Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Agora "Ichinen"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreJazz-Rock, Fusion
Label: Immaginifica
Release date: January 20, 2014
  1. Serra San Quirico - 5:59
  2. Ichinen - 5:28
  3. Sensei - 5:23
  4. Work in progress - 3:50
  5. Starstrings - 6:00
  6. Instante per instante - 4:15
  7. Tre Maggio - 5:20
  8. Oceano - 6:09
  9. Wood of Guitar - 4:05
  10. Progressive suite - 7:24
  11. Costa dell'est - 8:22
  12. Piramide di Domani/Cavalcate solara - 7:54
Renato Gasparini: Guitars & Vocals
Ovidio Urbani: Soprano Sax
Lucio Cesari: Acoustic Bass
Gabriele Possenti: Guitars
Gianni Pieri: Cello
Massimo Manzi: Drums
Maurizio Mercuri: Guitars
Giovanni Ceccarelli: Piano
Mauro Mencaroni: Drums
Alessandra Pacheco: Vocals
Karl Potter: Djambee & Congas
Roberto Bacchiocchi: Piano Rhodes
Robert Clark: Electric bass

Ichinen is the synthesis of the band's previous works. The tracklist is made up of historical songs , unreleased tracks of the second period of activity of the group and some rarities: never before released recordings of 1978 with Massimo Manzi on drums and Roberto Bacchiocchi at Rhodes piano. Within Ichinen coexist moments of the life of the band from the beginning to the present. The track " Serra San Quirico " placed at the beginning of the work and the final track " Pyramid of tomorrow / Solar Ride " represent the sound of the current lineup.
The Mediterranean atmosphere typical of the group are combined with ethnic and meditative tone that expands the sound structure of the entire album . What you can hear is an acoustic and refined sound , full of warm melodic themes and intense improvisations. The work is inspired by the reading of the Nichiren Buddhist principles ( monaco Buddhist founder of one of the major currents of Japanese Buddhism ) , that capture the confidence in " human revolution " individual as a means to create value in respect of the sacredness of life and ' environment .
"Ichinen" is an album that highlights the unique and intense musicality and sound of a innovative and creative band.

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