Thursday, November 20, 2014

Triangle "Shockwaves"

Country: Australia
Sub GenreProgressive Gothic Psychedelic Rock
LabelCocoon Concepts Record
Release dateNovember 2014
1 Somerset
2 Revelations
3 Alchemy of angles - part one
4 Shockwaves
5 Creatures of the night
6 Episode ritual
7 Innocent
8 Curia regis
9 Requiem
10 Alchemy of angles - part two
11 Rex
12 Carinthia

Tony Tralongo - Pipe organ, mellotron, synthesizers, sampling, 12-string acoustic, electric guitar, guitar
synthesizer, vocals
Emilio Sarpa - Bass guitar, synthesizers, sampling, 12-string acoustic and electric guitar
Ren Parisi - Narrative voices, synthesizers, electric guitar, sampling, drums and percussion

"Shockwaves" is the debut, idealistic concept-album by Australia's Progressive rock band Triangle. This is an epic tale of a man who lived on the fringe of his community, an alchemist. In a state of permanent fear and hiding, he recounts his ordeals in the most philosophical and tragic manner. He reveals secret truths that are still hidden from us by today's establishment. The alchemist's story and his observations are a warning not to blindly accept the consensus reality provided to us all at birth. 

Shockwaves (sample)
Alchemy of Angles Part One (sample)

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