish one – four.
The CD is packed with tracks and artists that that didn’t quite fit or work within the themes or time-limits of the vinyl releases, or were so wild and different I wanted to share them with you, come what may.
Elevation was recorded in the Nevada desert in 1999 on the night of the millennium by Michael Padilla from The Soft Bombs; Beau recorded back in the 70s for John Peel’s Dandelion label, but I bet you didn’t know he recorded this instrumental piece for a video project in the mid-80s.
Jay Tausig is a Fruits de Mer regular, a multi-instrumentalist from the USA who put the whole thing together solo…and as for D.B Turi, he's essentially the psychedelic lost boy, written out of the history books of rock and roll, hung out with and influenced the greats of the rock/psych/Woodstock generation scene of the late 60s, 70s; he influenced the great guitar players on both sides of the Atlantic both in swinging London and in California within the inner circles of the scene; it was believed he never recorded until, quite recently tapes were discovered...(it says on the photocopied press release that has just arrived at FdM Towers, but whoever believed a press release?).


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