Friday, June 21, 2013

Sloth Metropolis "Departure" EP

Country: UK
Sub GenreProg Folk
Release dateJune 21, 2013
  1. Sloth of the Metropolis 05:52
  2. Modern Aristotle 03:46
  3. Wee Fib 03:09
  4. Big Lie 06:43
Calum Calderwood: lead vocals, electric fiddle
Lewis MacKenzie: bass guitar
Steve McNamara: drums, percussion, additional vocals
Alastair Milton: keys, reeds

Opener ‘Sloth of the Metropolis’ is a strange, five-minute introduction to the group that raises a few eyebrows. A combination of sonic bombardment and eclectic lyricism that feels a little like an in-joke listeners aren’t allowed to know of – it could be regarded as either a disaster of an opener or a brave choice.
Thankfully it’s the latter. It is, after all, in the prog tradition to be that little bit more quirky than your usual fare.
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