Friday, November 28, 2014

Sergey Boykov "Falling Skies"

Country: Estonia
Genre(s)Instrumental Progressive Rock/Metal, Fusion
LabelPower Prog
Release dateNovember 28, 2014
  1. Spider Dance
  2. Sea of Tranquility
  3. Falling Skies
  4. Island of Dreams
  5. Never Turn Back
  6. Solitary
  7. Everything Can Change
  8. New Birth of Freedom
Sergey Boykov (Vital Science): Keyboards & Synthesizers on all tracks
Hedras Ramos: Guitars (1, 4)
Fabrizio Leo: Guitars (2)
Joop Wolters: Guitars (2, 3)
Thiago Trinsi: Guitars (2, 4)
Gianfranco Continenza: Guitars (1, 4)
Gianluca Ferro: Guitars (5, 8)
Jonas Tamas: Guitars (6, 7)
Atanas Shishkov: Guitars (7)
Alberto Bollati: Bass (5, 8)
Alberto Rigoni: Bass (2, 7)
Arran McSporran: Bass (3, 6)
Ray Riendeau: Bass (1, 4)
Marco Minnemann: Drums (1)
Sebastian Persini: Drums (2, 4, 5, 6, 8)
Garry King: Drums (3, 7)

Estonian keyboard virtuoso Sergey Boykov, well known as mastermind of Progressive Metal powerhouses Vital Science, is otherwise not a blank slate in the music scene. He already had several opportunities to showcase his extraordinary outstanding musical and technical skills with bands and projects such as Theodore Ziras, Jonas Tamas, Thiago Trinsi, Hedras Ramos, Gianfranco Continenza, Mystic Force and many more.  Now it is time that his own baby "Falling Skies" should see the light of the world. With the participation of great artists and genre sizes like Marco Minnemann, Alberto Rigoni, Gianluca Ferro, Garry King, Fabrizo Leo, Joop Wolters, Jonas Tamas and lots of more, an album was recorded and created which seeks his peers. An impressive mix between Progressive Rock and Metal, with jazzy-influenced elements, sometimes hard, sometimes soft sensitive, sometimes playful and slightly and then again almost bombastic and tough as nails.

Falling Skies


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