Friday, June 28, 2013

Various Artists "Strange Fish One"

Sub GenreAmbient, Electronica
LabelFruits de Mer Records
Release date: June, 2013 (vinyl)
     side1 (24:45)
1. Craig Padilla - Full Moon World (10:23)
2. Craig Padilla - Secret Language (14:22)
     side2 (23:55)
3. Sendelica - Strange Fish (23:55)

The first in a series of four Strange Fish vinyls by Fruits de Mer Records. An LP of one-artist-per-side floating ambient/synth/sequencer/guitar sounds.
Craig Padilla lives in the USA. With over two decades of recording behind him, he combines analogue and digital synthesizers to create soundscapes influenced by Klaus Schulze, Wendy Carlos, Kraftwerk, Steve Roache and more. Bizarrely, this is Craig’s first release on vinyl
Full Moon World was recorded back in 2005, it has never had an ‘official’ release, although it was once used as a soundtrack to trippy, mediation video! The main sequence is a combination of the ARP 2600 and ARP Axxe with the ARP Sequencer; the percussion is from an old Univox Rhythm Machine (incidentally, Jean-Michel Jarre used the Univox device on his Oxygene album).
Secret Language was recorded in 2010, using a bank of mainly analogue synthesisers.

Sendelica - based in West Wales - is an instrumental psyche-space-rock band whose work blends early psychedelic outings, occasional heavy riffing, and electronic ambient musings.
The core band in UK is: Pete Bingham on guitars & electronics and Glenda Pescado on bass.
Recording of Strange Fish was started in Boston, while the band were touring, in night time ‘ambient chill out’ sessions at Vizzie’s home studio. Overdubs and mixing was in 2009  at Sendelica’s afterhours studio in Wales. The track didn’t get named until Pete had sent it in as a ‘possible’ for this series of albums, and it seemed to sum up for me one aspect of what I envisaged ‘strange fish’ standing for – long, meandering tracks that are perfect for a side of vinyl.                                                                                              

excerpts from a side of music by Craig Padilla

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