Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Federico Fantacone & Lisa LaRue “Sonic Landscape / Paesaggi di Suono”

Country: Italy/USA
Genre(s)Symphonic, Classical
Formatdigital, CD
Release dateNovember 25, 2014
1. Intro - 1:39
2. Taste of Expectation - 7:35
3. Emotion and the Rule - 7:04
4. Airdancer - 6:24
5. Unfinished Business - 5:51
6. Moon in a Chinese Sky - 3:24
7. Maypole - 6:42
8. Pretty Harp Parker - 4:20
9. Aspiration - 6:10
10. Hurtful Words - 5:19

Federico Fantacone (Orchestre Celesti)
Lisa LaRue
John Baker (Mars Hollow, The Little Girls) on tracks 3, 6

Fantacone and LaRue will each release their own version of the material through different outlets, with a different cover image and title for each – Fantacone’s release will be titled “Paesaggi di Suono” and LaRue’s release will be titled “Sonic Landscape”. There is a special guest appearance on 2 tracks by singer/guitarist John Baker (Mars Hollow, The Little Girls).
What is so strong about this album is that each piece is archetypal. Each is the definitive version of itself. From the virtuosic “Taste of Expectation” to the introspective “Pretty Harp Parker” to the theatrical “Moon in a Chinese Sky” and the epic, fairy-tale-like “Aspiration”, all the music is strange, new and familiar at the same time. You may think you’d heard it before and elsewhere, but until this recording came along, you hadn’t.
From the booming moog-like bass that kicks off “The Intro” through the final string and synth squiggle of the “Hurtful Words” outro “Sonic Landscape” is the powerful mixture of classical and progressive rock themes, but being composed and performed by two ivory wizards, expect very little rocking guitar and plenty of rocking keyboards.
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