Friday, January 24, 2014

Major Parkinson "Twilight Cinema"

Country: Norway
Sub GenreProgressive Rock/Pop
LabelDegaton Records
Release dateJanuary 24, 2014
  1. Skeleton Sangria 02:49
  2. Impermanence 04:25
  3. Black River 05:08
  4. The Wheelbarrow 07:52
  5. A Cabin in the Sky 03:46
  6. Heart Machine 05:54
  7. Beaks of Benevola 04:27
  8. Twilight Cinema 05:44
Jon Ivar Kollbotn
André Lund
Eivind Gammersvik
Lars Bjørknes
Jens Erik Aasmundseth
Steinar Hjelmbrekke

Somewhere in between pop and psychosis, somber poetry and dark rock, you will find Major Parkinson. A fearless and distinctly different band, with a fresh and unconventional approach to the art of writing music.
The long awaited third epic from Major Parkinson has turned out as a dark, uncompromising and ambitious journey through a dense forest of melodies, a torrential river of poppy cabaret-prog. Twilight Cinema is a darker version of Major Parkinson than the one we know from previous releases, without having gone beyond the band's character. The classic Parkinson-like melodies have now found their place in a far tighter directed and more electronic sound. 

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