Friday, November 14, 2014

Art of Illusion "Round Square of The Triangle"

Country: Poland
Sub GenreProgressive Metal/Rock
LabelLynx Music
Release date: November 14, 2014
1. Intro (1:29)
2. Distance (8:40)
3. Instinct (7:01)
4. For Her (6:24)
5. Round Square (5:34)
6. The Triangle (7:04)
7. Thrown Into The Fog (7:09)
8. Shattered Mirror (3:46)
9. The Rite of Fire (9:05)
10. Disconnection (8:52)

Filip Wiśniewski - guitars
Paweł Łapuć – piano & keyboards
Kamil Kluczyński - drums
Mateusz Wiśniewski - bass
Marcin Walczak - vocals (4, 8, 9)
Tomasz Glazik – baritone saxophone (6)
Emilia Mielewczyk – flute (4)

Round Square of The Triangle consists of 8 compositions that are put on 10 tracks. A calm Intro was separated from Distance and suddenly you can hear a massive avalanche of heavy riffs, followed by a majestic guitar solo accompanied with string sounds. The composition evolves further surprising with more and more musical virtuosity.
The title ‘geometric’ composition was split into 2 parts in the middle of the album (Round Square and The Triangle). The musical moods change like in the kaleidoscope (ex. softer and louder orchestral parts, classical hardrock riffs, parts with Spanish, oriental, blues or freejazz motives).
Most of the tracks on the album is relatively long and last around 7-8 minutes. One exception is Shattered Mirror, a ballade with more dramatic ending. The first part of Rite of Fire could also count as a ballade, but then the instrumental storm appears in the second part. Furthermore, For Her with medieval music influences is another composition worth careful attention.
On the album you can also find a little more modern compositions like an energetic Instinct, which is based on a clear and dynamic bass line with psychedelic solos. Finally, Disconnection is a larger musical suite with a remarkable part of guitars, saturated with melodic piano accompaniment, extended orchestral part in the middle of the track and heavy riffs finishing the album with a great portion of power.
Thrown into the fog

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