Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jon Oliva "Raise The Curtain"

Country: USA
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Release dateJune 21, 2013
01. Raise The Curtain
02. Soul Chaser
03. Ten Years
04. Father Time
05. I Know
06. Big Brother
07. Armageddon
08. Soldier
09. Stalker
10. The Witch
11. Can't Get Away
12. The Truth (bonus track)

Jon Oliva (Savatage, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Jon Oliva's Pain): vocals, keys, guitars, bass, drums
John Zahner: keys
Shane French: guitar
Matt LaPorte: guitar
Kevin Rothney: bass
Christopher Kinder (Jon Oliva's Pain): drums

When I first heard that the Mountain King was going to do a “solo” record, my initial thought was honestly to question whether it would be that big of a difference from his JOP [Jon Oliva's Pain] releases. After listening to his new disc, I now understand the BIG difference. Whether you agree or not, JOP is more of an extension of Savatage to a certain extent. “Raise the Curtain” is not JOP. It is a singer/songwriter’s disc that speaks loudly of Jon’s musical inspirations and his current vision. I also like to believe it a reflection on a legendary career intertwined with how he wants to ride off into the sunset on his own damn terms, not what some office in NYC tells him. 
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