Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sinagoga Zen "Sinagoga Zen"

Country: Brazil
Genre(s)Progressive Rock, Fusion
LabelMasque Records
Release date: November 2014
1. Mudança dos Tempos ( 20:15 )
2. 2014 ( 4:14 )
3. Presença ( 4: 51 )
4. Abdu Pensante ( 4:51 )
5. Instante de Velejar ( 10: 39 )

Rafael Teclas - Keyboards, piano
Alison Sebben - Drums, percussion
Giulia Ferreira Dall'Oglio - Vocals
Felipe C. Taborda - Guitar, bass
Wilian M. Baldasso - Bass, violin, guitar

The album opens with the long epic “Mudanca dos tempos” (20:15). After a short intro with Mellotron strings and organ the full band joins with a jazz fusion part full of up tempo and complex rhythm changes. Then the first vocal harmonies follow. After this you can enjoy a classical piano part before the band bursts into complex prog rock with a jazzy atmosphere. This diverse track has it all; prog, jazz, vocal parts and classical melodies. The use of the violin and viola gives this piece some classical atmospheres and there are some beautiful vocal parts. But you also hear complex rhythms and heavy prog guitars. The music has a South American Temperament and is sometimes a little bit hectic.
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