Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fen "Carrion Skies"

Country: UK
Sub GenrePost Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal
Format: CD, vinyl
Release dateNovember 22, 2014
1. Our Names Written in Embers Part 1 (Beacons of War)
2. Our Names Written in Embers Part 2 (Beacons of Sorrow)
3. The Dying Stars
4. Sentinels
5. Menhir- Supplicant
6. Gathering of the Stones
7. Coffin Soil (Exlusive bonus track on vinyl and Wood Box editions)
8. Trilithon (Exclusive bonus track on Wood Box edition)
9. Twilight Descends (Rare bonus track on Wood Box edition)

The Watcher - vocals, guitar
Derwydd - drums
Frank "Grungyn" Allain - bass, vocals

To my ears, I’ve noticed that some subtle progression in their musicianship from the Epoch album, which was built further with the release of Dustwalker in 2013 – an album that added further dynamics to their often hypnotic black metal brew. Firstly, they aim with a double pronged attack – kicking off with ‘Our Names Written in Embers Part One'; beginning with acoustic chords then aiming for a sudden crisp and charging attack. This sounds somewhat deeper and more powerful than previously heard songs with rousing melodic chord changes, clean vocals and a mix of quieter passages that we’d normally expect from Fen. Fading guitar squeals lead dramatically into ‘Our Names Written in Embers Part Two’, filled with interesting melodious chord changes and a distinct driving bass pattern, that adds a level of power that I’ve not heard as prominent compared to previous albums; sounding as emotive and dramatic as ever.
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