Friday, January 31, 2014

Radar Men From The Moon "Strange Wave Galore"

Country: Netherlands
Sub Genre: Instrumental, Psychedelic, Space Rock
LabelFuzz club Records
Release dateJanuary 30, 2014
1. Surrealist Appearance (5:36)
2. Reverie (3:32)
3. Strange Wave Galore (5:55)
4. The Sweet Confusion (5:47)
5. Lautrèmont (3:09)
6. Opaque (5:08)
7. What the Lightning Said (6:52)

Glenn Peeters - guitar and sonic attack
Jan-Titus Verkuijlen - bass and shivers
Tony Lathouwers - drums and audio generator

First noticeable fact on the new record is that they take quite a different approach to the genre: I wouldn’t call it math rock straight away, but it’s pretty technical for a psychedelic band. Not a bad thing at all, it pulls the listener in and together with the resonant drones of the second track it is able to form a sweet introduction of this album. And when suddenly the next track starts, it’s time again to thank baby Jesus for space rock. The following two tracks are as catchy as they are heavy, with a prominent drumming compared to earlier work and the synth taking up its place in the band. This is the moment that the album should be played at its loudest, because the closing minutes of the fourth track are heavenly if you’re looking for rumbling guitars, effects freaking out and a drummer going nuts. And looking at the album as a whole, these moments of mayhem are scarce. The overall sound of Strange Wave Galore is no uncouth wave of fuzzy guitars and endless jams. Sometimes it breaks out and stirs up its audience, but most of the time the music is refined and flirts with the sound of bands like Maserati. This influence is most prominent in the second to last track, which shows the musical growth of Radar Men from the Moon. I think this album will raise some eyebrows from people who are expecting more of what they have already heard from this band, but it’s an accomplishment to try other stuff and still be a recognizable band.
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