Sunday, June 30, 2013

Active Heed "Visions from Realities"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Release dateJune 30, 2013
  1. Flying Like a Fly 2:53
  2. Awake?! 1:53
  3. Now What? 1:34
  4. Me, Five Seconds Before 2:42
  5. With Joy 2:26
  6. Melting of Realities 3:21
  7. Forest and Joy 3:32
  8. The Weakness of Our Spinning 2:42
  9. Without Joy 1:43
10. Every Ten Seconds Before 5:49
11. F F F Flashing Fast Forward 3:28
12. If I Will Never Be 4:33
13. Me, One Second Before Johan Robeck 4:06
14. Usual Plays in Heaven / Be Kind and Talk to Me 4:47
15. Our Vast Emptiness 4:40

Lorenzo "Il Magnifico" Poli: Bass, Guitars, Keyboards and Special Effects
PelleK: Vocals
Giovanni Giorgi: Drums
Mark Colton: Additional Vocals
Marit Borresen: Additional Vocals

 Active Heed was born from an idea of Umberto Pagnini, who composed the music and wrote the lyrics.
 ...it is hard to pigeonhole Umberto's influences but Active Heed state the usual suspects, 'Yes', 'Marillion', 'Genesis', 'Arena' etc. and you can hear bits of these bands throughout the album. There is, however, a uniqueness to Umberto's sound, I would call it traditional prog leaning towards folk prog.
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