Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lantinor "Ensign of Fairies. Volume 1"

Country: Russia
Sub GenreArt Rock
Release date: June 2013
1. Ensign of Fairies, part 1: At the Dawn of the World
2. Ensign of Fairies, part 2: The Golden Age
3. Jerica
4. Ensign of Fairies, part 3: At the Verge of Epochs
5. Ensign of Fairies, part 4: Thus the Ensign Fell

Alexander Kaminsky – guitars, vocals
Anton Telkov – string instruments, percussion
Alina Bulat – vocals
Dmitrij Miroshnichenko – bass

The style of the new disc most accurately can be described as art rock, though it contains (as the the story goes) composition in styles of folk, progressive, Russian rock and even sometimes art punk rock. The idea of ​​the album is consonant with the works of Soviet science fiction classic Ivan Efremov of super-civilization of the future. The album tells the story of the coming to earth of the Fourth Race of mankind, the symbol of the power of which was the so-called Ensign of Fairies - an extraterrestrial artifact, which for thousands of years guarded  the people of this race from destruction. Fourth Race has reached an incredible technological and spiritual power in mastering of elements of earth and space. At the end of the Third Epoch of domination (about a million years after the appearance of the first man of the Fourth Race) the mystery of Ensign of Fairies was sold by the ruling clan of Keepers of Relics to a hostile clan of the emerging Fifth Race, eventually leading  nations of the earth to the world war and spiritual decline. The main feature of the album is that the birth, rise and collapse of the state meet stages of the life of its protagonist: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and death.

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