Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Wrong Object "After the Exhibition"

Country: Belgium
Sub GenreCanterbury, Jazz-Rock, Fusion
LabelMoonjune Records
Release dateJune 4, 2013
1. Detox Gruel (4:13)
2. Spanish Fly (5:19)
3. Yantra (8:04)
4. Frank Nuts (3:38)
5. Jungle Cow Part I (5:50)
6. Jungle Cow Part II (4:40)
7. Jungle Cow Part III (6:07)
8. Glass Cubes (8:30)
9. Wrong But Not False (5:28)
10. Flashlight Into Black Hole (3:05)
11. Stammtisch (5:59)

Marti Melia: saxophones, clarinet
François Lourtie: saxophones
Michel Delville: guitar, electronics, vocals
Antoine Guenet: keyboards, vocals
Pierre Mottet: bass
Laurent Delchambre : drums, percussions, samples
Benoît Moerlen: marimba & electronic vibraphone (2,3, 5-7 & 11)
Susan Clynes: vocals (8)

After 10 years of existence and some extensive touring, recording and several collaborations with Belgian and International jazz and rock luminaries, 2013 marks The Wrong Object's long awaited return, after 5 years, to the studio with an album of original compositions with the band reinventing itself from a quintet to a sextet and developing new and exciting directions with more prominent usage of electronics and vocals, while preserving the energies and conceptual continuities of their previous works. The inclusion of young and talented keyboardist Antoine Guenet, the leader of another MoonJune band SH.TG.N and fresh new member member of the legendary Belgian rock-in-opposition and avant-jazz-rock luminaries Univers Zero, and two sax players (Marti Melia and Francois Lourtie) covering almost the complete saxophone family, alongside Pierre Motet on bass and two original members, Laurent Delchambre on drums and 'padre-padrone' and charismatic band's leader Michel Delville on guitar and electronics, has given the band's sound a harmonic richness and a rhythmic complexity unprecedented in the history of The Wrong Object. With their aesthetics still rooted in the inspirational models provided by a vast array of artists ranging from Canterbury Scene prog rock...a la Soft Machine and Gong...to Squarepusher, Bela Bartok, Amon Tobin, Aka Moon, King Crimson, Charlie Mingus and Frank Zappa, The Wrong Object ventures further into hybrid musical territories pushing the boundaries of jazz, rock and contemporary music.


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