Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yagull "Kai"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Instrumental, Chamber, Soundtrack, Post Rock
LabelMoonJune Records
FormatCD, digital
Release dateNovember 21, 2014
  1. North 05:33
  2. Dark 06:58
  3. Heiwa 03:18
  4. Blossom 05:06
  5. Mio 05:20
  6. Wishing Well 04:39
  7. Burn 03:55
  8. Sound Of M 04:31
  9. Z-Parrow 01:50
  10. Kai 04:05
  11. Omniprism 05:50
  12. Oyasumi 01:54
Sasha Markovic – guitar, bass, percussion
Kana Kamitsubo – piano
Marko Djordjevic – drums, percussion (8, 9, 11)
Beledo – classical guitar (11), lute (7), electric guitars, bass ( 11 )
Dewa Budjana – guitars (4)
Wen Chang – violin (2, 6, 11)
Gabriel Nat – clarinet, whistle (7)
Yoshiki Yamada – double bass (2, 4, 8)
Lori Reddy – flute (9, 11)
Anthony Mullin – guitar (6 - the last solo)
Jackson Kincheloe - harmonica (8)

Yagull's official debut for MoonJune Records, Kai, finds the band expanding its post-rock chamber soundtrack concept to great effect. The result is a simmering sonic bouillabaisse, chocked full of choice ingredients which delectably merge to blur the lines drawn by traditional genres -- delightfully teasing the palette, while appealing to an expansive range of music aficionados!The group delivers twelve songs on this joyous outing: eight brand new compositions; two tunes from Films, reworked and revisited; plus, two tastefully-revised classic rock covers. The tracks showcase Yagull's considerably potent stylistic capacity, making for a savory, finely-polished sophomore release.This new effort finds Yagull now launching itself from a duo framework -- with Sasha Markovic being joined by the extraordinary pianist, Kana Kamitsubo -- this most special of occasions is perfectly accentuated by a host of guest contributors; featuring fellow Moonjune international recording maestros, Beledo (guitar, lute), Dewa Budjana (guitar) and Marko Djordjevic (drums), and many other great musicians.
With “Kai,” Sasha, Kana & company have embarked on a majestic journey that will appeal to a broad range of listeners ... and carry them along for the ride!

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