Friday, June 28, 2013

Various Artists "Strange Fish Four"

Sub Genre: Electronica, Ambient
Label: Fruits de Mer Records
Release date: June, 2013 (vinyl)

side 1 (23:26)
1. Cat Frequency - Dreaming Of A Wooden Fish (3:15)
2. Organic Is Orgasmic - Chinese Horoscope (3:43)
3. Organic is Orgasmic - Lifeless Void (3:32)
4. Zenith:Unto The Stars - Juno Quartet (2:26)
5. Zenith:Onto The Stars - Con Bala (4:52)
6.The Vox Humana - Shortwave Radio And The Ionosphere (5:43)
     side 2 (21:02)
7. James McKeown - Avebury (3:00)
8. James McKeown - Euclid Dreaming (4:21)
9. James McKeown - Ursa Minor (2:56)
10. James McKeown - Sublime Knight Elect (4:46)
11. Temple Music - Dreaming of Flying East (3:30)
12. The Bordellos - Spirals (2:32)

The fourth in a series of four Strange Fish vinyls by Fruits de Mer Records. An LP compilation of acoustic guitar+electronics/synth/'modern ambient' tracks.
Most of these artists also appear on strange fish one/two/three, but there are a few names that are new to this series of albums, if not FdM:

The Vox Humana is the alter-ego of Soft Hearted Scientists’ Dylan Line, when he is recording solo, which he obviously is here. Hopefully, you’ll remember the Soft Hearted Scientists from their double LP on Fruits de Mer – completely sold out, naturally (the album, that is, not SHS)
James McKeown is on sabbatical from Hi-Fiction Science with his recordings for strange fish, but he’s already building quite a reputation in his own right.
The Bordellos put in an appearance on the Fruits de Mer 2010 Annual 7” with their take on I’m A Man; on their website, they say they’re “underrated and underpaid” – add to that “totally unpredictable” as you have NEVER heard the Bordellos sound like this before!
By the way, Organic Is Orgasmic is a project led by Kamille Sharpadinov, from The Grand Astoria.
excerpts from James McKeown, Temple Music and more

Label's web page

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