Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sayer "Sounds Of Atoms"

Country: USA
Sub GenreElectronica
LabelNew Territory Records
Release dateJanuary 21, 2014
1. Sounds Of Atoms (10:34)
2. Subatomic Particles (7:40)
3. Kinetic Energies (6:00)
4. Cyclotron (11:42)
5. Oscillating Fields (8:07)
6. Retrospection (6:14)
7. Cosmic Rays (5:27)
8. Angular Momentum (8:30)
9. Particle Beams (5:18)
10. Atomic Age (8:08)

Sayer Seely - synthesizers

Sounds of Atoms - was specifically written to be the title track of Sounds of Atoms and set the tone for the release.
Subatomic Particles - is all about the sequences... hopefully with a little Tangerine Dream influence.
Kinetic Energies - is best thought of as a bonus track. It started as some noodling with a couple of sequences and within a short amount of time I liked it enough to squeeze it into this release. Simple and fun.
Cyclotron - the first track written for Sounds of Atoms and it is intended to be one of the stand-out tracks. Over time it evolved quite a lot from the initial takes and has the most time and effort invested of all tracks on this release.
Oscillating Fields - offers a catchy sequence as the driving force, along with some nice supporting sounds.
Retrospection - reflects back to some of the music I was making prior to 1st Encounter. Originally, it was not planned for this release, thus the break from the Atoms theme, but I liked how it offers a change in feel and pace and decided to include it.
Cosmic Rays - time to add some grit to the sequences and toss in some nice sound effects.
Angular Momentum - There always seems to be one track on each release that proves to be a real challenge for me to get everything sounding "right", and Angular Momentum is the one. The goal was to have a whimsical feel, while still having layers of sequences.
Particle Beams - actually was started while I was working on Random Access Melodies, but very little work had been done. After some more attention and effort, it found its way onto Sounds of Atoms.
Atomic Age - was from the start intended to be the final track on Sounds of Atoms. The idea was to bring down the intensity a bit and end the release with a more relaxed feeling.


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