Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thomas Giles "Modern Noise"

Country: USA
Sub GenreAlternative, Post Rock, Progressive Rock
LabelMetal Blade Records
FormatCD, vinyl, digital
Release dateNovember 21, 2014 (GAS), November 24, 2014 (EU), November 25, 2014 (NA)
  1. Wise and Silent - 3:35
  2. Mutilated World - 4:48
  3. Siphon the Bad Blood - 4:05
  4. I Appear Disappear - 5:33
  5. Blueberry Queen - 2:23
  6. We Wander Lonely - 4:32
  7. M3 - 3:13
  8. lkcvjvhljbvj≥˜∆˚nnnjmkjijm - 3:47
  9. Noise Upon - 1:29
  10. Wander Drug - 4:06
  11. The Devil Net - 3:47
  12. Modern Noise - 4:29

Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me): vocals and various instruments
Will Goodyear (ex-Between the Buried and Me): drums

Between the Buried and Me vocalist/keyboardist Tommy Rogers is set to release his second solo album under the Thomas Giles moniker. Testing the limits of what he can do naturally with his voice, Rogers' strikingly beautiful falsetto and dynamic range conjures tales of anxiety, collapse, end-times and strength against swelling, heart-lifting arrangements and pristine backdrops of ambient loops, digital burbles, analog hiss and woozy drones. Exploring combinations of the outré genres of both post-rock and electronic, the music's emotionally resonant yet textural sounds draw reference to artists such as Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, the Verve, Beck, Oasis and Spiritualized, balancing both rock and electronic impulses.What is "Modern Noise"? The title is merely a statement that reflects what they are creating: their take on the modern rock sound. Tommy Roger explains the title and music: "This record was an outcome of me creating songs while not wanting to over evaluate the music. I wanted to record things that naturally came to me and because of this, the record feels like an accurate extension of myself. I took a more rock approach and really focused on writing simple yet dynamic songs. Lyrically, I feel it's a great mix of storytelling and personal experience. "Modern Noise" is basically just saying this is my current noise on the earth. We all are here for a short amount of time and the noise we make is our memory."
Fans of Tommy's work with Between the Buried and Me, as well as fans who steer clear of anything metal related, will find plenty to enjoy here as this is nothing short of a well written, genuine, and intensely passionate modern rock/progressive album. This is Tommy's take on music, or as he says: "Music is always Modern Noise. I'm just a person in current time trying to create something somewhat new."
Mutilated World

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