Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Urban Sax "Inside"

Country: France
Sub GenreClassical, Avant Prog, Jazz
LabelUrban Noisy
Release dateJanuary 15, 2014
1. More Slowly Please part 1
2. More Slowly Please part 2
3. So Noisy
4. Termit Attack Inside My Brain
5. Shinjingshang Ballad
6. Petite Valse Des Caterpi part 1
7. Petite Valse Des Caterpi part 2
8. Petite Valse Des Caterpi part 3
9. Manivelle
10. La Traversee
11. Terimakaci


Urban Sax is the creative outlet of composer Gilbert Artman, who started the group back in the mid-70s, and composes and arranges all of the group’s material. The “group” in this case is over 75 performers, consisting mostly of saxophones (the entire family from sopranino to bass), but also including clarinet, trumpet, cellos, vibraphone, glockenspiel, xylophone, gongs, electric bass, contrabass, electric guitar, harmonium, sitar, tamboura, an eight voice choir, and numerous dancers. Their compositions and arrangements use a more soft and orchestral approach, highly melodic and complex, with numerous interlocking saxophone parts playing over a sort-of floating textural backdrop of saxes and other instruments, punctuated by the percussion and intermittent appearances by the wordless choir.
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La Traversee

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