Friday, January 31, 2014

Prowlers "Mondi Nuovi"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreSymphonic
LabelAgla Records
Release dateJanuary 31, 2014
1. Mondi Nuovi
2. Viva Ancora
3. Guardando dentro te
4. La Danza di Madre Natura
5. Melaquadro
6. Giovane Falco
7. Capriccio in A-
8. Ultima Notte
9. Disordinaria
10. Soldato Stanco

Laura Mombrini - Lead and backing vocals
Roberto 'Bobo' Alfio - Fender Jazz and Fretless bass, double bass
Alfio Costa - Hammond Organ, Mellotron, Piano, Minimoog, Synthesizers, Fender Rhodes, samples, backing vocals
Stefano Piazzi - Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul guitars, acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Giovanni 'Giana' Vezzoli - Drums, percussions and backing vocals

Sixth album for Prowlers! In a colorful and elegant digipack, the band's music takes shape and is renewed, offering the listener a painting unmistakable sound.

“Mondi Nuovi is an album of melodies, songs and feelings. It's an album of friendship and sharing... of music and life. It's been almost a year since the first written note and here are today the ten songs ready for you. Our music goes beyond any categorization because it's the fruit of our dreams, our emotions and our limits. ”.

Mondi Nuovi
Ultima Notte
Soldato Stanco


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