Friday, November 14, 2014

Dotorgan "The Gumshoe Chronicles"

Country: Australia
Genre(s)Electronic Progressive Rock
FormatCD, digital
Release dateNovember 14, 2014
  1. Gumshoe Parker's First Wave 02:57
  2. Airs of Terra Incognita 04:55
  3. King Twig 02:51
  4. Rolls Hills 02:22
  5. Professor Highbrow at Pubic Oasis 05:13
  6. Straw in the Forge 06:28
  7. Final Fantasthma 03:37
  8. Queen Daze 03:34
  9. Suplimento Restraint 01:59
  10. Daryl the Water Diviner 05:09
  11. Folds Hills 02:21
  12. Sightseer Visitation Rites 03:51
  13. From Ragnarok to Riches 04:59
Dean Joy: Bass, Vocals
Andrew Martin: Lead Guitar, Piano and Keyboard
Rachael Rosen: Rhythm Guitar and Keyboard
David Swinton: Drums and Percussion

The Gumshoe Chronicles is Dotorgan's first album. It tells the tale of a surfing private detective who also happens to be a gumboot. This P.I. is swept away by a monstrous wave into a foreign land of wooden people and corrupt royalty. After an encounter with a particularly sultry king, our hero’s sole is held for ransom and he is told that in order to regain his appendage he must recover the water of life. Along his journey, the young detective uncovers the truths of the ages and the futility of both academia and spirituality. 
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