Friday, June 28, 2013

Sankt Otten "Messias Maschine"

Country: Germany
Sub GenreElectronica, Krautrock, Post Rock
LabelDenovali Records
Release date: June 28, 2013
01. Du hast mich süchtig gemacht [feat. Jaki Liebezeit ] (5:57)
02. Die Messias Maschine (7:19)
03. Mach bitte, dass es leiser wird [feat. Miles Brown] (5:16)
04. Im Himmel angekommen [feat. Ulrich Schnauss] (6:52)
05. Das grosse Weinen ist vorbei [feat. Jaki Liebezeit] (4:14)
06. Da kann selbst Gott nur staunen [feat. Coley Duane Dennis] (6:01)
07. Das Geräusch des Wartens [feat. Jaki Liebezeit ] (6:56)
08. Wenn ein Masterplan keiner ist [feat. Harald Grosskopf ] (6:19)
09. Nach Dir die Sinnesflut [feat. A. E. Paterra] (5:09)
10. Endlich ein schlechter Mensch [feat. Christoph Clöser] (12:00)

Stephan Otten : Drums, Keys, Programming
Oliver Klemm : Guitar, Keys
Jaki Liebezeit (Can) : Drums] (1,5,7)
Miles Brown (The Night Terrors/Heirs) : Theremin (3)
Ulrich Schnauss : Synthesizers (4)
Coley Duane Dennis (Maserati) : Guitar (6)
Harald Grosskopf (Ashra/Klaus Schulze) : Drums (8)
A. E. Paterra (Majeure/Zombi) : Drums (9)
Christoph Clöser (Bohren & der Club of Gore) : Saxophone (10)

Sankt Otten are mostly emphasising their electronic side by locating themselves somewhere between the warm analogous sounds of electronic music’s pioneer days and the Berlin school. Their synthesizer gear is more than impressive, and their outfits somehow recall the austerity of Kraftwerk, but that doesn’t mean that they are not open for other influences, especially the Eighties are often a welcome guest in their music.
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