Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pantokrator "Incarnate"

Country: Sweden
Sub GenreProgressive Melodic Death Metal
LabelRottweiler Records (USA and Canada)
Release dateJanuary 21, 2014 (USA and Canada), January 27, 2014 (Europe and Australia)
01. Incarnate
02. Cast Down
03. Revolution
04. Amidst The Wolves
05. Seraphim Wings
06. Icarus Burning
07. Sammath Naur
08. Milennium In Chains
09. Ökenvandring

Mattias Johansson - guitar
Karl Walfridsson - vocals
Rickard Gustafsson - drums
Jonas Wallinder - bass
Jonathan Jansson - guitar

The album's title track kicks things off with a bang, immediately thrusting the listener into the world of Pantokrator; a headbanger's paradise of old school Swedish death metal filled with heavy, catchy riffs, a powerfully thundering rhythm section, and the guttural, throaty snarls of vocalist Karl Baltazar.
As heavy as the album is though, Pantokrator do a really good job incorporating a decent amount of melody into the songs, which as a fan of their past work, I found a bit surprising - but it works really well. As the album progresses the energy and heaviness seems to build as well, and around the middle of the disc songs like "Sammath Naur" and "Millennium In Chains" really kick you in the teeth and get your neck snapping. After being aurally assaulted for eight straight tracks, the disc ends with "Kenvandring," a heavy, slow burning tune that closes things out in perfect fashion. (Bruce Moore at puregrainaudio.com)


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