Saturday, June 22, 2013

BSI "Clevarity"

Country: USA
Sub GenrePsychedelic, Space Rock
Release dateJune 22, 2013
1. Steps (For Rey) 04:57
2. Innocence 04:07
3. Crawling Back Through the Door 04:59
4. Pocket In My Mirror 08:07
5. The Hate of Christ 05:05
6. Zerbda 05:17
7. It's Breath, So Close On My Neck 07:30
8. The Questions Children Ask Us 04:15
9. Confessions Of an Alkaloid Paste 06:01
10. By Your Side 06:58
11. Pocket In My Mirror (Live) 07:25
12. Aire 08:52
13. Institute 03:13
14. Thin Smoke and Spring Air 04:27
15. Our 1 Million Year Journey 10:47
16. Ally 05:16
17. Weeping Golden Tears 05:25
18. Metabolic 05:07
19. The Cave 04:18

Ryan Melanson - guitars, bass, synths, tubular bells, e-bow, electronica
Jay Lewis - vocals, keyboards, synths, percussion, guitars

Joining the dots (Legendary Pink Dots, obviously) between '60s psychedelia and '70s spacey Krautrock, all put through a retro-modern filter, Floridians Ryan Melanson and Jay Lewis recorded these organic and naturally evolving slices of dislocated oddness in a period spanning 1999 to 2010...  
Although the album is nearly seventy seven minutes long, such is the variety and intricacy of the sounds on offer that it never loses focus. Being as long as it is, it also has the advantage of being akin to a large bag of tasty sweets that the listener can dip into at any point and be pleasantly surprised.
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