Sunday, November 16, 2014

Legend’s Ghost "Gatekeepers"

Country: Multinational
Sub GenreSymphonic/Gothic/Progressive Metal/Rock
Release dateNovember 16, 2014
  1. The Reason Why
  2. Songweaver
  3. Ghosts of Stories Never Told
  4. The Full Moon at Midnight
  5. The Muse Erotic
  6. The Whisper
  7. The Portal
  8. The Edge of Enigma
  9. Gatekeepers
  10. Epilogue: Descent of the Songweaver
Cherelle-Renée Childs - Vocals as The Artist and The Crone, Flute
Louise Gracielle - Vocals as The Maiden
Pamo - Vocals as The Mother
Ivonneth Rosero - Vocals as The Songweaver
Oganalp Canatan - Vocals as The Mysterious Voice
Joris Debonnet - Vocals as The Stranger
Daniel Junglas - Vocals as Primal Emotion
Andreas Ravnestad - Guitar (1)
Kristof Elst - Guitar (2)
Mattias Janssen - Guitar (4, 9)
Helge Kautz - Drum programming
Anders Thonander - Bass
Jake Gillette - Guitar (3, 6, 8, 10)
Jilly Comrie - Piano (1, 3, 8, 9), vocals
Daniela Cevallos - Piano (2)
Rebekka Schmidt - Violin solo (1)
Sergey Proshunin - Bass solo (5)
Joop de Rooij - Keyboard solo (6)

Legend's Ghost is a concept album project by Canadian/American composer/vocalist Cherelle-Renée Childs. Cherelle came up with the idea for Legend's Ghost while singing with the progressive/symphonic metal band Prog-nosys. She was fascinated by the concept albums her bandmates showed her, but was disappointed that few of them had strong female characters. The desire to create a concept album with a central female character, as well as her fascination with the idea of combining classical, metal, and rock elements in the same album led her to develop the storyline for the first Legend's Ghost album. Gatekeepers is a gothic symphonic metal concept album that deals with the question of how and why we create art. Characters' romantic and sexual experiences are used as metaphors for the creative process. It was recorded with guest artists from three different continents and with various musical backgrounds, with each artist adding their unique perspective to the interpretations of their respective roles.

4 tracks

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