Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Wild Beyond "The Wild Beyond"

Country: USA
Sub GenreProgressive/Space/Hard/Jazz Metal/Rock, Fusion
LabelBig Round Music/UltraMegaSound Records
Formatvinyl, digital
Release dateNovember 10, 2014 (digital), December 02, 2014 (vinyl)
01. Fire's Body 08:20
02. Just One Drop 05:37
03. Reflex Driver 05:42
04. Wake Up 02:52
05. Opening 23:07

Max Hodes - Vocals, All Instruments

...an intriguing prog/space rock/metal/jazz fusion ensemble led by Max Hodes. ... Opening 8-minute epic "Fire's Body" takes the listener down so many paths it's almost hard to stay seated, one minute it's catchy hard rock, the next a gargantuan, space rock/jam guitar passage takes you to another universe, before lush prog battles crunchy metal for an intoxicating finale. "Just One Drop" is a crisp, catchy, progressive metal number, reminding a bit of Rush and even that underrated and often forgotten US act Under the Sun. Great vocal harmonies, tricky rhythms, and swirling guitar riffs make up the main layers of this song, but look out for the kick ass, complex jazz-fusiony mid section that adds an almost Frank Zappa styled vibe to this enjoyable song. Heavy riffs collide with ominous keyboards on the Monster Magnet meets Hawkwind rocker "Reflex Driver", while the groove laden, hard rocking "Wake Up" hits you fast and often before it quickly ends amid a miasma of screaming vocals, crushing guitars, and bubbling keys. The bands complete space rock persona comes fully out into the open on the nightmarish 23-minute "Opening", as plenty of guitar noodling, busy rhythms, chanting vocals, and ominous keys all play a part in this unsettling piece. Quite frankly, this one meanders way too much, and I much prefer the bands more focused, concise songs. It's those that really drive this debut, and if The Wild Beyond can stick to those tight, hook laden, heavy rocking tunes, they have a bright future ahead of them.
 Read the full review by Pete Pardo at  seaoftranquility.org

Reflex Driver


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