Friday, June 28, 2013

Various Artists "Strange Fish Three"

Sub GenreSpace Rock, Electronica
LabelFruits de Mer Records
Release date: June, 2013 (vinyl)

LP 1 side1 (21:54)
1. Palace of Swords - Live At The Aberdeen Witch Trials 1597 (2:16)
2. Zenith:Unto The Stars - Gemini (3:42)
3. Earthling Society - The Vampire’s Kiss (13:21)
    a.Theme From A Vampire's Kiss (2:57)
    b.The Dream (2:57)
    c. Kiss Of The Vampire - Morning Glory (7:27)
4. Palace of Swords - Vicus Lemurum (2:26)
     side 2 (22:23)
5. Dead Pylons - Theme From The Dead Pylons (2:36)
6. Dead Pylons - Osiris (4:10)
7. Dead Pylons - Dream Cargoes (4:42)
8. The Golden Cake Company - Thrum Mystique (7:15)
9. Palace of Swords - The Temple Of Golden Rays (2:42)

LP 2 side 3 (21:48)
1. The Golden Cake Company - Arthurian (7:18)
2. Vert:x - A Floating Mass Of Metal And Heavy Electricity (2:57)
3. Vert:x - Bad Calibration (6:51)
4. Vert:x - Killer Beez (4:39)
      side 4 (20:38)
5. Black Tempest - Energy Of Stars (13:47)
6. Frobisher Neck - Underwater Starblob (6:53)

The third in a series of four Strange Fish vinyls by Fruits de Mer Records. A double LP compilation of kosmische/motorik/sequencer/electronic/Neu!/Tangerine Dream /Klaus Schultze-influenced tracks .
Strange fish three is a bit of a ‘Head Music’ reunion for most of the people featured here – is that a good thing? Well, Fruits de Mer’s club members voted it their favourite FdM release of 2012, which is not a bad start.
As for the FdM newbies. The Golden Cake Company are a group of improvising musicians making electronic, ambient music, primarily using analogue synthesizers; based in the Welsh Marches region of the UK, the core membership is Simon Lewis (also Phoenix Cube), Stephen Palmer (Mooch) and Geoff Puplett – they cite Tangerine Dream as an influence.
These are Dead Pylons’ first recordings, but they comprise members of Hi-Fiction Science, who Fruits de Mer regulars already know and love.

Earthling Society and more
Vert:x, Black Tempest and more

Label's web page
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