Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tempel "On The Steps Of The Temple"

Country: USA
Sub GenreInstrumental Post Metal
LabelProsthetic Records
Release dateJanuary 21, 2014
1. Mountain (8:30)
2. Rising from the Abyss (9:05)
3. Final Years (4:35)
4. The Mist That Shrouds the Peaks (10:15)
5. Avaritia (8:41)
6. On the Steps of the Temple (10:59)

Ryan Wenzel - guitars, keyboards
Rich Corle - drums

Tempel mixes black, doom, post and a few death tones but not by inserting them one after the other or taking a few standard riffs of each. Instead, the sounds of the genres are mixed, creating a sound that’s utterly new and better than the sum of the genres. A grainy guitar that synesthetically speaking sounds just like the brambles on the cover underlines every riff, while chiming guitar embellishments with a sound as golden as the album cover sky raise the atmosphere. Underneath all this bass riffs and complexities amplify the other sound elements. There are never too many overdubs, but always enough. Interestingly, the skeletal drums have a vague touch of that mixed-in quality of Electric Wizard’s ‘Come My Fanatics’ while retaining their heaviness.
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